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Crawley M. — Natural Enemies: The Population Biology of Predators, Parasites and Diseases
Crawley M. — Natural Enemies: The Population Biology of Predators, Parasites and Diseases

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Название: Natural Enemies: The Population Biology of Predators, Parasites and Diseases

Автор: Crawley M.


This book is about disease and death. It is an ecologist's view of Darwin's vivid evocation of Nature, red in tooth and claw. An international team of authors examines broad patterns in the population biology of natural enemies, and addresses general questions about the role of natural enemies in the population dynamics and evolution of their prey. For instance, how do large natural enemies like wolves differ from small natural enemies like bacterial diseases in their effects on prey abundance? Is it better to chase after prey, or sit and wait for it to come to you? How should prey behave in order to minimize the risk of being eaten? The answers are all in this fascinating senior undergraduate/postgraduate text.Content:
Chapter 1 Evolution of Exploiter–Victim Relationships (pages 1–25): Jon Seger
Chapter 2 Correlates of Carnivory: Approaches and Answers (pages 26–39): Paul H. Harvey and John L. Gittleman
Chapter 3 Population Dynamics of Natural Enemies and their Prey (pages 40–89): Michael J. Crawley
Chapter 4 Foraging Theory (pages 90–114): Michael J. Crawley and John R. Krebs
Chapter 5 Large Carnivores and their Prey: the Quick and the Dead (pages 115–142): T. M. Caro and Clare D. Fitzgibbon
Chapter 6 Birds of Prey (pages 143–162): Ian Newton
Chapter 7 Insectivorous Mammals (pages 163–187): Ilkka Hanski
Chapter 8 Marine Mammals (pages 188–204): Simon Northridge and John Beddington
Chapter 9 Marine Invertebrates (pages 205–224): A. J. Underwood and P. G. Fairweather
Chapter 10 Predatory Arthropods (pages 225–264): Maurice W. Sabelis
Chapter 11 The Population Biology of Insect Parasitoids (pages 265–292): Michael P. Hassell and H. Charles J. Godfray
Chapter 12 Bloodsucking Arthropods (pages 293–312): Christopher Dye
Chapter 13 Spiders as Representative ‘Sit?and?wait’ Predators (pages 313–328): Susan E. Riechert
Chapter 14 Macroparasites: Worms and Others (pages 329–348): Andrew P. Dobson, Peter J. Hudson and Annarie M. Lyles
Chapter 15 Microparasites: Viruses and Bacteria (pages 349–374): D. James Nokes
Chapter 16 Predator Psychology and the Evolution of Prey Coloration (pages 375–394): Tim Guilford
Chapter 17 Natural Enemies and Community Dynamics (pages 395–411): Andrew Redfearn and Stuart L. Pimm
Chapter 18 Biological Control (pages 412–430): Jeff K. Waage and Nick J. Mills
Chapter 19 The Dynamics of Predator–Prey and Resource–Harvester Systems (pages 431–457): Robert M. May and Charlotte H. Watts
Chapter 20 Prey Defence and Predator Foraging (pages 458–475): Stephen B. Malcolm
Chapter 21 Overview (pages 476–489): Michael J. Crawley

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Год издания: 1992

Количество страниц: 583

Добавлена в каталог: 20.08.2017

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