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Nordlund J., Boissy R., Hearing V. — The Pigmentary System: Physiology and Pathophysiology, Second Edition
Nordlund J., Boissy R., Hearing V. — The Pigmentary System: Physiology and Pathophysiology, Second Edition

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Название: The Pigmentary System: Physiology and Pathophysiology, Second Edition

Авторы: Nordlund J., Boissy R., Hearing V.


The most comprehensive and integrated book on pigmentation

The Pigmentary System, Second Edition, gathers into one convenient, all-inclusive volume a wealth of information about the science of pigmentation and all the common and rare clinical disorders that affect skin color. The two parts, physiology (science) and pathophysiology (clinical disorders), are complementary and annotated so that those reading one part can easily refer to relevant sections in the other. For the clinician interested in common or rare pigment disorders or the principles of teaching about such disorders, this book provides an immediate and complete resource on the biologic bases for these disorders. For the scientist studying the biology of melanocyte function, the book provides a list of disorders that are related to basic biological functions of melanocytes.

New features of this Second Edition include:

* Completely new section on the basic science of pigmentation - explaining the integration of melanocyte functions with other epidermal cells and with various organ systems like the immune system

* New chapters on pigmentary disorders related to intestinal diseases, the malignant melanocyte, benign proliferations of melanocytes (nevi) and phototherapy with narrow band UV

* All clinical chapters include the latest genetic findings and advances in therapy

