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Pignataro B. — Tomorrow's Chemistry Today: Concepts in Nanoscience, Organic Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Second Edition
Pignataro B. — Tomorrow's Chemistry Today: Concepts in Nanoscience, Organic Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Second Edition

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Название: Tomorrow's Chemistry Today: Concepts in Nanoscience, Organic Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Second Edition

Автор: Pignataro B.


Providing a glimpse into the future, the young scientists contributing here were considered to be the most important for tomorrow's chemistry and materials science. They present the state of the art in their particular fields of research, with topics ranging from new synthetic pathways and nanotechnology to green chemistry.
Of major interest to organic chemists, materials scientists and biochemists.Content:
Chapter 1 Subcomponent Self?Assembly as a Route to New Structures and Materials (pages 1–29): Jonathan R. Nitschke
Chapter 2 Molecular Metal Oxides and Clusters as Building Blocks for Functional Nanoscale Architectures and Potential Nanosystems (pages 31–46): Leroy Cronin
Chapter 3 Nanostructured Porous Materials: Building Matter from the Bottom Up (pages 47–71): Javier Garcia?Martinez
Chapter 4 Strategies toward Hierarchically Structured Optoelectronically Active Polymers (pages 73–100): Eike Jahnke and Holger Frauenrath
Chapter 5 Mimicking Nature: Bio?Inspired Models of Copper Proteins (pages 101–127): Iryna A. Koval, Patrick Gamez and Jan Reedijk
Chapter 6 From the Past to the Future of Rotaxanes (pages 129–159): Andreea R. Schmitzer
Chapter 7 Multiphoton Processes and Nonlinear Harmonic Generations in Lanthanide Complexes (pages 161–184): Ga?Lai Law
Chapter 8 Light?Emitting Organic Nanoaggregates from Functionalized para?Quaterphenylenes (pages 185–213): Manuela Schiek
Chapter 9 Plant Viral Capsids as Programmable Nanobuilding Blocks (pages 215–236): Nicole F. Steinmetz
Chapter 10 New Calorimetric Approaches to the Study of Soft Matter 3D Organization (pages 237–261): J. M. Nedelec and M. Baba
Chapter 11 Naphthalenediimides as Photoactive and Electroactive Components in Supramolecular Chemistry (pages 263–293): Sheshanath Vishwanath Bhosale
Chapter 12 Coordination Chemistry of Phosphole Ligands Substituted with Pyridyl Moieties: From Catalysis to Nonlinear Optics and Supramolecular Assemblies (pages 295–319): Christophe Lescop and Muriel Hissler
Chapter 13 Selective Hydrogen Transfer Reactions over Supported Copper Catalysts Leading to Simple, Safe, and Clean Protocols for Organic Synthesis (pages 321–336): Federica Zaccheria and Nicoletta Ravasio
Chapter 14 Selective Oxido?Reductive Processes by Nucleophilic Radical Addition under Mild Conditions (pages 337–351): Cristian Gambarotti and Carlo Punta
Chapter 15 Speeding Up Discovery Chemistry: New Perspectives in Medicinal Chemistry (pages 353–373): Matteo Colombo and Ilaria Peretto
Chapter 16 Overview of Protein?Tannin Interactions (pages 375–394): Elisabete Barros de Carvalho, Victor Armando Pereira de Freitas and Nuno Filipe da Cruz Batista Mateus
Chapter 17 Photochemical Transformation Processes of Environmental Significance (pages 395–419): Davide Vione

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Год издания: 2009

Количество страниц: 441

Добавлена в каталог: 02.09.2017

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