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Ohkawa H., Miyagawa H., Lee P. — Pesticide Chemistry: Crop Protection, Public Health, Environmental Safety
Ohkawa H., Miyagawa H., Lee P. — Pesticide Chemistry: Crop Protection, Public Health, Environmental Safety

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Название: Pesticide Chemistry: Crop Protection, Public Health, Environmental Safety

Авторы: Ohkawa H., Miyagawa H., Lee P.


Resulting from the premier forum for pesticide development and use, this volume provides comprehensive coverage and even captures emerging technologies within the industry. All facets of pesticides are addressed here, including agriculture, agrochemicals, and environmental health aspects, as well as such global issues as food quality and safety.Content:
Chapter 1 Challenges and Opportunities in Crop Production Over the Next Decade (pages 1–12): James C. Collins
Chapter 2 Searching Environmentally Benign Methods for Pest Control: Reflections of a Synthetic Chemist (pages 13–22): Kenji Mori
Chapter 3 The Current Status of Pesticide Management in China (pages 23–28): Yong Zhen Yang
Chapter 4 Pesticide Residues in Food and International Trade: Regulation and Safety Considerations (pages 29–41): Kenneth D. Racke
Chapter 5 Hunger and Malnutrition Amidst Plenty: What Must be Done? (pages 43–51): Shivaji Pandey and Prabhu Pingali
Chapter 6 Modern Tools for Drug Discovery in Agricultural Research (pages 53–63): Alexander Klausener, Klaus Raming and Klaus Stenzel
Chapter 7 Target?Based Research: A Critical Review of Its Impact on Agrochemical Invention, Focusing on Examples Drawn from Fungicides (pages 65–75): Stuart J. Dunbar and Andrew J. Corran
Chapter 8 Virtual Screening in Crop Protection Research (pages 77–88): Klaus?Jurgen Schleifer
Chapter 9 Synthesis of Triazolo[1,5?c]pyrimidine Sulfonamides Leading to the Discovery of Penoxsulam, a New Rice Herbicide (pages 89–100): Timothy C. Johnson, Timothy P. Martin and Rick K. Mann
Chapter 10 Discovery and SAR of Pinoxaden: A New Broad Spectrum, Postemergence Cereal Herbicide (pages 101–110): Michel Muehlebach, Hans?Georg Brunner, Fredrik Cederbaum, Thomas Maetzke, Rene Mutti, Anita Schnyder, Andre Stoller, Sebastian Wendeborn, Jean Wenger, Peter Boutsalis, Derek Cornes, Adrian A. Friedmann, Jutta Glock, Urs Hofer, Stephen Hole, Thierry Niderman and Marco Quadranti
Chapter 11 RynaxypyrTM : A New Anthranilic Diamide Insecticide Acting at the Ryanodine Receptor (pages 111–120): George P. Lahm, Thomas M. Stevenson, Thomas P. Selby, John H. Freudenberger, Christine M. Dubas, Ben K. Smith, Daniel Cordova, Lindsey Flexner, Christopher E. Clark, Cheryl A. Bellin and J. Gary Hollingshaus
Chapter 12 Elucidation of the Mode of Action of RynaxypyrTM, a Selective Ryanodine Receptor Activator (pages 121–126): Daniel Cordova, Eric A. Benner, Matthew D. Sacher, James J. Rauh, Jeffrey S. Sopa, George P. Lahm, Thomas P. Selby, Thomas M. Stevenson, Lindsey Flexner, Timothy Caspar, James J. Ragghianti, Steve Gutteridge, Daniel F. Rhoades, Lihong Wu, Rejane M. Smith and Yong Tao
Chapter 13 Flubendiamide, a New Insecticide Characterized by Its Novel Chemistry and Biology (pages 127–135): Akira Seo, Masanori Tohnishi, Hayami Nakao, Takashi Furuya, Hiroki Kodama, Kenji Tsubata, Shinsuke Fujioka, Hiroshi Kodama, Tetsuyoshi Nishimatsu and Takashi Hirooka
Chapter 14 Flubendiamide Stimulates Ca2+ Pump Activity Coupled to RyR?Mediated Calcium Release in Lepidopterous Insects (pages 137–140): Takao Masaki, Noriaki Yasokawa, Ulrich Ebbinghaus?Kintscher and Peter Luemmen
Chapter 15 Novel Arylpyrazole and Arylpyrimidine Anthranilic Diamide Insecticides (pages 141–148): Thomas P. Selby, Kenneth A. Hughes and George P. Lahm
Chapter 16 Metofluthrin: Novel Pyrethroid Insecticide and Innovative Mosquito Control Agent (pages 149–158): Yoshinori Shono, Kazuya Ujihara, Tomonori Iwasaki, Masayo Sugano, Tatsuya Mori, Tadahiro Matsunaga and Noritada Matsuo
Chapter 17 Design and Structure?Activity Relationship of Novel Neonicotinoids (pages 159–169): Xuhong Qian, Yanli Wang, Zhongzhen Tian, Xusheng Shao, Zhong Li, Jinliang Shen and Qingchun Huang
Chapter 18 Synthesis and Inhibitory Action of Novel Acetogenin Mimics ?lac?Acetogenins: A New Class of Inhibitors of Mitochondrial NADH?Ubiquinone Oxidoreductase (Complex?I) (pages 171–174): Hideto Miyoshi, Naoya Ichimaru and Masatoshi Murai
