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Hanzo L. — Service-Learning in the Computer and Information Sciences: Practical Applications in Engineering Education
Hanzo L. — Service-Learning in the Computer and Information Sciences: Practical Applications in Engineering Education

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Название: Service-Learning in the Computer and Information Sciences: Practical Applications in Engineering Education

Автор: Hanzo L.


A road map for service-learning partnerships between information science and nonprofit organizations

While service-learning is a well-known educational method for integrating learning experiences with community service, it is only now beginning to emerge in computer and information sciences (CIS). Offering a truly global perspective, this book introduces for the first time an essential framework for service learning in CIS, addressing both the challenges and opportunities of this approach for all stakeholders involved?faculty, students, and community nonprofit organizations (NPOs), both domestic and abroad.

Service-Learning in the Computer and Information Sciences outlines numerous examples of successful programs from around the world, presenting practical working models for implementing joint projects between NPOs and academia. It provides faculty members with vital insight into how to coordinate projects with a community partner, arms students with real-world problem-solving skills specific to issues faced by NPOs, and gives NPOs the expertise to leverage information technology to improve the overall value of their services. This book:

  • Shows academics how to interact with local and global NPOs for mutually beneficial project partnerships
  • Helps IS students enhance their classroom experience through community service, preparing them for the workforce
  • Examines the range of available options for service learning in CIS, especially project-based or capstone courses
  • Includes case studies from technologically challenged regions
  • Helps NPOs become better users of technology in such areas as marketing, fundraising, and communications
Chapter 1 A Framework for Service?Learning in the Computer and Information Sciences (pages 3–22): Brian A. Nejmeh
Chapter 2 EPICS Program (pages 27–38): William Oakes and Carla Zoltowski
Chapter 3 Ten Years of EPICS at Butler University: Experiences from Crafting a Service?Learning Program for Computer Science and Software Engineering (pages 39–75): Panagiotis K. Linos
Chapter 4 The Collaboratory (pages 77–116): David Vader
Chapter 5 The Humanitarian Free and Open?Source Software Project: Engaging Students in Service?Learning through Building Software (pages 117–136): Ralph Morelli, Trishan de Lanerolle and Allen Tucker
Chapter 6 Some Worked Better Than Others: Experience with a Variety of Service?Learning Projects (pages 141–157): Ken Vollmar and Peter Sanderson
Chapter 7 EPICS Software Development Projects (pages 159–171): William Oakes and Saurabh Bagchi
Chapter 8 HFOSS Service?Learning Case Study: The Bowdoin–Ronald McDonald House Projects (pages 173–193): Allen Tucker, Ralph Morelli and Trishan de Lanerolle
Chapter 9 Service?Learning and Project Management: The Capstone Course in Information Technology Leadership (pages 195–211): Charles Hannon
Chapter 10 Service?Learning and Entrepreneurship for Engineers (pages 213–242): Lisa Zidek
Chapter 11 Teaching Information Systems Ethics through Service?Learning (pages 243–257): Thomas S. E. Hilton and Donald D. Mowry
Chapter 12 Computer Literacy Service?Learning Project in Brazil (pages 259–275): Wen?Jung Hsin and Olga Ganzen
Chapter 13 Service?Learning through Agile Software Development (pages 277–295): Joseph T. Chao and Jennifer B. Warnke
Chapter 14 Empowerment through Service?Learning: Teaching Technology to Senior Citizens (pages 297–310): Sally R. Beisser
Chapter 15 Hybridizing Virtual? and Field?Based Service?Learning in Green IT (pages 311–334): K. Branker and J. M. Pearce
Chapter 16 Engaging Engineering Students in a Development Program for a Global South Nation through Service?Learning (pages 335–356): Willie K. Ofosu, Francois Sekyere and James Oppong
Chapter 17 Leveraging Local Resources to Implement Community?Oriented, Sustainable Computer Education Projects in Los Angeles (pages 357–368): Rohit Mathew and Christine M. Maxwell
Chapter 18 Using Labdoo to Bridge the Digital Divide: A New Form of International Cooperation (pages 369–399): Jordi Ros?Giralt, Kevin Launglucknavalai, Daniel Massaguer, Julieta Casanova and Christine M. Lee
Chapter 19 The CHARMS Application Suite: A Community?Based Mobile Data Collection and Alerting Environment for HIV/AIDS Orphan and Vulnerable Children in Zambia (pages 401–428): Brian A. Nejmeh and Tyler Dean
Chapter 20 Lessons Learned— Guidance for Building Community Service Projects (pages 431–451): Michael Werner and Lisa MacLean
Chapter 21 Assessing both the Know and Show in IT Service?Learning (pages 453–471): Rick Homkes
Chapter 22 From Kudjip to Succotz: The Successes, Lessons, Joys, and Surprises from 25 Years of Service?Learning Projects (pages 473–492): James Paul Skon and Doug J. Karl
Chapter 23 Educational Impacts of an International Service?Learning Design Project on Project Members and Their Peers (pages 493–516): Peter E. Johnson
Chapter 24 Is the Community Partner Satisfied? (pages 517–530): Camille George
Chapter 25 Service?Learning in the Computer and Information Sciences: Lessons Learned and Guidance for the Future (pages 531–570): Brian A. Nejmeh

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Год издания: 2012

Количество страниц: 580

Добавлена в каталог: 11.06.2017

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