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Christensen T. — Solid Waste Technology & Management, Volume 1 & 2
Christensen T. — Solid Waste Technology & Management, Volume 1 & 2

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Название: Solid Waste Technology & Management, Volume 1 & 2

Автор: Christensen T.


The collection, transportation and subsequent processing of waste materials is a vast field of study which incorporates technical, social, legal, economic, environmental and regulatory issues. Common waste management practices include landfilling, biological treatment, incineration, and recycling – all boasting advantages and disadvantages. Waste management has changed significantly over the past ten years, with an increased focus on integrated waste management and life-cycle assessment (LCA), with the aim of reducing the reliance on landfill with its obvious environmental concerns in favour of greener solutions. With contributions from more than seventy internationally known experts presented in two volumes and backed by the International Waste Working Group and the International Solid Waste Association, detailed chapters cover:
  • Waste Generation and Characterization
  • Life Cycle Assessment of Waste Management Systems
  • Waste Minimization
  • Material Recycling
  • Waste Collection
  • Mechanical Treatment and Separation
  • Thermal Treatment
  • Biological Treatment
  • Landfilling
  • Special and Hazardous Waste

Solid Waste Technology & Management is a balanced and detailed account of all aspects of municipal solid waste management, treatment and disposal, covering both engineering and management aspects with an overarching emphasis on the life-cycle approach.Content:
Chapter 1.1 Introduction to Waste Management (pages 1–16): Thomas H. Christensen
Chapter 1.2 Introduction to Waste Engineering (pages 17–28): Thomas H. Christensen
Chapter 1.3 Introduction to Waste Economics (pages 29–51): Hanna Merrild and Thomas H. Christensen
Chapter 1.4 Introduction to Waste Legislation and Regulation (pages 52–59): Peter Pagh and Henrik Wejdling
Chapter 2.1 Waste Characterization: Approaches and Methods (pages 61–84): Anders Lagerkvist, Holger Ecke and Thomas H. Christensen
Chapter 2.2 Residential Waste (pages 85–96): Thomas H. Christensen, Thilde Fruergaard and Yasushi Matsufuji
Chapter 2.3 Commercial and Institutional Waste (pages 97–99): Thomas H. Christensen and Thilde Fruergaard
Chapter 2.4 Industrial Waste (pages 100–103): Thomas H. Christensen
Chapter 2.5 Construction and Demolition Waste (pages 104–109): Thomas H. Christensen and Lizzi Andersen
Chapter 3.1 LCA in Waste Management: Introduction to Principle and Method (pages 111–136): Michael Hauschild and Morton A. Barlaz
Chapter 3.2 Application of LCA in Waste Management (pages 137–160): Anna Bjorklund, Goran Finnveden and Liselott Roth
Chapter 3.3 LCA Modeling of Waste Management Scenarios (pages 161–179): Thomas H. Christensen, Federico Simion, Davide Tonini and Jacob Moller
Chapter 4.1 Waste Prevention and Minimization: Concepts, Strategies and Means (pages 181–192): Stefan Salhofer, Nicole Unger and Bernd Bilitewski
Chapter 4.2 Waste Prevention and Minimization: Cases (pages 193–200): Stefan Salhofer and Nicole Unger
Chapter 5.1 Recycling of Paper and Cardboard (pages 201–210): Thomas H. Christensen and Anders Damgaard
Chapter 5.2 Recycling of Glass (pages 211–219): Thomas H. Christensen and Anders Damgaard
Chapter 5.3 Recycling of Plastic (pages 220–233): Thomas H. Christensen and Thilde Fruergaard
Chapter 5.4 Recycling of Metals (pages 234–242): Anders Damgaard and Thomas H. Christensen
Chapter 5.5 Recycling of Construction and Demolition Waste (pages 243–249): Thomas H. Christensen and Harpa Birgisdottir
Chapter 6.1 Waste Collection: Equipment and Vehicles (pages 251–276): Per Nilsson
Chapter 6.2 Waste Collection: Systems and Organization (pages 277–295): Per Nilsson and Thomas H. Christensen
Chapter 6.3 Source Segregation and Collection of Source?Segregated Waste (pages 296–310): Thomas H. Christensen and Yasushi Matsufuji
Chapter 6.4 Waste Transfer Stations (pages 311–318): Thomas H. Christensen
Chapter 7.1 Mechanical Treatment: Unit Processes (pages 319–348): Bernd Bilitewski