* More than 400 color images of virtually all clinical disorders

The book is ideal for all dermatologists and especially those interested in disorders of pigmentation. It is of particular use for pediatric dermatologists and medical geneticists caring for patients with congenital and genetic pigmentary disorders. This authoritative volume will fill the gap for dermatology training programs that do not have local experts on pigmentation. Basic and cosmetic scientists studying pigmentation and melanocytes will find the science and clinical correlations very useful in showing human significance and relevance to the results of their studies.Content:
Chapter 1 A History of the Science of Pigmentation (pages 1–10): Sidney N. Klaus
Chapter 2 Comparative Anatomy and Physiology of Pigment Cells in Nonmammalian Tissues (pages 11–59): Joseph T. Bagnara and Jiro Matsumoto
Chapter 3 General Biology of Mammalian Pigmentation (pages 61–90): Walter C. Quevedo and Thomas J. Holstein
Chapter 4 Extracutaneous Melanocytes (pages 91–107): Raymond E. Boissy and Thomas J. Hornyak
Chapter 5 Regulation of Melanoblast Migration and Differentiation (pages 108–139): David M. Parichy, Mark V. Reedy and Carol A. Erickson
Chapter 6 Melanoblast Development and Associated Disorders (pages 140–154): Richard A. Spritz
Chapter 7 Biogenesis of Melanosomes (pages 155–170): Raymond E. Boissy, Marjan Huizing and William A. Gahl
Chapter 8 Melanosome Trafficking and Transfer (pages 171–180): Glynis A. Scott
Chapter 9 Melanosome Processing in Keratinocytes (pages 181–190): H. Randolph Byers
Chapter 10 The Regulation of Melanin Formation (pages 191–212): Vincent J. Hearing
Chapter 11 The Tyrosinase Gene Family (pages 213–229): William S. Oetting and Vijayasaradhi Setaluri
Chapter 12 Molecular Regulation of Melanin Formation: Melanosome Transporter Proteins (pages 230–241): Murray H. Brilliant
Chapter 13 Transcriptional Regulation of Melanocyte Function (pages 242–260): Kazuhisa Takeda and Shigeki Shibahara
Chapter 14 Enzymology of Melanin Formation (pages 261–281): Francisco Solano and Jose C. Garcia?Borron
Chapter 15 Chemistry of Melanins (pages 282–310): Shosuke Ito and Kazumasa Wakamatsu
Chapter 16 The Physical Properties of Melanins (pages 311–341): Tadeusz Sarna and Harold A. Swartz
Chapter 17 Photobiology of Melanins (pages 342–353): Antony R. Young
Chapter 18 Toxicological Aspects of Melanin and Melanogenesis (pages 354–394): Edward J. Land, Christopher A. Ramsden and Patrick A. Riley
Chapter 19 Regulation of Pigment Type Switching by Agouti, Melanocortin Signaling, Attractin, and Mahoganoid (pages 395–409): Gregory S. Barsh
Chapter 20 Human Pigmentation: Its Regulation by Ultraviolet Light and by Endocrine, Paracrine, and Autocrine Factors (pages 410–420): Zalfa Abdel?Malek and Ana Luisa Kadekaro
Chapter 21 Paracrine Interactions of Melanocytes in Pigmentary Disorders (pages 421–444): Genji Imokawa
Chapter 22 Growth Factor Receptors and Signal Transduction Regulating the Proliferation and Differentiation of Melanocytes (pages 445–463): Ruth Halaban and Gisela Moellmann
Chapter 23 Aging and Senescence of Melanocytes (pages 464–471): Debdutta Bandyopadhyay and Estela E. Medrano
Chapter 24 The Genetics of Melanoma (pages 472–488): Vanessa C. Gray?Schopfer and Dorothy C. Bennett
Chapter 25 The Transformed Phenotype of Melanocytes (pages 489–494): Dong Fang and Meenhard Herlyn
Chapter 26 A More Precise Lexicon for Pigmentation, Pigmentary Disorders, and “Chromatic” Abnormalities (pages 497–503): James J. Nordlund, Tania Cestari, Pearl Grimes, Henry Chan and Jean?Paul Ortonne
Chapter 27 The Normal Color of Human Skin (pages 504–520): James J. Nordlund and Jean?Paul Ortonne
Chapter 28 Mechanisms That Cause Abnormal Skin Color (pages 521–537): Jean?Paul Ortonne and James J. Nordlund
Chapter 29 Genetic Hypomelanoses: Disorders Characterized By Congenital White Spotting ? Piebaldism, Waardenburg Syndrome, and Related Genetic Disorders of Melanocyte Development ? Clinical Aspects (pages 539–550): Richard A. Spritz
Chapter 30 Genetic Hypomelanoses: Acquired Depigmentation (pages 551–598): Jean L. Bolognia, James J. Nordlund, Jean?Paul Ortonne and I. Caroline Le Poole
Chapter 31 Genetic Hypomelanoses: Generalized Hypopigmentation (pages 599–635): Richard A. King, William S. Oetting, Philippe Bahadoran, Jean?Paul Ortonne, Anne?Sophie Gadenne, James J. Nordlund, Marnie D. Titsch, Allan D. Mineroff, Jean L. Bolognia and Tanusin Ploysangam
