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Eller P., Heineman W. — Nuclear Site Remediation. First Accomplishments of the Environmental Management Science Program
Eller P., Heineman W. — Nuclear Site Remediation. First Accomplishments of the Environmental Management Science Program

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Название: Nuclear Site Remediation. First Accomplishments of the Environmental Management Science Program

Авторы: Eller P., Heineman W.


Content: 1. Environmental Management Science Program: One Facet of a Balanced Solution-Based Investment Strategy / Gerald Boyd, Mark Gilbertson, Roland Hirsch, Arnold Gritzke 2 —
2. Challenges and Scientific Issues for the Department of Energy Weapons Complex Cleanup: High-Level Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel / William L. Kuhn 19 —
3. Subsurface Contaminants Focus Area: Innovative Technology Development for Environmental Remediation / Van Price 35 —
Radionuclide and f-Element Chemistry —
4. Actinide Behavior in Neutral Media / G.R. Choppin 48 —
5. Aqueous Complexation of Eu(III) with Organic Chelates at High-Base Concentration: Molecular and Thermodynamic Modeling Results / Andrew R. Felmy, Zheming Wang, David A. Dixon, Alan G. Joly, James R. Rustad, Marvin J. Mason 63 —
6. Eu[superscript 3+] and UO[subscript 2 superscript 2+] Surface Complexes on SiO[subscript 2] and TiO[subscript 2]: Models for Testing Mediated Electrochemical Methods for the Treatment of Actinide Processing Residues / Tammy A. Diaz, Deborah S. Ehler, Carol J. Burns, David E. Morris 83 —
7. Phase Chemistry and Radionuclide Retention of High-Level Radioactive Waste Tank Sludges / J.L. Krumhansl, P.V. Brady, P.C. Zhang, S. Arthur, S.K. Hutcherson, J. Liu, M. Qian, H.L. Anderson 98 —
Separations and Treatment Chemistry —
8. Use of Cage-Functionalized Macrocycles and Fluorinated Alcohols in the Liquid-Liquid Extraction of NaOH and Other Sodium Salts: Strategies Toward Waste-Volume Reduction / Bruce A. Moyer, Peter V. Bonnesen, C. Kevin Chambliss, Tamara J. Haverlock, Alan P. Marchand, Hyun-Soon Chong, Artie S. McKim, Kasireddy Krishnudu, K.S. Ravikumar, V. Satish Kumar, Mohamed Takhi 114 —
9. Use of Synthetic Inorganic Ion Exchangers in the Removal of Cesium and Strontium Ions from Nuclear Waste Solutions / Paul Sylvester, Abraham Clearfield 133 —
10. Stepwise Assembly of Surface Imprint Sites on MCM-41 for Selective Metal Ion Separations / M.C. Burleigh, Sheng Dai, E.W. Hagaman, C.E. Barnes, Z.L. Xue 146 —
11. Extraction of Metals from Soils Using Fluoro-Supported Ligands in CO[subscript 2] / D.L. Apodaca, E.R. Birnbaum, T.M. McCleskey, T.M. Young 159 —
12. Synthesis, Characterization, and Ion Exchange of Novel Sodium Niobate Phases / T.M. Nenoff, M. Nyman, Y. Su, M.L. Balmer, A. Navrotsky, H. Xu 175 —
13. Oxidation of Selected Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons by the Fenton's Reagent: Effect of Major Factors Including Organic Solvent / Z. Qiang, J.H. Chang, C.P. Huang, D. Cha 187 —
Geochemistry —
14. Interaction of Water and Aqueous Chromium Ions with Iron Oxide Surfaces / G.E. Brown, Jr., S.A. Chambers, J.E. Amonette, J.R. Rustad, T. Kendelewicz, P. Liu, C.S. Doyle, D. Grolimund, N.S. Foster-Mills, S.A. Joyce, S. Thevuthasan 212 —
15. Electroosmotic Flow Rate: A Semiempirical Approach / J.H. Chang, Z. Qiang, C.P. Huang, D. Cha 247 —
16. Reductive Dechlorination of Trichloroethylene and Carbon Tetrachloride at Iron Oxides and Basalt Minerals / Jani C. Ingram, Marnie M. Cortez, David L. Bates, Michael O. McCurry 267 —
Physical and Radiation Chemistry —
17. Radiation-Induced Processes in Aqueous Suspensions of Nanoparticles and Nanoscale Water Films: Relevance to H[subscript 2] Production in Mixed Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel / Thom M. Orlando, Dan Meisel 284 —
18. Thermochemical Kinetic Analysis of Mechanism for Thermal Oxidation of Organic Complexants in High-Level Wastes / Donald M. Camaioni, Tom Autrey 299 —
19. Kinetics of Conversion of High-Level Waste to Glass / P. Izak, P. Hrma, M.J. Schweiger 314 —
20. Nature of the Self-Luminescence Observed from Borosilicate Glass Doped with Es / Zerihun Assefa, Richard G. Haire 329 —
21. Radiation and Chemistry in Nuclear Waste: The NO[subscript x] System and Organic Aging / Dan Meisel, Donald M. Camaioni, Thom M. Orlando 342 —
Analytical Chemistry —
22. Novel Spectroelectrochemical Sensor for Ferrocyanide in Hanford Waste Simulant / Mila Maizels, Michael Stegemiller, Susan Ross, Andrew Slaterbeck, Yining Shi, Thomas H. Ridgway, William R. Heineman, Carl J. Seliskar, Samuel A. Bryan 364 —
23. Refinement of Immunochemical Methods for Environmental Analysis of Polycylic Aromatic Hydrocarbons / Qing X. Li, Alexander E. Karu, Kai Li, Steven Thomas 379 —
Biochemistry —
24. Architecture of Antibody Binding Sites for Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons / Jean-Luc Pellequer, Shu-wen W. Chen, Ann J. Feeney, Bitao Zhao, Hui-I Kao, Alexander E. Karu, Kai Li, Qing X. Li, Victoria A. Roberts 398 —
25. Genotypic Influence on Metal Ion Mobilization and Sequestration via Metal Ion Ligand Production by Wheat / Teresa W.-M. Fan, Fabienne Baraud, Richard M. Higashi 416.

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