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Mcreynolds T., Blythe D. — Advanced Graphics Programming Using OpenGL
Mcreynolds T., Blythe D. — Advanced Graphics Programming Using OpenGL

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Название: Advanced Graphics Programming Using OpenGL

Авторы: Mcreynolds T., Blythe D.


  • "I've been using the techniques in this book since their introduction at SIGGRAPH years ago. Those notes, transformed into this superb book, have been the quintessential reference for advanced techniques in OpenGL. Every corner of the subject is analyzed, with enough detail for the expert, but also very readable for the novice. Congratulations to David and Tom for providing an excellent OpenGL reference!" — Dave Shreiner, Silicon Graphics, Inc., co-author of OpenGL Programming Guide
    "You may think you know OpenGL. As a software engineer with ten years of OpenGL experience, I thought I did. However, this book quickly convinced me that I was very much mistaken. David Blythe and Tom McReynolds have taught me much that I did not know, and in the process improved my company's products. This is a book for computer graphics enthusiasts, both amateur and professional. If you use OpenGL in your work, Advanced Graphics Programming using OpenGL will be your constant companion. Be sure to get your own copy, however - my copy is not leaving my desk under any circumstances!" — Ian Ashdown, President, byHeart Consultants Limited
    "Today truly useful and interactive graphics are available on affordable computers. While hardware progress has been impressive, widespread gains in software expertise has come more slowly. Information about advanced techniques beyond those learned in introductory computer graphics texts is not as easy to come by as inexpensive hardware. This book brings the graphics programmer beyond the basics and introduces them to advanced knowledge that is hard to obtain outside of an intensive CG work environment. The book is about graphics techniques those that don?t require esoteric hardware or custom graphics libraries that are written in a comprehensible style and do useful things. It covers graphics that are not covered well in your old graphics textbook. But it also goes further, teaching you how to apply those techniques in real world applications, filling real world needs. Emphasizes the algorithmic side of computer graphics, with a practical application focus, and provides usable techniques for real world problems. Serves as an introduction to the techniques that are hard to obtain outside of an intensive computer graphics work environment. Sophisticated and novel programming techniques are implemented in C using the OpenGL library, including: coverage of color and lighting; texture mapping; blending and compositing; antialiasing; image processing; special effects; natural phenomena; artistic and non-photorealistic techniques, and many others. Code fragments are used in the book, and full blown example programs for virtually every algorithm are available atwww.mkp.com/opengl."Gamedev.net

Preface, Pages xxiii-xxvi
Acknowledgments, Page xxvii
Biographies, Page xxviii
Chapter 1 - Geometry representation and modeling, Pages 3-17
Chapter 2 - 3D Transformations, Pages 19-34
Chapter 3 - Color, shading, and lighting, Pages 35-56
Chapter 4 - Digital images and image manipulation, Pages 57-72
Chapter 5 - Texture mapping, Pages 73-102
Chapter 6 - Rasterization and fragment processing, Pages 103-118
Chapter 7 - Window system and platform integration, Pages 119-127
Chapter 8 - OpenGL implementations, Pages 129-151
Chapter 9 - Multiple rendering passes, Pages 155-167
Chapter 10 - Antialiasing, Pages 169-184
Chapter 11 - Compositing, blending, and transparency, Pages 185-209
Chapter 12 - Image processing techniques, Pages 211-245
Chapter 13 - Basic transform techniques, Pages 247-268
Chapter 14 - Texture mapping techniques, Pages 269-316
Chapter 15 - Lighting techniques, Pages 317-359
Chapter 16 - CAD and modeling techniques, Pages 363-401
Chapter 17 - Scene realism, Pages 403-465
Chapter 18 - Natural detail, Pages 467-500
Chapter 19 - Illustration and artistic techniques, Pages 501-530
Chapter 20 - Scientific visualization, Pages 531-570
Chapter 21 - Structuring applications for performance, Pages 571-592
Appendix A - Using OpenGL extensions, Pages 593-604
Appendix B - Equations, Pages 605-613
Bibliography, Pages 615-627
Subject Index, Pages 629-644

Язык: en

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Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 637

Добавлена в каталог: 14.07.2017

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