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Tippins T., Adler S. — Technology-Enhanced Assessment of Talent
Tippins T., Adler S. — Technology-Enhanced Assessment of Talent

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Название: Technology-Enhanced Assessment of Talent

Авторы: Tippins T., Adler S.


This new volume provides research-based guidelines to help practitioners make better decisions on using technology to assess talent at all levels of the organization and for a full range of applications, from entry-level selection to senior-level succession and talent management. The book reviews of the various ways technology can enhance the administrative ease, credibility, validity, and cost effectiveness of assessments used by organizations in selection and other candidate evaluation processes. It also addresses measurement issues, examines case studies of current practice, and outlines agendas for future research and practice.Content:
Chapter 1 Overview of Technology?Enhanced Assessments (pages 1–18): Nancy T. Tippins
Chapter 2 Foundations for Measurement (pages 19–65): John C. Scott and Alan D. Mead
Chapter 3 Implementing Assessment Technologies (pages 66–98): Douglas H. Reynolds
Chapter 4 Cheating and Response Distortion on Remotely Delivered Assessments (pages 99–152): Winfred Arthur and Ryan M. Glaze
Chapter 5 Computerized Adaptive Testing (pages 153–189): Rodney A. McCloy and Robert E. Gibby
Chapter 6 Applicant Reactions to Technology?Based Selection: What We Know So Far (pages 190–223): Talya N. Bauer, Donald M. Truxillo, Kyle Mack and Ana B. Costa
Chapter 7 International Issues, Standards, and Guidelines (pages 224–250): Dave Bartram
Chapter 8 Web?Based Management Simulations: Technology?Enhanced Assessment for Executive?Level Selection and Development (pages 251–266): Terri McNelly, Brian J. Ruggeberg and Carrol Ray Hall
Chapter 9 Bridging the Digital Divide Across a Global Business: Development of a Technology?Enabled Selection System for Low?Literacy Applicants (pages 267–292): Adam Malamut, David L. Van Rooy and Victoria A. Davis
Chapter 10 Promotional Assessment at the FBI: How the Search for a High?Tech Solution Led to a High?Fidelity Low?Tech Simulation (pages 293–306): Amy D. Grubb
Chapter 11 Innovation in Senior?Level Assessment and Development: Grab 'Em When and Where You Can (pages 307–323): Sandra B. Hartog
Chapter 12 Case Study of Technology?Enhanced Assessment Centers (pages 324–337): Rick Hense and Jay Janovics
Chapter 13 Video?Based Testing at U.S. Customs and Border Protection (pages 338–354): Jeffrey M. Cucina, Henry H. Busciglio, Patricia Harris Thomas, Norma F. Callen, DeLisa D. Walker and Rebecca J. Goldenberg Schoepfer
Chapter 14 Going Online with Assessment: Putting the Science of Assessment to the Test of Client Need and 21st Century Technologies (pages 355–379): Eugene Burke, John Mahoney?Phillips, Wendy Bowler and Kate Downey
Chapter 15 Implementing Computer Adaptive Tests: Successes and Lessons Learned (pages 380–393): Mike Fetzer and Tracy Kantrowitz
Chapter 16 Practice Agenda: Innovative Uses of Technology?Enhanced Assessment (pages 394–417): Michael J. Zickar and Christopher J. Lake
Chapter 17 Concluding Comments: Open Questions (pages 418–436): Seymour Adler

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Год издания: 2011

Количество страниц: 482

Добавлена в каталог: 30.09.2017

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