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Jakes K. — Archaeological Chemistry. Materials, Methods, and Meaning
Jakes K. — Archaeological Chemistry. Materials, Methods, and Meaning

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Название: Archaeological Chemistry. Materials, Methods, and Meaning

Автор: Jakes K.


Content: Archaeological Chemistry: Materials, Methods, and Meaning / Kathryn A. Jakes —
Potential for Virtually Nondestructive Radiocarbon and Stable Carbon Isotopic Analyses on Perishable Archaeological Artifacts / Karen L. Steelman and Marvin W. Rowe —
Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Radiocarbon Ages of an Oxalate Accretion and Rock Paintings at Toca do Serrote da Bastiana, Brazil / Karen L. Steelman, Richard Rickman, Marvin W. Rowe, Thomas W. Boutton, Jon Russ, and Niede Guidon —
Measuring Lead Isotope Ratios in Majolica from New Spain Using a Nondestructive Technique / Susan Reslewic and James H. Burton —
Characterization of Archaeological Materials by Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry / Robert J. Speakman, Hector Neff, Michael D. Glascock, and Barry J. Higgins —
Modern and Ancient Resins from Africa and the Americas / Joseph B. Lambert, Yuyang Wu, and Jorge A. Santiago-Blay —
Characterization and Radiocarbon Dating of Archaeological Resins from Southeast Asia / C.D. Lampert, I.C. Glover, C.P. Heron, B. Stem, R. Shoocongdej, and G.B. Thompson —
Analysis of Glass Beads and Glass Recovered from an Early 17th-Century Glassmaking House in Amsterdam / K. Karklins, R.G.V. Hancock, J. Baart, M.L. Sempowski, J.-F. Moreau, D. Barham, S. Aufreiter, and I. Kenyon —
Morphology and Microstructure of Marine Silk Fibers / Rekha Srinivasan and Kathryn A. Jakes —
Electron Spin Resonance Studies To Explore the Thermal History of Archaeological Objects / Robert G. Hayes and Mark R. Schurr —
Geochemical Analysis of Obsidian and the Reconstruction of Trade Mechanisms in the Early Neolithic Period of the Western Mediterranean / Robert H. Tykot —
Chemical, Technological, and Social Aspects of Pottery Manufacture in the La Quemada Region of Northwest Mexico / E. Christian Wells and Ben A. Nelson —
Trace Element Analysis and Its Role in Analyzing Ceramics in the Eastern Woodlands / Christina B. Rieth —
Contribution of Stable Isotope Analysis to Understanding Dietary Variation among the Maya / Robert H. Tykot —
Chemical Compositions of Chinese Coins of Emperor Ch'ien Lung (Qian Long) and Annamese Coins of Emperor Thanh Thai via Energy-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence / Tiffany Gaines, Eric McGrath, Vincent Iduma, Renee Kuzava, Sarah Frederick, and Mark Benvenuto.

Язык: en

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Год издания: 2002

Количество страниц: 265

Добавлена в каталог: 29.07.2017

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