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Fried J., Edwards J. — Organic reactions in steroid chemistry
Fried J., Edwards J. — Organic reactions in steroid chemistry

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Название: Organic reactions in steroid chemistry

Авторы: Fried J., Edwards J.


Introduction, replacement and interchange of functional groups and modi- modification of the steroid skeleton have been fertile fields for synthetic chemists
since the structures of representative members of this important class of
natural products were first elucidated in the early 1930's. In the following
years steroid research accelerated at an almost feverish pace as the utility of
some of these compounds as hormonal and pharmacological agents was
recognized and implemented in clinical practice. The development of corti-
cortisone and derivatives of cortisone as anti-inflammatory agents and the develop-
development of orally active steroid contraceptive agents in the late 40's and early
50's were perhaps the most important events stimulating this increased re-
research commitment. As a result of this tremendous effort, highly selective
synthetic procedures for the transformation of complex polyfunctional
steroid compounds were developed. Further, it can be fairly stated that al-
almost every new synthetic method was tested in the steroid area. These
studies led not only to a better understanding of the mechanistic and stereo-
chemical factors involved in the reaction, but also often afforded milder and
more selective experimental conditions. However, from a practical view-
viewpoint much of this large body of knowledge is buried in the steroid literature,
and is unfortunately only rarely consulted by the nonsteroid chemist who
may be seeking to carry out similar transformations with other classes of

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Год издания: 1972

Количество страниц: 474

Добавлена в каталог: 14.05.2017

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