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Leondes C. — Expert Systems. The Technology of Knowledge Management and Decision Making for the 21st Century
Leondes C. — Expert Systems. The Technology of Knowledge Management and Decision Making for the 21st Century

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Название: Expert Systems. The Technology of Knowledge Management and Decision Making for the 21st Century

Автор: Leondes C.


Preface, Pages xxiii-xxiv, Cornelius T. Leondes
Contributors, Pages xxv-xxx
1 - History and applications, Pages 1-22, John Durkin
2 - Tools and applications, Pages 23-52, John Durkin
3 - Development and Applications of Decision Trees, Pages 53-77, Hussein Almuallim, Shigeo Kaneda, Yasuhiro Akiba
4 - Reasoning with imperfect information, Pages 79-117, Simon Parsons
5 - Experimental design and decision support, Pages 119-170, Tay Kiang Meng
6 - A model-based expert system based on a domain ontology, Pages 171-196, Yoshinobu Kitamura, Mitsuru Ikeda, Riichiro Mizoguchi
7 - Intelligent system control: A unified approach and applications, Pages 197-265, Hui-Min Huang, Harry Scott, Elena Messina, Maris Juberts, Richard Quintero
8 - Real-time fault-tolerant control systems, Pages 267-304, Wei Liu
9 - Model of Reasoning with Conflicting Information Sources in Knowledge-Based Systems, Pages 305-325, Jinxin Lin
10 - Process Planning in Design and Manufacturing Systems, Pages 327-380, Mahmut G?lesjn
11 - Intelligent Systems Techniques and Their Application in Manufacturing Systems, Pages 381-410, Tien-Fu Lu, Grier C.I. Lin
12 - Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Design, Pages 411-441, Tom Andersen
13 - Neural Networks for Process Control: Application to the Temperature Control of Batch Chemical Reactors, Pages 443-488, J.L. Dirion, M. Cabassud, G. Casamatta, M.V. Le Lann
14 - Intelligent Tools and Their Applications in Geographic Information Systems, Pages 489-551, Erh-Chun Yeh, Zarko Sumi?, S.S. Venkata
15 - Microprocessor Systems, Pages 553-616, S.M. Yuen, K.P. Lam
16 - Scheduling Systems for Shipbuilding, Pages 617-638, Jae Kyu Lee, Jung Seung Lee, Kyoung Jun Lee, June Seok Hong
17 - Genetic Image Interpretation, Pages 639-659, Milan Sonka
18 - Automated Visual Assembly Inspection, Pages 661-700, Khalid W. Khawaja, Daniel Tretter, Anthony A. Maciejewski, Charles A. Bouman
19 - Multiresolution Invariant Image Recognition, Pages 701-740, Stefanos D. Kollias, Anastasios N. Delopoulos
20 - Image Processing for Automatic Roads Determination, Pages 741-770, Meir Barzohar, David B. Cooper
21 - Automated Visual Inspection Systems, Pages 771-800, I. Andreadis
22 - Visual Programming Technology in Expert Systems Development, Pages 801-832, Yoshiyuki Koseki, Midori Tanaka, Yuichi Koike
23 - CAD-Based Vision Systems in Pattern Matching Process, Pages 833-874, Yves Lucas, Tanneguy Redarce, Alain Jutard
24 - Cellular Automata Architectures for Pattern Recognition, Pages 875-907, P. Tzionas, I. Andreadis
25 - Machine Intelligent System Techniques for Automatic Harvest Systems, Pages 909-935, Seiichi Inoue, Takahiro Kobayashi, Takeo Ojika, Ryugo Kijima
26 - Integrating Machine Learning with Knowledge Acquisition, Pages 937-959, Geoffrey I. Webb
27 - Modeling Human Reasoning Processes under Uncertain Conditions, Pages 961-977, Sumit Sarkar
28 - Devising an Expert System for Pediatric Syndrome Diagnosis, Pages 979-1013, ?ivind Braaten
29 - Automatic Knowledge Discovery in Larger Scale Knowledge—Data Bases, Pages 1015-1070, Ning Zhong, Setsuo Ohsuga
30 - Efficient Legacy Data Utilization, Pages 1071-1106, David J. Russomanno
31 - Investment Decision Making, Pages 1107-1133, Sanja Vrane?, Mladen Stanojevi?, Violeta Stevanovi?
32 - Intelligent Systems Control in Manufacturing Cells, Pages 1135-1154, Yu-Liang Sun, Yuehwern Yih
33 - Knowledge-Based Approach for Automating Web Publishing from Databases, Pages 1155-1173, Zhangxi Lin, Matti H?m?l?inen, Andrew B. Whinston
34 - Neural Networks for Economic Forecasting Problems, Pages 1175-1197, Kazuhiro Kohara
35 - Determination of Principal Components in Data, Pages 1199-1258, Ferdinand Peper, Hideki Noda, Mahdad N. Shirazi
36 - Time-Series Prediction, Pages 1259-1313, Hisashi Shimodaira
37 - Hybrid Expert Systems: An Approach to Combining Neural Computation and Rule-Based Reasoning, Pages 1315-1354, Ernesto Burattini, Massimo De Gregorio, Guglielmo Tamburrini
38 - Popfnns: Fuzzy Neural Techniques for Rule-Based Identification in Expert Systems, Pages 1355-1411, C. Quek, R.W. Zhou
39 - Preventive Quality Management, Pages 1413-1455, Gerhard Peter, Anita Kr?mer, Christian Rupprecht, Bernd Berthold
40 - Distributed Logic Processors in Process Identification, Pages 1457-1495, E. Ikonen, U. Kortela, K. Najim
41 - Knowledge Representation by Means of Multilayer Perceptrons, Pages 1497-1524, Elena P?rez-Mi?ana
42 - A Guide to Research in Assumption-Based Truth Maintenance Systems in Constraint Satisfaction, Pages 1525-1557, J. Tay, C. Quek, S. Huang
43 - Method for Utilization of Previous Experience in Design Expert Systems, Pages 1559-1575, Takashi Ishikawa, Takao Terano
44 - Model-Based Process Fault Diagnosis, Pages 1577-1640, Hisashi Shimodaira
45 - Automation of Concept Development, Pages 1641-1665, Ryuji Kudo, Takao Terano
46 - Methodology for Building Case-Based Reasoning Systems in Ill-Structured Optimization Domains, Pages 1667-1697, Kazuo Miyashita
47 - The Trainer System: Applying QR Techniques to Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Pages 1699-1771, C. Quek, W.C. Sim, C.K. Looi
48 - Structuring Expert Control Using the Integrated Process Supervision Architecture, Pages 1773-1829, C. Quek, M. Pasquier, P.W. Ng
49 - Tap: An Inquiry Teaching Shell Using Both Rule-Based and State-Space Approaches, Pages 1831-1895, C. Quek, L.H. Wong, C.K. Looi
50 - Self Teaching and Exploratory Task-Learning Methods in Unknown Environments and Applications in Robotic Skills, Pages 1897-1923, Rui Ara?jo, Urbano Nunes, J. Lu?s^Cruz, An?bal T. De Almeida
Index, Pages 1925-1947

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Год издания: 2002

Количество страниц: 1928

Добавлена в каталог: 24.09.2017

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