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Utracki L., Jamieson A. — Polymer Physics: From Suspensions to Nanocomposites and Beyond
Utracki L., Jamieson A. — Polymer Physics: From Suspensions to Nanocomposites and Beyond

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Название: Polymer Physics: From Suspensions to Nanocomposites and Beyond

Авторы: Utracki L., Jamieson A.


Providing a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art advanced research in the field, Polymer Physics explores the interrelationships among polymer structure, morphology, and physical and mechanical behavior. Featuring contributions from renowned experts, the book covers the basics of important areas in polymer physics while projecting into the future, making it a valuable resource for students and chemists, chemical engineers, materials scientists, and polymer scientists as well as professionals in related industries.Content:
Chapter 1 Newtonian Viscosity of Dilute, Semidilute, and Concentrated Polymer Solutions (pages 15–87): Alexander M. Jamieson and Robert Simha
Chapter 2 Polymer and Surfactant Drag Reduction in Turbulent Flows (pages 89–127): Jacques L. Zakin and Wu Ge
Chapter 3 Nanorheology of Polymer Nanoalloys and Nanocomposites (pages 129–159): Ken Nakajima and Toshio Nishi
Chapter 4 Volume Relaxation and the Lattice–Hole Model (pages 161–190): Richard E. Robertson and Robert Simha
Chapter 5 Dynamics of Materials at the Nanoscale: Small?Molecule Liquids and Polymer Films (pages 191–223): Gregory B. McKenna
Chapter 6 Equations of State and Free?Volume Content (pages 225–281): Pierre Moulinie and Leszek A. Utracki
Chapter 7 Spatial Configuration and Thermodynamic Characteristics of Main?Chain Liquid Crystals (pages 283–322): Akihiro Abe and Hidemine Furuya
Chapter 8 Bulk and Surface Properties of Random Copolymers in View of the Simha–Somcynsky Equation of State (pages 323–356): Hans?Werner Kammer and Jorg Kressler
Chapter 9 Physical Aging (pages 357–389): John (iain) M. G. Cowie and Valeria Arrighi
Chapter 10 Morphology of Free?Volume Holes in Amorphous Polymers by Means of Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy (pages 391–419): Giovanni Consolati and Fiorenza Quasso
Chapter 11 Local Free?Volume Distribution from PALS and Dynamics of Polymers (pages 421–472): Gunter Dlubek
Chapter 12 Positron Annihilation Lifetime Studies of Free Volume in Heterogeneous Polymer Systems (pages 473–522): Alexander M. Jamieson, Brian G. Olson and Sergei Nazarenko
Chapter 13 Structure–Property Relationships of Nanocomposites (pages 523–551): Cyril Sender, Jean Fabien Capsal, Antoine Lonjon, Alain Bernes, Philippe Demont, Eric Dantras, Valerie Samouillan, Jany Dandurand, Colette Lacabanne and Lydia Laffont
Chapter 14 Free Volume in Molten and Glassy Polymers and Nanocomposites (pages 553–604): Leszek A. Utracki
Chapter 15 Metal Particles Confined in Polymeric Matrices (pages 605–637): Luigi Nicolais and Gianfranco Carotenuto
Chapter 16 Rheology of Polymers with Nanofillers (pages 639–708): Leszek A. Utracki, Maryam M. Sepehr and Pierre J. Carreau

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Год издания: 2010

Количество страниц: 776

Добавлена в каталог: 27.08.2017

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