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Wu Y., Carroll J., Zhu W. — Sour Gas and Related Technologies
Wu Y., Carroll J., Zhu W. — Sour Gas and Related Technologies

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Название: Sour Gas and Related Technologies

Авторы: Wu Y., Carroll J., Zhu W.


Carbon dioxide has been implicated in the global climate change, and CO2 sequestration is a technology being explored to curb the anthropogenic emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. The injection of CO2 for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) has the duel benefit of sequestering the CO2 and extending the life of some older fields. This volume presents some of the latest information on these processes covering physical properties, operations, design, reservoir engineering, and geochemistry for AGI and the related technologies.Content:
Chapter 1 Equilibrium Water Content Measurements for Acid Gas at High Pressures and Temperatures (pages 1–20): Francis Bernard, Robert A. Marriott and Binod R. Giri
Chapter 2 Comparative Study on Gas Deviation Factor Calculating Models for CO2 Rich Gas Reservoirs (pages 21–36): Nan Zhang, Xiao Guo, Qiang Zhang, Rentian Yan and Yan Ran
Chapter 3 H2S Viscosities and Densities at High?Temperatures and Pressures (pages 37–47): Binod R. Giri, Robert A. Marriott and Pierre Blais
Chapter 4 Solubility of Methane in Propylene Carbonate (pages 49–55): Fang?Yuan Jou, Kurt A.G. Schmidt and Alan E. Mather
Chapter 5 A Holistic Look at Gas Treating Simulation (pages 57–78): Nathan A. Hatcher, R. Scott Alvis and Ralph H. Weiland
Chapter 6 Controlled Freeze Zone™ Commercial Demonstration Plant Advances Technology for the Commercialization of North American Sour Gas Resources (pages 79–90): R.H. Oelfke, R.D. Denton and J.A. Valencia
Chapter 7 Acid Gas Dehydration – A DexPro™ Technology Update (pages 91–115): Jim Maddocks, Wayne McKay and Vaughn Hansen
Chapter 8 A Look at Solid CO2 Formation in Several High CO2Concentration Depressuring Scenarios (pages 117–128): James van der Lee, John J. Carroll and Marco Satyro
Chapter 9 Potential Sites and Early Opportunities of Acid Gas Re?injection in China (pages 129–142): Qi Li, Xiaochun Li, Lei Du, Guizhen Liu, Xuehao Liu and Ning Wei
Chapter 10 Acid Gas Injection for a Waste Stream with Heavy Hydrocarbons and Mercaptans (pages 143–152): Xingyuan Zhao, John J. Carroll and Ying Wu
Chapter 11 Compression of Acid Gas and CO2 with Reciprocating Compressors and Diaphragm Pumps for Storage and Enhanced Oil Recovery (pages 153–164): Anke Braun, Josef Jarosch, Rainer Dubi and Luzi Valar
Chapter 12 Investigation of the Use of Choke Valves in Acid Gas Compression (pages 165–181): James van der Lee and Edward Wichert
Chapter 13 The Kinetics of H2S Oxidation by Trace O2 and Prediction of Sulfur Deposition in Acid Gas Compression Systems (pages 183–214): N. I. Dowling, R. A. Marriott, A. Primak and S. Manley
Chapter 14 Blowout Calculations for Acid Gas Well with High Water Cut (pages 215–226): Shouxi Wang and John J. Carroll
Chapter 15 Influence of Sulfur Deposition on Gas Reservoir Development (pages 227–245): Weiyao Zhu, Xiaohe Huang, Yunqian Long and Jia Deng
Chapter 16 Modeling and Evaluation of Oilfield Fluid Processing Schemes (pages 247–260): Jie Zhang, Ayodeji A. Jeje, Gang Chen, Haiying Cheng, Yuan You and Shugang Li
Chapter 17 Optimization of the Selection of Oil?Soluble Surfactant for Enhancing CO2 Displacement Efficiency (pages 261–272): Ping Guo, Songjie Jiao, Fu Chen and Jie He

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Год издания: 2012

Количество страниц: 284

Добавлена в каталог: 30.09.2017

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