Chapter 19 Plant Chemical Biology: Development of Small Active Molecules and Their Application to Plant Physiology, Genetics, and Pesticide Science (pages 175–187): Tadao Asami, Nobutaka Kitahata and Takeshi Nakano
Chapter 20 An Overview of Biopesticides and Transgenic Crops (pages 189–199): Takashi Yamamoto and Jack Kiser
Chapter 21 Essential Oil?Based Pesticides: New Insights from Old Chemistry (pages 201–209): Murray B. Isman, Cristina M. Machial, Saber Miresmailli and Luke D. Bainard
Chapter 22 Eco?Chemical Control of the Potato Cyst Nematode by a Hatching Stimulator from Solanaceae Plants (pages 211–215): Akio Fukuzawa
Chapter 23 Vector Competence of Japanese Mosquitoes for Dengue and West Nile Viruses (pages 217–225): Yuki Eshita, Tomohiko Takasaki, Ikuo Takashima, Narumon Komalamisra, Hiroshi Ushijima and Ichiro Kurane
Chapter 24 Life Science Applications of Fukui Functions (pages 227–238): Michael E. Beck and Michael Schindler
Chapter 25 Homogeneous Blends of Pesticide Granules (pages 239–247): William L. Geigle and Luann M. Pugh
Chapter 26 Sprayable Biopesticide Formulations (pages 249–257): Prem Warrior and Bala N. Devisetty
Chapter 27 Molecular Basis of Selectivity of Neonicotinoids (pages 259–270): Kazuhiko Matsuda
Chapter 28 Target?Site Resistance to Neonicotinoid Insecticides in the Brown Planthopper Nilaparvata lugens (pages 271–274): Zewen Liu, Martin S. Williamson, Stuart J. Lansdell, Zhaojun Han, Ian Denholm and Neil S. Millar
Chapter 29 QoI Fungicides: Resistance Mechanisms and Its Practical Importance (pages 275–283): Karl?Heinz Kuck
Chapter 30 Chemical Genetic Approaches to Uncover New Sites of Pesticide Action (pages 285–294): Terence A. Walsh
Chapter 31 The History of Complex II Inhibitors and the Discovery of Penthiopyrad (pages 295–303): Yuji Yanase, Yukihiro Yoshikawa, Junro Kishi and Hiroyuki Katsuta
Chapter 32 The Costs of DDT Resistance in Drosophila and Implications for Resistance Management Strategies (pages 305–312): Caroline McCart and Richard ffrench?Constant
Chapter 33 New Dimensions of Food Safety and Food Quality Research (pages 313–322): James N. Seiber
Chapter 34 Impact of Pesticide Residues on the Global Trade of Food and Feed in Developing and Developed Countries (pages 323–330): Jerry J. Baron, Robert E. Holm, Daniel L. Kunkel and Hong Chen
Chapter 35 Pesticide Residue Assessment and MRL Setting in China (pages 331–339): Yibing He and Wencheng Song
Chapter 36 Harmonization of ASEAN MRLs, the Work towards Food Safety and Trade Benefit (pages 341–348): Nuansri Tayaputch
Chapter 37 Possible Models for Solutions to Unique Trade Issues Facing Developing Countries (pages 349–359): Cecilia P. Gaston, Arpad Ambrus and Roberto H. Gonzalez
Chapter 38 Genetically Modified (GM) Food Safety (pages 361–372): Gijs A. Kleter and Harry A. Kuiper
Chapter 39 Toxicology and Metabolism Relating to Human Occupational and Residential Chemical Exposures (pages 373–381): Robert I. Krieger, Jeff H. Driver and John H. Ross
Chapter 40 Bioavailability of Common Conjugates and Bound Residues (pages 383–393): Michael W. Skidmore, Jill P. Benner, Cathy Chung Chun Lam, James D. Booth, Terry Clark, Alex J. Gledhill and Karen J. Roberts
Chapter 41 Multiresidue Analysis of 500 Pesticide Residues in Agricultural Products Using GC/MS and LC/MS (pages 395–399): Yumi Akiyama, Naoki Yoshioka and Tomofumi Matsuoka
Chapter 42 Current EU Regulation in the Field of Ecotoxicology (pages 401–414): Martin Streloke
Chapter 43 A State of the Art of Testing Methods for Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Fish and Daphnids (pages 415–424): Satoshi Hagino
Chapter 44 Pesticide Risk Evaluation for Birds and Mammals – Combining Data from Effect and Exposure Studies (pages 425–429): Christian Wolf, Michael Riffel and Jens Schabacker
Chapter 45 Bioassay for Persistent Organic Pollutants in Transgenic Plants with Ah Receptor and GUS Reporter Genes (pages 431–438): Hideyuki Inui, Keiko Gion, Yasushi Utani and Hideo Ohkawa
Chapter 46 Recent Developments in QuEChERS Methodology for Pesticide Multiresidue Analysis (pages 439–458): Michelangelo Anastassiades, Ellen Scherbaum, Bunyamin Tasdelen and Darinka stajnbaher
Chapter 47 Summary of Scientific Programs in 11th IUPAC International Congress of Pesticide Chemistry (pages 459–478): Hisashi Miyagawa and Isao Ueyama

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Год издания: 2007

Количество страниц: 508

Добавлена в каталог: 09.05.2017

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