Chapter 32 Genetic Hypomelanoses: Localized Hypopigmentation (pages 636–656): Wolfgang Kuster, Rudolf Happle, James J. Nordlund, Jean L. Bolognia, Stella D. Calobrisi and Pranav B. Sheth
Chapter 33 Genetic Hypomelanoses: Disorders Characterized By Hypopigmentation of Hair (pages 657–663): Stan P. Hill, Rosemary Geary, James J. Nordlund, Peggy Tong and Pranav B. Sheth
Chapter 34 Metabolic, Nutritional, and Endocrine Disorders (pages 664–668): Peter S. Friedmann
Chapter 35 Chemical, Pharmacologic, and Physical Agents Causing Hypomelanoses (pages 669–685): Stefania Briganti, Monica Ottaviani, Mauro Picardo and Jean?Phillipe Lacour
Chapter 36 Infectious Hypomelanoses (pages 686–698): Jean?Philippe Lacour
Chapter 37 Inflammatory Hypomelanoses (pages 699–704): Jean?Philippe Lacour
Chapter 38 Hypomelanoses Associated with Melanocytic Neoplasia (pages 705–724): Lieve Brochez, Barbara Boone and Jean?Marie Naeyaert
Chapter 39 Miscellaneous Hypomelanoses: Depigmentation (pages 725–744): Philippe Bahadoran, Wiete Westerhof, David Njoo and Henk E. Menke
Chapter 40 Miscellaneous Hypomelanoses: Hypopigmentation (pages 745–753): Wiete Westerhof, David Njoo, Henk E. Menke and Germaine Relyveld
Chapter 41 Miscellaneous Hypomelanoses: Extracutaneous Loss of Pigmentation (pages 754–766): Wiete Westerhof, David Njoo and Henk E. Menke
Chapter 42 Hypochromia Without Hypomelanosis (pages 767–768): Jean?Philippe Lacour
Chapter 43 Genetic Epidermal Syndromes: Disorders Characterized by Generalized Hyperpigmentation (pages 769–779): Sheila S. Galbraith, Nancy Burton Esterly, Eulalia Baselga, Beth A. Drolet, Susan Bayliss Mallory and Sharon A. Foley
Chapter 44 Genetic Epidermal Syndromes: Disorders Characterized by Reticulated Hyperpigmentation (pages 780–808): Eulalia Baselga and Nancy Burton Esterly
Chapter 45 Genetic Epidermal Syndromes with Cafe?au?lait Macules (pages 809–823): Nancy Burton Esterly, Eulalia Baselga and Sheila S. Galbraith
Chapter 46 Genetic Epidermal Pigmentation With Lentigines (pages 824–872): Mary K. Cullen
Chapter 47 Genetic Epidermal Syndromes: Localized Hyperpigmentation (pages 873–883): Nancy Burton Esterly, Eulalia Baselga, Beth A. Drolet and Sheila S. Galbraith
Chapter 48 Genetic Epidermal Syndromes: Disorders of Aging (pages 884–897): Nancy Burton Esterly, Eulalia Baselga, Peter M. H. Chan, Beth A. Drolet, Anita P. Sheth and Cindy L. Lamerson
Chapter 49 Congenital Epidermal Hypermelanoses (pages 898–906): Susan Bayliss Mallory, Peggy L. Chern and Sharon A. Foley
Chapter 50 Acquired Epidermal Hypermelanoses (pages 907–978): Philippe Bahadoran, Norman Levine, Cynthia Burk, M Protein, James J. Nordlund, Vlada Groysman, Scott Bangert, Charles S. Fulk, Randi Rubenzik, Kazunori Urabe, Juichiro Nakayama, Yoshiaki Hori, Cindy L. Lamerson and Debra L. Breneman
Chapter 51 Hypermelanosis Associated with Gastrointestinal Disorders (pages 979–1002): Eun Ji Kwon, Victoria P. Werth, James J. Nordlund, Joerg Albrecht, Nancy Burton Esterly, Eulalia Baselga and Beth A. Drolet
Chapter 52 Acquired and Congenital Dermal Hypermelanosis (pages 1003–1019): Sang Ju Lee, Seung?Kyung Hann and Sungbin Im
Chapter 53 Mixed Epidermal and Dermal Hypermelanoses and Hyperchromias (pages 1020–1025): Sang Ju Lee, Seung?Kyung Hann and Sungbin Im
Chapter 54 Drug?Induced or ?Related Pigmentation (pages 1026–1054): Peter A. Lio and Arthur J. Sober
Chapter 55 The Melanocyte System of the Nail and its Disorders (pages 1055–1068): Robert Baran, Christophe Perrin, Luc Thomas and Ralph Braun
Chapter 56 Pigmentary Abnormalities and Discolorations of the Mucous Membranes (pages 1069–1089): John C. Maize and John C. Maize
Chapter 57 Common Benign Neoplasms of Melanocytes (pages 1091–1147): Julie V. Schaffer and Jean L. Bolognia
Chapter 58 Rare Benign Neoplasms of Melanocytes (pages 1148–1162): James J. Nordlund, Julie V. Schaffer and Jean L. Bolognia
Chapter 59 Topical Treatment of Pigmentary Disorders (pages 1163–1174): Rebat M. Halder and James J. Nordlund
Chapter 60 Chemophototherapy of Pigmentary Disorders (pages 1175–1182): Rebat M. Halder and James J. Nordlund
Chapter 61 UVB Therapy for Pigmentary Disorders (pages 1183–1187): Thierry Passeron and Jean?Paul Ortonne
Chapter 62 Sunscreens and Cosmetics (pages 1188–1190): James J. Nordlund and Rebat M. Halder
Chapter 63 Surgical Treatments of Pigmentary Disorders (pages 1191–1197): Rebat M. Halder and James J. Nordlund
Chapter 64 Laser Treatment of Pigmentary Disorders (pages 1198–1203): Rebat M. Halder and Lori M. Hobbs

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Год издания: 2006

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