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Wall R., Shearer D. — Veterinary Ectoparasites: Biology, Pathology and Control, Second Edition
Wall R., Shearer D. — Veterinary Ectoparasites: Biology, Pathology and Control, Second Edition

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Название: Veterinary Ectoparasites: Biology, Pathology and Control, Second Edition

Авторы: Wall R., Shearer D.


Ectoparasites are of growing significance in modern veterinary medicine and a detailed understanding of the biology of these parasites is fundamental to their appropriate treatment and control. The authors of this book have therefore provided a complete overview of the biology, and behaviour of arthropod ectoparasites along with the pathology and treatment of diseases in livestock and companion animals of temperate habitats.

This is the only up-to-date book available written specifically for practitioners and students of veterinary medicine, animal husbandry and applied animal sciences. Such a unique volume is essential because in veterinary parasitology, ectoparasites such as the lice, mites, ticks, fleas or dipteran agents of myiasis assume far greater prominence than in other parasitological disciplines. Ectoparasite infestation of domestic and companion animals, therefore, has overt clinical features requiring a distinct approach to diagnosis and control. This book has been written with this in mind. The text takes a unique integrated approach combining both ectoparasite biology and veterinary dermatology.

In the second edition of this successful book (previously, entitled Veterinary Parasitology), the detailed coverage of individual ectoparasite species has been expanded. Up-to-date information of new veterinary drugs and modes of application has been included and the practical clinical relevance of the information has been strengthened.Content:
Chapter 1 The Importance and Diversity of Arthropod Ectoparasites (pages 1–22):
Chapter 2 Mites (Acari) (pages 23–54):
Chapter 3 Ticks (Acari) (pages 55–82):
Chapter 4 Adult Flies (Diptera) (pages 83–113):
Chapter 5 Myiasis (pages 114–142):
Chapter 6 Fleas (Siphonaptera) (pages 143–161):
Chapter 7 Lice (Phthiraptera) (pages 162–178):
Chapter 8 The Diagnosis and Control of Ectoparasite Infestation (pages 179–242):

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Издание: 2nd

Год издания: 2001

Количество страниц: 271

Добавлена в каталог: 19.04.2017

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