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Beth T., Leuchs G. — Quantum Information Processing, Second Edition
Beth T., Leuchs G. — Quantum Information Processing, Second Edition

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Название: Quantum Information Processing, Second Edition

Авторы: Beth T., Leuchs G.


Quantum processing and communication is emerging as a challenging technique at the beginning of the new millennium. This is an up-to-date insight into the current research of quantum superposition, entanglement, and the quantum measurement process - the key ingredients of quantum information processing. The authors further address quantum protocols and algorithms. Complementary to similar programmes in other countries and at the European level, the German Research Foundation (DFG) started a focused research program on quantum information in 1999. The contributions - written by leading experts - bring together the latest results in quantum information as well as addressing all the relevant questions.Content:
Chapter 1 Algorithms for Quantum Systems – Quantum Algorithms (pages 1–13): Th. Beth, M. Grassl, D. Janzing, M. Rotteler, P. Wocjan and R. Zeier
Chapter 2 Quantum Information Processing and Error Correction with Jump Codes (pages 14–27): G. Alber, M. Mussinger and A. Delgado
Chapter 3 Computational Model for the One?Way Quantum Computer: Concepts and Summary (pages 28–43): Robert Raussendorf and Hans J. Briegel
Chapter 4 Quantum Correlations as Basic Resource for Quantum Key Distribution (pages 44–57): M. Curty, O. Guhne, M. Lewenstein and N. Lutkenhaus
Chapter 5 Increasing the Size of NMR Quantum Computers (pages 58–69): S. J. Glaser, R. Marx, T. Reiss, T. Schulte?Herbruggen, N. Khaneja, J. M. Myers and A. F. Fahmy
Chapter 6 On Lossless Quantum Data Compression and Quantum Variable?Length Codes (pages 70–82): Rudolf Ahlswede and Ning Cai
Chapter 7 Entanglement Properties of Composite Quantum Systems (pages 83–99): K. Eckert, O. Guhne, F. Hulpke, P. Hyllus, J. Korbicz, J. Mompart, D. Bru?, M. Lewenstein and A. Sanpera
Chapter 8 Non?Classical Gaussian States in Noisy Environments (pages 100–112): Stefan Scheel and Dirk?Gunnar Welsch
Chapter 9 Quantum Estimation with Finite Resources (pages 113–124): Thorsten C. Bschorr, Dietmar G. Fischer, Holger Mack, Wolfgang P. Schleich and Matthias Freyberger
Chapter 10 Size Scaling of Decoherence Rates (pages 125–134): Christopher S. Maierle and Dieter Suter
Chapter 11 Reduced Collective Description of Spin?Ensembles (pages 135–149): Mathias Michel, Harry Schmidt, Friedemann Tonner and Gunter Mahler
Chapter 12 Quantum Information Processing with Defects (pages 150–161): F. Jelezko and J. Wrachtrup
Chapter 13 Quantum Dynamics of Vortices and Vortex Qubits (pages 162–185): A. Wallraff, A. Kemp and A.V Ustinov
Chapter 14 Decoherence in Resonantly Driven Bistable Systems (pages 186–197): Sigmund Kohler and Peter Hanggi
Chapter 15 Entanglement and Decoherence in Cavity QED with a Trapped Ion (pages 198–208): Werner Vogel and Christian Di Fidio
Chapter 16 Quantum Information Processing with Ions Deterministically Coupled to an Optical Cavity (pages 209–222): Matthias Keller, Birgit Lange, Kazuhiro Hayasaka, Wolfgang Lange and Herbert Walther
Chapter 17 Strongly Coupled Atom–Cavity Systems (pages 223–236): Axel Kuhn, Markus Hennrich and Gerhard Rempe
Chapter 18 A Relaxation?Free Verification of the Quantum Zeno Paradox on an Individual Atom (pages 237–250): Ch. Balzer, Th. Hannemann, D. Rei?, Ch. Wunderlich, W. Neuhauser and P. E. Toschek
Chapter 19 Spin Resonance with Trapped Ions: Experiments and New Concepts (pages 251–264): K. Abich, Ch. Balzer, T. Hannemann, F. Mintert, W. Neuhauser, D. Rei?, P.E. Toschek and Ch. Wunderlich
Chapter 20 Controlled Single Neutral Atoms As Qubits (pages 265–274): V. Gomer, W. Alt, S. Kuhr, D. Schrader and D. Meschede
Chapter 21 Towards Quantum Logic with Cold Atoms in a CO2 Laser Optical Lattice (pages 275–286): G. Cennini, G. Ritt, C. Geckeler, R. Scheunemann and M. Weitz
Chapter 22 Quantum Information Processing with Atoms in Optical Micro?Structures (pages 287–297): R. Dumke, M. Volk, T. Muther, T. Buchkremer, W. Ertmer and G. Birkl
Chapter 23 Quantum Information Processing with Neutral Atoms on Atom Chips (pages 298–311): Peter Kruger, Albrecht Haase, Mauritz Andersson and Jorg Schmiedmayer
Chapter 24 Quantum Gates and Algorithms Operating on Molecular Vibrations (pages 312–326): Ulrike Troppmann, Carmen M. Tesch and Regina de Vivie?Riedle
Chapter 25 Fabrication and Measurement of Aluminum and Niobium Based Single?Electron Transistors and Charge Qubits (pages 327–337): Wolfram Krech, Detlef Born, Marian Mihalik, Miroslav Grajcar, Thomas Wagner and Uwe Hubner
Chapter 26 Quantum Dot Circuits for Quantum Computation (pages 338–352): R. H. Blick, A. K. Huttel, A. W. Holleitner, L. Pescini and H. Lorenz
Chapter 27 Manipulation and Control of Individual Photons and Distant Atoms via Linear Optical Elements (pages 353–381): XuBo Zou and Wolfgang Mathis
Chapter 28 Conditional Linear Optical Networks (pages 382–392): Stefan Scheel
Chapter 29 Multiphoton Entanglement (pages 393–404): Mohamed Bourennane, Manfred Eibl, Sascha Gaertner, Nikolai Kiesel, Christian Kurtsiefer, Marek Zukowski and Harald Weinfurter
Chapter 30 Quantum Polarization for Continuous Variable Information Processing (pages 405–417): N. Korolkova
Chapter 31 A Quantum Optical XOR Gate (pages 418–424): H. Becker, K. Schmid, W. Dultz, W. Martienssen and H. Roskos
Chapter 32 Quantum Fiber Solitons – Generation, Entanglement, and Detection (pages 425–442): Gerd Leuchs, Natalia Korolkova, Oliver Glock, Stefan Lorenz, Joel Heersink, Christine Silberhorn, Christoph Marquardt and Ulrik L. Andersen

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Год издания: 2005

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