Chapter 7.2 Mechanical Treatment: Material Recovery Facilities (pages 349–362): Thomas H. Christensen and Bernd Bilitewski
Chapter 8.1 Incineration: Process and Technology (pages 363–392): Tore Hulgaard and Jurgen Vehlow
Chapter 8.2 Incineration: Flue Gas Cleaning and Emissions (pages 393–420): Jurgen Vehlow and Soren Dalager
Chapter 8.3 Incineration: Mass Balances (pages 421–429): Soren Dalager and Dieter O. Reimann
Chapter 8.4 Incineration: Solid Residues (pages 430–462): Ole Hjelmar, Annette Johnson and Rob Comans
Chapter 8.5 Incineration: Utilization of Residue in Construction (pages 463–475): Maria Arm, T. Taylor Eighmy and Thomas H. Christensen
Chapter 8.6 Incineration: Co?Combustion (pages 476–485): Helmut Rechberger
Chapter 8.7 Incineration: RDF and SRF – Solid Fuels from Waste (pages 486–501): Susanne Rotter
Chapter 8.8 Pyrolysis and Gasification (pages 502–512): Thomas Astrup and Bernd Bilitewski
Chapter 9.1 Composting: Process (pages 513–532): Edward Stentiford and Marco de Bertoldi
Chapter 9.2 Composting: Technology (pages 533–568): Uta Krogmann, Ina Korner and Luis F. Diaz
Chapter 9.3 Composting: Mass Balances and Product Quality (pages 569–582): Alessio Boldrin, Thomas H. Christensen, Ina Korner and Uta Krogmann
Chapter 9.4 Anaerobic Digestion: Process (pages 583–600): Irini Angelidaki and Damien John Batstone
Chapter 9.5 Anaerobic Digestion: Technology (pages 601–617): Jes la Cour Jansen
Chapter 9.6 Anaerobic Digestion: Mass Balances and Products (pages 618–627): Jacob Moller, Thomas H. Christensen and Jes la Cour Jansen
Chapter 9.7 Mechanical Biological Treatment (pages 628–638): Bernd Bilitewski, Christiane Oros and Thomas H. Christensen
Chapter 9.8 Emerging Biological Technologies: Biofuels and Biochemicals (pages 639–650): Dimitar Karakashev and Irini Angelidaki
Chapter 9.9 Use of Compost in Horticulture and Landscaping (pages 651–664): Morten Carlsb?k
Chapter 9.10 Utilization of Biologically Treated Organic Waste on Land (pages 665–682): Peter E. Holm, Lars Stoumann Jensen and Michael J. McLaughlin
Chapter 10.1 Landfilling: Concepts and Challenges (pages 683–694): Thomas H. Christensen, Heijo Scharff and Ole Hjelmar
Chapter 10.2 Landfilling: Environmental Issues (pages 695–708): Thomas H. Christensen, Simone Manfredi and Peter Kjeldsen
Chapter 10.3 Landfilling: Hydrology (pages 709–733): Peter Kjeldsen and Richard Beaven
Chapter 10.4 Landfilling: Geotechnology (pages 734–754): R. Kerry Rowe and Jamie F. Vangulck
Chapter 10.5 Landfilling: Mineral Waste Landfills (pages 755–771): Ole Hjelmar and Hans A. van der Sloot
Chapter 10.6 Landfilling: Reactor Landfills (pages 772–787): Thomas H. Christensen, Simone Manfredi and Keith Knox
Chapter 10.7 Landfilling: MBP Waste Landfills (pages 788–799): Rainer Stegmann
Chapter 10.8 Landfilling: Bottom Lining and Leachate Collection (pages 800–829): Thomas H. Christensen, Simone Manfredi, Peter Kjeldsen and Robert B. Wallace
Chapter 10.9 Landfill Top Covers (pages 830–840): Charlotte Scheutz and Peter Kjeldsen
Chapter 10.10 Landfilling: Gas Production, Extraction and Utilization (pages 841–857): Hans Willumsen and Morton A. Barlaz
Chapter 10.11 Landfilling: Leachate Treatment (pages 858–897): Hans?Jurgen Ehrig and Howard Robinson
Chapter 10.12 Landfilling: Planning, Siting and Design (pages 898–913): Roberto Raga, Raffaello Cossu and Anders Lagerkvist
Chapter 10.13 Landfilling: Operation and Monitoring (pages 914–931): Nicole D. Berge, Eyad S. Batarseh and Debra R. Reinhart
Chapter 10.14 Landfill Closure, Aftercare and Final Use (pages 932–947): Heijo Scharff
Chapter 11.1 Healthcare Risk Waste (pages 949–959): Ole Vennicke Christiansen and Peder Bisbjerg
Chapter 11.2 Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (pages 960–970): Marianne Bigum and Thomas H Christensen
Chapter 11.3 Preservative Treated Wood (pages 971–981): Ina Korner, Jenna Jambeck, Hans Leithoff and Volker Lenz
Chapter 11.4 Hazardous Waste (pages 982–990): Joan Maj Nielsen and Jorn Lauridsen
Chapter 11.5 Other Special Waste (pages 991–1000): Line Brogaard and Thomas H. Christensen

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Год издания: 2011

Количество страниц: 1022

Добавлена в каталог: 21.05.2017

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