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Orna M. — Archaeological Chemistry. Organic, Inorganic, and Biochemical Analysis
Orna M. — Archaeological Chemistry. Organic, Inorganic, and Biochemical Analysis

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Название: Archaeological Chemistry. Organic, Inorganic, and Biochemical Analysis

Автор: Orna M.


Content: New directions in archaeological chemistry / Mary Virginia Orna and Joseph B. Lambert —
Analysis of ninth century Thai glass / Joseph B. Lambert, Suzanne C. Johnson, Robert T. Parkhurst, and Bennet Bronson —
Chemical chronology of turquoise blue glass trade beads from the Lac-Saint-Jean region of Que?bec / R.G.V. Hancock, S. Aufreiter, J.-F. Moreau, and I. Kenyon —
Dating flint artifacts with electron spin resonance: problems and prospects / Anne F. Skinner and Mark N. Rudolph —
Provenance studies on Easter Island obsidian : an archaeological application / F.R. Beardsley, G.G. Goles, and W.S. Ayres —
Chrono-cultural technique based on the instrumental neutron activation analysis of copper-based artifacts from the "contact" period of northeastern North America / J.-F. Moreau and R.G.V. Hancock —
Electron microprobe and neutron activation analysis of gold artifacts from a 1000 A.D. Peruvian gravesite / Adon A. Gordus, Carl E. Henderson, and Izumi Shimada —
Chemical compositions of Tiberian asses, 15-23 A.D. / Giles F. Carter —
Copper-based synthetic medieval blue pigments / Mary Virginia Orna —
Archaeological applications of inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry / R.H. Tykot and S.M.M. Young —
Studies of soils from an Aleutian Island site / Henry J. Chaya —
Chemical analysis of residues in floors and the reconstruction of ritual activities at the Templo Mayor, Mexico / L.A. Barba, A. Ortiz, K.F. Link, L. Lo?pez Luja?n, and L. Lazos —
Application of multimolecular biomarker techniques to the identification of fecal material in archaeological soils and sediments / Richard P. Evershed and Philip H. Bethell —
Investigation of fiber mineralization using Fourier transform infrared microscopy / R.D. Gillard and S.M. Hardman —
X-ray diffractometric analyses of microstructure of mineralized plant fibers / H.L. Chen, D.W. Foreman, and Kathryn A. Jakes —
Clues to the past : further development of the comparative plant fiber collection / Kathryn A. Jakes —
Updating recent studies on the Shroud of Turin / Alan D. Adler —
A re-evaluation of the radiocarbon date of the Shroud of Turin based on biofractionation of carbon isotopes and a fire-simulating model / D.A. Kouznetsov, A.A. Ivanov, and P.R. Veletsky —
Factors that affect the apparent radiocarbon age of textiles / A.J.T. Jull, D.J. Donahue, and P.E. Damon —
Analysis of cellulose chemical modification : a potentially promising technique for characterizing archaeological textiles / D.A. Kouznetsov, A.A. Ivanov, and P.R. Veletsky —
Historico-chemical analysis of plant dyestuffs used in textiles from ancient Israel / Zvi C. Koren —
Thermoluminescent analysis of burned bone : assessing the problems / Patrick T. McCutcheon —
Trace elements in bone as paleodietary indicators / James H. Burton —
An electron microprobe evaluation of diagenetic alteration in archaeological bone / Diana M. Greenlee —
Stable isotope analysis of bone collagen, bone apatite, and tooth enamel in the reconstruction of human diet : a case study from Cuello, Belize / R.H. Tykot, N.J. van der Merwe, and N. Hammond —
Amino acid racemization and the effects of microbial diagenesis / A.M. Child —
Ancient DNA in Texas rock paintings / Ronnie L. Reese, Elmo J. Mawk, James N. Derr, Marian Hyman, Marvin W. Rowe, and Scott K. Davis —
Ancient nucleic acids in Prehispanic Mexican populations / R. Vargas-Sanders, Z. Salazar, and Ma. C. Enriquez —
Radiocarbon dating of ancient rock paintings / W.A. Ilger, Marian Hyman, J. Southon, and Marvin W. Rowe —
Radiocarbon calibration and the peopling of North America / C.M. Batt and A.M. Pollard —
Accelerator mass spectrometry radiocarbon measurement of submilligram samples / D.L. Kirner, J. Southon, P.E. Hare, and R.E. Taylor.

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Год издания: 1996

Количество страниц: 466

Добавлена в каталог: 19.04.2017

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