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Krivit S., Lehr J., Kingery T. — Nuclear Energy Encyclopedia: Science, Technology, and Applications
Krivit S., Lehr J., Kingery T. — Nuclear Energy Encyclopedia: Science, Technology, and Applications

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Название: Nuclear Energy Encyclopedia: Science, Technology, and Applications

Авторы: Krivit S., Lehr J., Kingery T.


The A-to-Z reference resource for nuclear energy information

A significant milestone in the history of nuclear technology, Nuclear Energy Encyclopedia: Science, Technology, and Applications is a comprehensive and authoritative reference guide written by a committee of the world's leading energy experts.

The encyclopedia is packed with cutting-edge information about where nuclear energy science and technology came from, where they are today, and what the future may hold for this vital technology. Filled with figures, graphs, diagrams, formulas, and photographs, which accompany the short, easily digestible entries, the book is an accessible reference work for anyone with an interest in nuclear energy, and includes coverage of safety and environmental issues that are particularly topical in light of the Fukushima Daiichi incident.

A definitive work on all aspects of the world's energy supply, the Nuclear Energy Encyclopedia brings together decades of knowledge about energy sources and technologies ranging from coal and oil, to biofuels and wind, and ultimately nuclear power.Content:
Chapter 1 Nuclear Energy: Past, Present, and Future (pages 1–6): Jay Lehr
Chapter 2 Benefits and Role of Nuclear Power (pages 7–13): Patrick Moore
Chapter 3 Early History of Nuclear Energy (pages 15–21): Roger Tilbrook
Chapter 4 Early Commercial Development of Nuclear Energy (pages 23–29): Roger Tilbrook
Chapter 5 Basic Concepts of Thermonuclear Fusion (pages 31–44): Laila A. El?Guebaly
Chapter 6 Basic Concepts of Nuclear Fission (pages 45–49): Pavel V. Tsvetkov
Chapter 7 Oklo Natural Fission Reactor (pages 51–56): L. V. Krishnan
Chapter 8 Electrical Generation from Nuclear Power Plants (pages 57–64): Pavel V. Tsvetkov and David E. Ames
Chapter 9 Nuclear Energy for Water Desalination (pages 65–70): Saly T. Panicker and P. K. Tewari
Chapter 10 Nuclear Energy for Hydrogen Generation (pages 71–76): Alistair I. Miller
Chapter 11 Uranium?Plutonium Nuclear Fuel Cycle (pages 77–87): Shoaib Usman
Chapter 12 Global Perspective on Thorium Fuel (pages 89–100): K. Anantharaman and P. R. Vasudeva Rao
Chapter 13 Design Principles of Nuclear Materials (pages 101–119): Baldev Raj and M. Vijayalakshmi
Chapter 14 Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing (pages 121–126): Carlos H. Castano
Chapter 15 Safety of Nuclear Fission Reactors: Learning from Accidents (pages 127–149): J. G. Marques
Chapter 16 Spent Fuel and Waste Disposal (pages 151–157): Clifford Singer and William R. Roy
Chapter 17 Fission Energy Usage: Status, Trends and Applications (pages 159–163): Pavel V. Tsvetkov
Chapter 18 Light?Water?Moderated Fission Reactor Technology (pages 165–173): J'tia P. Taylor and Roger Tilbrook
Chapter 19 CANDU Pressurized Heavy Water Nuclear Reactors (pages 175–185): Rusi P. Taleyarkhan
Chapter 20 Graphite?Moderated Fission Reactor Technology (pages 187–192): Pavel V. Tsvetkov
Chapter 21 Status of Fast Reactors (pages 193–230): Baldev Raj and P. Chellapandi
Chapter 22 Review of Generation?III/III+ Fission Reactors (pages 231–254): J. G. Marques
Chapter 23 Tomorrow's Hope for a Pebble?Bed Nuclear Reactor (pages 255–256): Jay Lehr
Chapter 24 Hydrogeology and Nuclear Energy (pages 257–269): Roger Henning
Chapter 25 Introduction to Generation?IV Fission Reactors (pages 271–288): Harold McFarlane
Chapter 26 The Very High Temperature Reactor (pages 289–304): Hans D. Gougar
Chapter 27 Supercritical Water Reactor (pages 305–308): James R. Wolf
Chapter 28 The Potential Use of Supercritical Water?Cooling in Nuclear Reactors (pages 309–347): Igor Pioro
Chapter 29 Generation?IV Gas?Cooled Fast Reactor (pages 349–351): J'tia P. Taylor
Chapter 30 Generation?IV Sodium?Cooled Fast Reactors (SFR) (pages 353–364): Robert N. Hill, Christopher Grandy and Hussein Khalil
Chapter 31 Historical Origins and Development of Fusion Research (pages 365–370): Stephen O. Dean
Chapter 32 Plasma Physics and Engineering (pages 371–388): Francesco Romanelli
Chapter 33 Fusion Technology (pages 389–398): Lester M. Waganer
Chapter 34 ITER—An Essential and Challenging Step to Fusion Energy (pages 399–404): Charles C. Baker
Chapter 35 Power Plant Projects (pages 405–412): Laila A. El?Guebaly
Chapter 36 Safety and Environmental Features (pages 413–420): Lee Cadwallader and Laila A. El?Guebaly
Chapter 37 Inertial Fusion Energy Technology (pages 421–433): Rokaya A. Al?Ayat, Edward I. Moses and Rose A. Hansen
Chapter 38 Hybrid Nuclear Reactors (pages 435–455): Jose M. Martinez?Val, Mireia Piera, Alberto Abanades and Antonio Lafuente
Chapter 39 Fusion Maintenance Systems (pages 457–467): Lester M. Waganer
Chapter 40 Fusion Economics (pages 469–477): Lester M. Waganer
Chapter 41 Development of Low?Energy Nuclear Reaction Research (pages 479–496): Steven B. Krivit
Chapter 42 Low?Energy Nuclear Reactions: A Three?Stage Historical Perspective (pages 497–501): Leonid I. Urutskoev
Chapter 43 Low?Energy Nuclear Reactions: Transmutations (pages 503–539): Mahadeva Srinivasan, George Miley and Edmund Storms
Chapter 44 Widom–Larsen Theory: Possible Explanation of LENRs (pages 541–545): Joseph M. Zawodny and Steven B. Krivit
Chapter 45 Potential Applications of LENRs (pages 547–550): Winthrop Williams and Joseph Zawodny
Chapter 46 Acoustic Inertial Confinement Nuclear Fusion (pages 551–567): Rusi P. Taleyarkhan, Richard T. Lahey and Robert I. Nigmatulin
Chapter 47 Direct Energy Conversion Concepts (pages 569–579): Pavel V. Tsvetkov

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Год издания: 2011

Количество страниц: 586

Добавлена в каталог: 03.06.2017

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