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Tuttlebee W. — Software Defined Radio: Baseband Technologies for 3G Handsets and Basestations
Tuttlebee W. — Software Defined Radio: Baseband Technologies for 3G Handsets and Basestations

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Название: Software Defined Radio: Baseband Technologies for 3G Handsets and Basestations

Автор: Tuttlebee W.


The impending advent of GSM in the early 1990s triggered massive investment that revolutionised the capability of DSP technology. A decade later, the vastly increased processing requirements and potential market of 3G has triggered a similar revolution, with a host of start-up companies claiming revolutionary technologies hoping to challenge and displace incumbent suppliers.

This book, with contributions from today's major players and leading start-ups, comprehensively describes both the new approaches and the responses of the incumbents, with detailed descriptions of the design philosophy, architecture, technology maturity and software support.

  • Analysis of SDR baseband processing requirements of cellular handsets and basestations

  • 3G handset baseband - ASIC, DSP, parallel processing, ACM and customised programmable architectures

  • 3G basestation baseband - DSP (including co-processors), FPGA-based approaches, reconfigurable and parallel architectures

  • Architecture optimisation to match 3G air interface and application algorithms

  • Evolution of existing DSP, ASIC & FPGA solutions

  • Assessment of the architectural approaches and the implications of the trends.
An essential resource for the 3G product designer, who needs to understand immediate design options within a wider context of future product roadmaps, the book will also benefit researchers and commercial managers who need to understand this rapid evolution of baseband signal processing and its industry impact.Content:
Chapter 1 SDR Baseband Requirements and Directions to Solutions (pages 7–29): Mark Cummings
Chapter 2 Open Mobile Handset Architectures Based on the ZSP500 Embedded DSP Core (pages 33–49): Jitendra Rayala and Wei?Jei Song
Chapter 3 DSP for Handsets: The Blackfin Processor (pages 51–73): Jose Fridman and Zoran Zvonar
Chapter 4 XPP – An Enabling Technology for SDR Handsets (pages 75–98): Eberhard Schuler and Lorna Tan
Chapter 5 Adaptive Computing as the Enabling Technology for SDR (pages 99–128): David Chou, Jun Han, Jasmin Oz, Sharad Sambhwani and Cameron Stevens
Chapter 6 The Sandbridge Sandblaster Communications Processor (pages 129–159): John Glossner, Erdem Hokenek and Mayan Moudgill
Chapter 7 Cost Effective Software Radio for CDMA Systems (pages 163–176): Alan Gatherer, Sundararajan Sriram, Filip Moerman, Chaitali Sengupta and Kathy Brown
Chapter 8 DSP for Basestations – The TigerSHARC (pages 177–201): Michael J. Lopez, Rasekh Rifaat and Qian Zhang
Chapter 9 Altera System Architecture Solutions for SDR (pages 203–234): Paul Ekas
Chapter 10 FPGAs: A Platform?Based Approach to Software Radios (pages 235–272): Chris Dick and Jim Hwang
Chapter 11 Reconfigurable Parallel DSP – rDSP (pages 273–301): Behzad Mohebbi and Fadi J. Kurdahi
Chapter 12 The picoArray: A Reconfigurable SDR Processor for Basestations (pages 303–330): Rupert Baines
Chapter 13 The Impact of Technological Change (pages 333–341): Dr Walter H. W. Tuttlebee

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Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 369

Добавлена в каталог: 17.09.2017

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