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Kayser O., Quax W. — Medicinal Plant Biotechnology: From Basic Research to Industrial Applications
Kayser O., Quax W. — Medicinal Plant Biotechnology: From Basic Research to Industrial Applications

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Название: Medicinal Plant Biotechnology: From Basic Research to Industrial Applications

Авторы: Kayser O., Quax W.


This unique overview of plants and transgenic techniques of great scientific, medicinal and economic value for both industry and academia covers the whole spectrum from cell culture techniques, via genetic engineering and secondary product metabolism right up to the use of transgenic plants for the production of bioactive compounds. Practical examples are given throughout, including the production of cancer therapeutics, functional food, and flavor compounds in plants.
Of particular interest to the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, as well as medicinal chemists, biochemists, and molecular biologists.Content:
Chapter 1 The Engineering of Medicinal Plants: Prospects and Limitations of Medicinal Plant Biotechnology (pages 1–8): Matthys K. Julsing, Wim J. Quax and Oliver Kayser
Chapter 2 Metabolomics (pages 9–28): Young Hae Choi, Hye Kyong Kim and Robert Verpoorte
Chapter 3 HPLC?NMR Techniques for Plant Extract Analysis (pages 29–48): Dan St?rk, Maja Lambert and Jerzy W. Jaroszewski
Chapter 4 Plant?Associated Microorganisms (Endophytes) as a New Source of Bioactive Natural Products (pages 49–72): Gary Strobel
Chapter 5 DNA Profiling of Plants (pages 73–95): Hilde Nybom and Kurt Weising
Chapter 6 Bioprospecting: The Search for Bioactive Lead Structures from Nature (pages 97–116): Michael Wink
Chapter 7 Biotechnological Approaches for the Production of some Promising Plant?Based Chemotherapeutics (pages 117–156): Ashish Baldi, V.S. Bisaria and A.K. Srivastava
Chapter 8 In?Vitro Culturing Techniques of Medicinal Plants (pages 157–185): Wolfgang Kreis
Chapter 9 Biotechnological Methods for Selection of High?Yielding Cell Lines and Production of Secondary Metabolites in Medicinal Plants (pages 187–201): Donald P. Briskin
Chapter 10 Impact of Whole?Genome and Expressed Sequence Tag Databases on the Study of Plant Secondary Metabolism (pages 203–236): Jillian M. Hagel, Jonathan E. Page and Peter J. Facchini
Chapter 11 Biotechnology of Solanaceae Alkaloids: A Model or an Industrial Perspective? (pages 237–265): Birgit Drager
Chapter 12 Plant Cell Cultures: Production of Biologically Important Secondary Metabolites from Medicinal Plants of Taiwan (pages 267–285): Mulabagal Vanisree and Hsin?Sheng Tsay
Chapter 13 Exploring and Accessing Plant Natural Product Biosynthesis in Engineered Microbial Hosts (pages 287–317): Erin K. Marasco and Claudia Schmidt?Dannert
Chapter 14 Production of Therapeutic Antibodies in Plants (pages 319–344): Richard M. Twyman, Stefan Schillberg and Rainer Fischer
Chapter 15 Glycosylation of Recombinant Proteins in Plan (pages 345–374): Gilbert Gorr and Friedrich Altmann
Chapter 16 Frontiers in Transgenic Medicinal Plants Research (pages 375–395): Ya'akov Tadmor and Efraim Lewinsohn
Chapter 17 Intellectual Property Protection of Plant Biotechnology (pages 397–416): Konrad Sechley and Clare Salisbury
Chapter 18 Breeding of Medicinal Plants (pages 417–449): Friedrich Pank
Chapter 19 Camptothecin Production in Cell Cultures of Ophiorrhiza Species (pages 451–467): Takashi Asano, Hiroshi Sudo, Mami Yamazaki and Kazuki Saito
Chapter 20 Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology of Flavor Compounds and Essential Oils (pages 469–492): Dinesh A. Nagegowda and Natalia Dudareva
Chapter 21 Ginkgo biloba and Production of Secondary Metabolites (pages 493–514): Christine Sohier and Didier Courtois
Chapter 22 Production of Paclitaxel in Plant Cell Cultures (pages 515–528): Homare Tabata
Chapter 23 Biological Production of Artemisinin for Malaria Therapy (pages 529–542): Yan Zhao and Chunzhao Liu

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Год издания: 2007

Количество страниц: 603

Добавлена в каталог: 13.05.2017

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