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Thrasher J., Strauss S. — Inorganic Fluorine Chemistry. Toward the 21st Century
Thrasher J., Strauss S. — Inorganic Fluorine Chemistry. Toward the 21st Century

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Название: Inorganic Fluorine Chemistry. Toward the 21st Century

Авторы: Thrasher J., Strauss S.


Content: Inorganic fluorine chemistry : toward the 21st century / Joseph S. Thrasher and Steven H. Strauss —
Thermodynamic aspects of the remarkable oxidizing capabilities of fluorine : Lewis-fluoroacid mixtures / Ciping Shen, Rika Hagiwara, Thomas E. Mallouk, and Neil Bartlett —
Photochemical and thermal dissociation synthesis of krypton difluoride / S.A. Kinkead, J.R. FitzPatrick, J. Foropoulos, Jr., R.J. Kissane, and J.D. Purson —
Main-group fluorides with coordination numbers greater than six / Konrad Seppelt —
Heptacoordinated main-group fluorides and oxofluorides / K.O. Christe, E.C. Curtis, D.A. Dixon, H.P.A. Mercier, J.C.P. Sanders, G.J. Schrobilgen, and W.W. Wilson —
Monofluoroxenonium hexafluorometalates XeFMF?? (M = As or Sb) : a course to different onium cations / Rolf Minkwitz and Birgit Ba?ck —
Influence of fluorine and parahalogen substituents on the chemistry of some functional groups / A. Haas and A. Brosius —
Functionalization of pentafluoro-[lambda]?-sulfanyl (SF?) olefins and acetylenes / Rolf Winter and Gary L. Gard —
Fluoro-sulfur anions : transition states, intermediates, and reagents / R. Mews —
Quest for an aromatic silicon species : an unusual geometry around silicon in a 10-Si-5 siliconate / Suman K. Chopra, Chester D. Moon, and J.C. Martin —
Reaction of SiH? with UF? and/or HF below 25°C : a Fourier transform IR study / Walter V. Cicha, John H. Wang, and Jane Covey —
Fluorinated aldehydes and their polymers / William B. Farnham and Stephen G. Zane —
Synthesis and chemistry of perfluoro macrocycles : perfluoro crown ethers and cryptands / Richard J. Lagow, Tzuhn-Yuan Lin, Herbert W. Roesky, Wayne D. Clark, Wen-Huey Lin, Jennifer S. Brodbelt, Simin D. Maleknia, and Chien Chung Liou —
Alkali metal polyhydrogen fluorides : useful halogen-exchange media / Richard E. Fernandez and Joseph S. Thrasher —
New and revisited transition metal chemistry of fluoro-olefins and fluorodienes / Russell P. Hughes, Owen J. Curnow, Peter R. Rose, Xiaoming Zheng, Erin N. Mairs, and Arnold L. Rheingold —
Organometallic chemistry of fluorinated isocyanides / Dieter Lentz —
Synthetic, structural, and reactivity studies of organocobalt(III) compounds containing fluorinated alkyl ligands / Paul J. Toscano, Elizabeth Barren, Holger Brand, Linda Konieczny, E. James Schermerhorn, Kevin Shufon, and Stephen van Winkler —
Perfluorovinyl and perfluoroaryl zinc and cadmium reagents : preparation, stability, and reactivity / Donald J. Burton —
Organic and main-group chemistry of the 2,4,6-tris(trifluoromethyl)phenyl substituent : kinetic stabilization through steric and electronic effects / Frank T. Edelmann —
Reaction of nonmetal fluorides with some platinum metal complexes / R.W. Cockman, E.A.V. Ebsworth, J.H. Holloway, H. Murdoch, N. Robertson, and P.G. Watson —
Large polyfluorinated anions used to generate coordinative unsaturation in cations / Paul K. Hurlburt, Dawn M. Van Seggen, Jeffrey J. Rack, and Steven H. Strauss —
Stabilization of unusual cations by very weakly basic fluoro anions / F. Aubke —
Synthesis, structure, and reactivity of highly soluble organotitanium Lewis acids / Charles H. Winter and Xiao-Xing Zhou —
New synthetic routes to cyclopentadienyluranium(IV) fluorides : redox and atom-abstraction reactions / Marc Weydert and Richard A. Andersen —
Activation of carbon-fluorine bonds by oxidative addition to low-valent transition metals / Carolyn E. Osterberg and Thomas G. Richmond —
Recent developments in the chemistry of fluorinated isopropoxides and tertiary butoxides / A.P. Purdy and C.F. George —
(Fluoroalkyl)phosphine coordination chemistry / Dean M. Roddick and Richard C. Schnabel.

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Год издания: 1994

Количество страниц: 454

Добавлена в каталог: 30.09.2017

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