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Luo G., Wang Y., Liang Q. — Systems Biology for Traditional Chinese Medicine
Luo G., Wang Y., Liang Q. — Systems Biology for Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Название: Systems Biology for Traditional Chinese Medicine

Авторы: Luo G., Wang Y., Liang Q.


The application of systems biology methods to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Emphasizing the harmony of the human body with the environment, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has evolved over thousands of years. It is a systemic theory derived from clinical experience, the philosophy of holism and systematology, and the belief that man is an integral part of nature.

Systems Biology for Traditional Chinese Medicine describes how the latest methods in systems biology can be applied to TCM, providing a comprehensive resource for the modernization and advancement of TCM as well as general drug discovery efforts. It is the first comprehensive work to propose a system-to-system research methodology to study the interaction between TCM and the human body and its applications in drug research and development.

Using three popular traditional Chinese medicines?Shuanglongfang, Qingkailing, and Liushenwan?as examples, the authors set forth case examples demonstrating how to find material groups, perform efficacy screenings, and conduct safety evaluations of TCM. The book also:

  • Describes the mechanisms of TCM at the molecular and systems levels using chemomics, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and bioinformatics
  • Places modern scientific technologies within the context of TCM, helping drug researchers improve experimental designs and strategies
  • Illustrates how a systems biology approach is compatible with TCM's traditional, holistic therapeutic strategies and treatment modalities
  • Presents topics of current interest, such as integrated global systems biology and the application of chemometrics research to herbal medicines

This book not only opens a new pathway for the continued development of TCM, but also for systems biology. In addition, it fosters collaboration and discussion among Eastern and Western scientists by applying systems biology to TCM.

Chapter 1 Introduction of Systems Biology in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) (pages 1–37):
Chapter 2 Chemomics of Traditional Chinese Medicine (pages 38–65):
Chapter 3 Technological Platform of TCM Chemomics (pages 66–130):
Chapter 4 Pharmacokinetic Investigation on TCM Formulas Based on Global Systems Biology (pages 131–145):
Chapter 5 Application of Genomics in the Research of TCM (pages 146–170):
Chapter 6 Proteomics Study of TCM (pages 171–190):
Chapter 7 Application of Metabonomics in Research on TCM (pages 191–209):
Chapter 8 Application of Chemometrics and Bioinformatics in TCM Research (pages 210–227):
Chapter 9 Study of Integrated Biomarker System of Diabetic Nephropathy (pages 228–316):
Chapter 10 Chemomics Research on the TCM Formula of the Qingkailing Injection (pages 317–370):
Chapter 11 Integrated Global Systems Biology for the Research and Development of Chinese Medicine Shuanglong Formula (pages 371–436):
Chapter 12 Demonstrative Research on the Safety Evaluation of Liushen Pills (pages 437–480):

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Год издания: 2012

Количество страниц: 516

Добавлена в каталог: 18.06.2017

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