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Zhu P. — New Biocides Development. The Combined Approach of Chemistry and Microbiology
Zhu P. — New Biocides Development. The Combined Approach of Chemistry and Microbiology

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Название: New Biocides Development. The Combined Approach of Chemistry and Microbiology

Автор: Zhu P.


Content: Preface / Peter Gilbert —
Effects of environmental chemicals and the host-pathogen relationship: are there any negative consequences for human health? / Syed A. Sattar, Jason A. Tetro and V. Susan Springthorpe —
Disinfection and sterilization in healthcare facilities / Martin S. Favero —
Disinfection of prions / Kurt Giles ... [et al.] —
Strategies for inactivating prions / Martin S. Favero —
Biofilms and biocides: growing consistent monoculture biofilms for biocide assessment / T. Reg. Bott —
Topical antimicrobials / Daryl S. Paulson —
Preparation of phthalaldehydes by hydrolysis of aromatic gem-Tetrabromides / Peter Zhu, Kaitao Lu and Der-Haw Wang —
Efficacy and mycobactericidal action of Aldehydes: structure-activity relationship / Jean-Yves Maillard and Se?bastien Fraud —
Ortho-phthalaldehyde: mechanisms of action against mycobacteria / Charles G. Roberts and Chris R. French —
The Jekyll and Hyde roles of cysteine derivatives during oxidative stress / Pe?ter Nagy ... [et al.] —
Identification strategy of mechanism-based lipophilic antimicrobials / Alexander Pauli —
Where old biocides meet new biocides: hypohalite defense factors of the human oral cavity / Michael T. Ashby —
Peroxygens and other forms of oxygen: their use for effective cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization / Gerald McDonnell —
Electrolyzed water: principles and applications / Yi-Cheng Su, Chengchu Liu and Yen-Con Hung —
Use of mannitol hydrogen peroxide to control microbial produced skin irritants / David W. Koenig and Benard J. Minerath —
Micrology and chemistry of ortho-phthalaldehyde —
J.M. Ascenzi, H. Chan-Myers and M.D. Gordon / Increasing disinfection efficacy of Glutaraldehyde via chemical and physical enhancement / Wei Shen, Yilin Ge and Yi Su —
Natural antimicrobials from plant essential oils / Rong Tsao and Ting Zhou —
Antibacterial actions of ginkgolic acids and related mechanisms / Jia-Hu Pan —
Antimicrobial properties of Boron derivatives / Olga Borokhov and David Schubert —
Comparison of mycobacterial susceptibilities to six chemical disinfectants / Chaowu Zhang and Guoqing Wang —
A comparison of the microbicidal efficacy on germ carriers of several tertiary amine compounds versus OPA and perasafe / Rafael Herruzo, Maria Jose Vizcai?no-Alcaide and Julio Rodriguez.

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Год издания: 2007

Количество страниц: 496

Добавлена в каталог: 02.09.2017

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