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Brütting W., Adachi C. — Physics of Organic Semiconductors, Second Edition
Brütting W., Adachi C. — Physics of Organic Semiconductors, Second Edition

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Название: Physics of Organic Semiconductors, Second Edition

Авторы: Brütting W., Adachi C.


The field of organic electronics has seen a steady growth over the last 15 years. At the same time, our scientific understanding of how to achieve optimum device performance has grown, and this book gives an overview of our present-day knowledge of the physics behind organic semiconductor devices. Based on the very successful first edition, the editors have invited top scientists from the US, Japan, and Europe to include the developments from recent years, covering such fundamental issues as:
- growth and characterization of thin films of organic semiconductors,
- charge transport and photophysical properties of the materials as well as their electronic structure at interfaces, and
- analysis and modeling of devices like organic light-emitting diodes or organic lasers.
The result is an overview of the field for both readers with basic knowledge and for an application-oriented audience. It thus bridges the gap between textbook knowledge largely based on crystalline molecular solids and those books focusing more on device applications.Content:
Chapter 1 Organic Molecular Beam Deposition (pages 1–33): Frank Schreiber
Chapter 2 Electronic Structure of Interfaces with Conjugated Organic Materials (pages 35–63): Norbert Koch
Chapter 3 Electronic Structure of Molecular Solids: Bridge to the Electrical Conduction (pages 65–89): Nobuo Ueno
Chapter 4 Interfacial Doping for Efficient Charge Injection in Organic Semiconductors (pages 91–118): Jae?Hyun Lee and Jang?Joo Kim
Chapter 5 Displacement Current Measurement for Exploring Charge Carrier Dynamics in Organic Semiconductor Devices (pages 119–154): Yutaka Noguchi, Yuya Tanaka, Yukimasa Miyazaki, Naoki Sato, Yasuo Nakayama and Hisao Ishii
Chapter 6 Effects of Gaussian Disorder on Charge?Carrier Transport and Recombination in Organic Semiconductors (pages 155–199): Reinder Coehoorn and Peter A. Bobbert
Chapter 7 Charge Transport Physics of High?Mobility Molecular Semiconductors (pages 201–238): Henning Sirringhaus, Tomo Sakanoue and Jui?Fen Chang
Chapter 8 Ambipolar Charge?Carrier Transport in Molecular Field?Effect Transistors (pages 239–265): Andreas Opitz and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Brutting
Chapter 9 Organic Magnetoresistance and Spin Diffusion in Organic Semiconductor Thin?Film Devices (pages 267–293): Markus Wohlgenannt
Chapter 10 Excitons at Polymer Interfaces (pages 295–331): Neil Greenham
Chapter 11 Electronic Processes at Organic Semiconductor Heterojunctions: The Mechanism of Exciton Dissociation in Semicrystalline Solid?State Microstructures (pages 333–347): Francis Paquin, Gianluca Latini, Maciej Sakowicz, Paul?Ludovic Karsenti, Linjun Wang, David Beljonne, Natalie Stingelin and Carlos Silva
Chapter 12 Recent Progress in the Understanding of Exciton Dynamics within Phosphorescent OLEDs (pages 349–369): Sebastian Reineke and Marc A. Baldo
Chapter 13 Organometallic Emitters for OLEDs: Triplet Harvesting, Singlet Harvesting, Case Structures, and Trends (pages 371–424): Hartmut Yersin, Andreas F. Rausch and Rafal Czerwieniec
Chapter 14 Doping of Organic Semiconductors (pages 425–496): Bjorn Lussem, Moritz Riede and Karl Leo
Chapter 15 Device Efficiency of Organic Light?Emitting Diodes (pages 497–539): Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Brutting and Jorg Frischeisen
Chapter 16 Light Outcoupling in Organic Light?Emitting Devices (pages 541–574): Chih?Hung Tsai and Chung?Chih Wu
Chapter 17 Photogeneration and Recombination in Polymer Solar Cells (pages 575–602): Carsten Deibel, Andreas Baumann and Vladimir Dyakonov
Chapter 18 Light?Emitting Organic Crystal Field?Effect Transistors for Future Organic Injection Lasers (pages 603–621): Hajime Nakanotani and Prof. Dr. Chihaya Adachi

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Год издания: 2012

Количество страниц: 641

Добавлена в каталог: 01.05.2017

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