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Williams S., Williams N. — The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence
Williams S., Williams N. — The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence

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Название: The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence

Авторы: Williams S., Williams N.


  • 'The ideas in The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence were central to our deployment of business intelligence applications that allowed us to manage revenue delivery and reduce costs. — Kevin McCaughey, Vice President ? Strategic Planning, McCormick & Company Global Industrial Group One performance management approach we are taking is to leverage business intelligence to better serve our customers and to optimize our cost structure in relation to the services our customers value most. We have used the strategies described in The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence to align our BI program with our critical success factors and to drive our BI development efforts. — Terry Lillis, Chief Financial Officer ? Retirement and Investor Services, The Principal Financial Group This is a "must read" book for anyone who wants to achieve real business intelligence. It advances the discipline of BI by focusing on business value built upon a strong foundation of technology best practices. — David L. Wells, Director of Education, TDWI: The Data Warehousing Institute Nancy and Steve Williams understand the ?business? in business intelligence. This book is a must for business leaders who require that their BI programs drive real business value. — Barbara Wixom, PhD, Associate Professor, Director MS-MIT, University of Virginia - McIntire School of Commerce'

Preface, Pages xiii-xv
Acknowledgments, Pages xvii-xviii
Chapter 1 - The business value of business intelligence, Pages 1-24
Chapter 2 - Identifying and prioritizing business intelligence -driven opportunities for your organization, Pages 25-43
Chapter 3 - Business intelligence readiness: Prerequisites for leveraging business intelligence to improve profits, Pages 44-64
Chapter 4 - Business-centric business intelligence development with the BI pathway method, Pages 65-95
Chapter 5 - Leading and managing a business intelligence-driven profit improvement program, Pages 96-116
Chapter 6 - Business intelligence in the broader information technology context, Pages 117-139
Chapter 7 - Important ways business intelligence can drive profit improvement, Pages 140-169
Chapter 8 - Common mistakes companies make on business intelligence initiatives, Pages 170-182
Chapter 9 - A view over the horizon, Pages 183-199
Appendix A - A business intelligence glossary, Pages 200-201
Appendix B - A business intelligence readiness assessment, Pages 202-205
Bibliography, Pages 206-207
Index, Pages 209-215
About the authors, Pages 217-218

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Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 221

Добавлена в каталог: 13.07.2017

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