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Ostrom L., Wilhelmsen C. — Risk Assessment: Tools, Techniques, and their Applications
Ostrom L., Wilhelmsen C. — Risk Assessment: Tools, Techniques, and their Applications

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Название: Risk Assessment: Tools, Techniques, and their Applications

Авторы: Ostrom L., Wilhelmsen C.


All the tools needed to perform a thorough risk assessment?whether you're working in insurance, forensics, engineering, or public safety

Risk analysis is the method of analyzing the dangers to individuals, businesses, and government agencies posed by potential natural and man-made hazards. The central task of the risk assessor is predicting the success of a project. This includes isolating the entire spectrum of adverse events that can derail a project or threaten the health and safety of individuals, organizations, and the environment.

Designed as a practical, in-the-field toolkit, Risk Assessment details every aspect of how a risk assessment is performed, showing the proper tool to be used at various steps in the process, as well as locating the tool that best fits the risk assessment task at hand. Examining not only the very nature of risks and consequences, with fascinating historical examples, the book progresses from simple to more complex risk assessment techniques used by the authors in their daily work, all presented in a form that can be readily adapted to any number of real-life situations:

  • Ecological Risk Assessment

  • Task Analysis Techniques

  • Preliminary Hazards Analysis

  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

  • Human Reliability Analysis

  • Critical Incident Technique

With numerous industry-specific case studies, as well as additional case studies for risk assessments for a restaurant and a process plant, the book provides readers with complete examples of how each of the techniques can be used in a variety of real-world situations. Including downloadable worksheets and other useful assessment materials, as well as guidance on using PRA software, this unparalleled reference offers all the tools and techniques needed to conduct a thorough and accurate assessment of risk.Content:
Chapter 1 Introduction to Risk Assessment (pages 1–12):
Chapter 2 Risk Perception (pages 13–20):
Chapter 3 Risks and Consequences (pages 21–25):
Chapter 4 Ecological Risk Assessment (pages 26–55):
Chapter 5 Task Analysis Techniques (pages 56–63):
Chapter 6 Preliminary Hazards Analysis (pages 64–80):
Chapter 7 Primer on Probability and Statistics (pages 81–96):
Chapter 8 Developing Probabilities (pages 97–117):
Chapter 9 Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (pages 118–134):
Chapter 10 Human Reliability Analyses (pages 135–152):
Chapter 11 Critical Incident Technique (pages 153–162):
Chapter 12 Event Tree and Decision Tree Analysis (pages 163–180):
Chapter 13 Critical Function Analysis (pages 181–202):
Chapter 14 Basic Fault Tree Analysis Technique (pages 203–222):
Chapter 15 Probabilistic Risk Assessment (pages 223–230):
Chapter 16 Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods Used in Risk Assessment (pages 231–248):
Chapter 17 Vulnerability Analysis Technique (pages 249–276):
Chapter 18 Developing Risk Model for Aviation Inspection and Maintenance Tasks (pages 277–291):
Chapter 19 Risk Assessment and Community Planning (pages 292–308):
Chapter 20 Risk of an Epidemic (pages 309–318):
Chapter 21 Process Plant Risk Assessment Example (pages 319–345):
Chapter 22 Industry Specific Case Studies (pages 346–375):
Chapter 23 Restaurant Risk Assessment Case Study (pages 376–380):

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Год издания: 2012

Количество страниц: 410

Добавлена в каталог: 24.09.2017

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