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García-Martínez J. — Nanotechnology for the Energy Challenge, Second Edition
García-Martínez J. — Nanotechnology for the Energy Challenge, Second Edition

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Название: Nanotechnology for the Energy Challenge, Second Edition

Автор: García-Martínez J.


With the daunting energy challenges faced by Mankind in the 21st century, revolutionary new technologies will be the key to a clean, secure and sustainable energy future. Nanostructures often have surprising and very useful capabilities and are thus paving the way for new methodologies in almost every kind of industry.

This exceptional monograph provides an overview of the subject, and presents the current state of the art with regard to different aspects of sustainable production, efficient storage and low-impact use of energy.

Comprised of fifteen chapters, the book is divided in three thematic parts:

Part I Sustainable Energy Production covers the main developments of nanotechnology in clean energy production and conversion, including photovoltaics, hydrogen production, thermal-electrical energy conversion and fuel cells.

Part II Efficient Energy Storage is concerned with the potential use of nanomaterials in more efficient energy storage systems such as advanced batteries, supercapacitors and hydrogen storage.

Part III Energy Sustainability shows how nanotechnology helps to use energy more efficiently, and the mitigation of impacts to the environment, with special emphasis on energy savings through green nanofabrication, advanced catalysis, nanostructured light-emitting and eletrochromic devices and CO2 capture by nanoporous materials .

An essential addition to any bookshelf, it will be invaluable to a variety of research fields including materials science, chemical engineering, solid state, surface, industrial, and physical chemistry, as this is a subject that is very interdisciplinary.

Chapter 1 Nanotechnology for Energy Production (pages 1–39): Elena Serrano, Kunhao Li, Guillermo Rus and Prof. Javier Garcia?Martinez
Chapter 2 Nanotechnology in Dye?Sensitized Photoelectrochemical Devices (pages 41–55): Augustin J. McEvoy and Michael Gratzel
Chapter 3 Thermal?Electrical Energy Conversion from the Nanotechnology Perspective (pages 57–87): Jian He and Terry M. Tritt
Chapter 4 Piezoelectric and Piezotronic Effects in Energy Harvesting and Conversion (pages 89–132): Xudong Wang
Chapter 5 Graphene for Energy Production and Storage Applications (pages 133–170): Dale A. C. Brownson, Jonathan P. Metters and Craig E. Banks
Chapter 6 Nanomaterials for Fuel Cell Technologies (pages 171–211): Antonino Salvatore Arico, Vincenzo Baglio and Vincenzo Antonucci
Chapter 7 Nanocatalysis for Iron?Catalyzed Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis: One Perspective (pages 213–231): Uschi M. Graham, Gary Jacobs and Burtron H. Davis
Chapter 8 The Contribution of Nanotechnology to Hydrogen Production (pages 233–258): Sambandam Anandan, Jagannathan Madhavan and Muthupandian Ashokkumar
Chapter 9 Nanostructured Materials for Hydrogen Storage (pages 259–275): Saghar Sepehri and Guozhong Cao
Chapter 10 Electrochemical Energy Storage: The Benefits of Nanomaterials (pages 277–298): Patrice Simon and Jean?Marie Tarascon
Chapter 11 Carbon?Based Nanomaterials for Electrochemical Energy Storage (pages 299–326): Elzbieta Frackowiak and Francois Beguin
Chapter 12 Nanotechnologies to Enable High?Performance Superconductors for Energy Applications (pages 327–354): Claudia Cantoni and Amit Goyal
Chapter 13 Green Nanofabrication: Unconventional Approaches for the Conservative Use of Energy (pages 355–405): Darren J. Lipomi, Emily A. Weiss and George M. Whitesides
Chapter 14 Nanocatalysis for Fuel Production (pages 407–471): Gary Jacobs and Burtron H. Davis
Chapter 15 Surface?Functionalized Nanoporous Catalysts towards Biofuel Applications (pages 473–516): Brian G. Trewyn
Chapter 16 Nanotechnology for Carbon Dioxide Capture (pages 517–559): Richard R. Willis, Annabelle Benin, Randall Q. Snurr and Ozgur Yazayd?n
Chapter 17 Nanostructured Organic Light?Emitting Devices (pages 561–592): Juo?Hao Li, Jinsong Huang and Yang Yang
Chapter 18 Electrochromics for Energy?Efficient Buildings: Nanofeatures, Thin Films, and Devices (pages 593–617): Claes?Goran Granqvist

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Год издания: 2013

Количество страниц: 649

Добавлена в каталог: 23.04.2017

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