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Harris R. — Coloring Technology for Plastics
Harris R. — Coloring Technology for Plastics

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Название: Coloring Technology for Plastics

Автор: Harris R.


Preface, Pages vii-ix, Ronald M. Harris
A Primer on Colorful Additives, Pages 1-12, Ronald M. Harris
- Photochromic Dyes of Enhanced Performance, Pages 13-19, David Clarke, Fiona Ellwood, James Robinson
Three Color Effects From Interference Pigments, Pages 21-33, Louis Armanini, Henry L. Mattin
Fluorescent Pigments as Plastic Colorants: An Overview, Pages 35-38, Darren D. Bianchi
Color Styling with Genuine Metallics in Plastics, Pages 39-48, Henning Bunge
Metallic Looking Plastics. With New Silver and Colored Aluminum Pigments, Pages 49-53, Hans-Henning Bunge
Ultramarine Blue, an Old pigment, a New Process, Pages 55-58, Thierry Guilmin
Predicting Maximum Field Service Temperatures From Solar Reflectance. Measurements of Vinyl, Pages 59-67, Henry K. Hardcastle III
Reactive Trapping of 3,3?-Dichlorobenzidine Decomposition Products in Polyethylene-Based Diarylide Pigment Concentrates, Pages 69-77, William Anjowski, Christopher J.B. Dobbin
Photoresponsive Polyurethane-Acrylate Copolymers, Pages 79-86, Eduardo A. Gonzalez de los Santos, M.J. Lozano-Gonzalez, A.F. Johnson
Safety, Health and Environmental Regulatory Affairs for Colorants used in the Plastics Industry, Pages 87-98, Hugh M. Smith
Visual Texture, Pages 99-101, Josef Feldman
Surface Smoothness and its Influence on Paint Appearance. How to Measure and Control it?, Pages 103-111, Gabriele Kigle-Boeckler
Static Control Methods in Plastics Decorating to Reduce Rejection Rates and Increase Production Efficiency, Pages 113-119, H. Sean Fremon
Dispersive Mixing of Surfactant-Modified Titanium Dioxide Agglomerates into High Density Polyethylene, Pages 121-126, Javier P. Arriz?n, Rafael E. Salazar, Martin Arellano
A comparative Study of the Use of High Intensity Dispersive Mixers and Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders in the Manufacture of High Quality Color Concentrates, Pages 127-139, Alex Rom-Roginski, Christopher J.B. Dobbin
In-line Color Monitoring of Pigmented Polyolefins During Extrusion. I. Assessment, Pages 141-148, Ramin Reshadat, Stephen T. Balke, Felix Calidonio, Christopher J.B. Dobbin
The Effects of Injection Molding Parameters on Color and Gloss, Pages 149-155, Eric Dawkins, Kris Horton, Paul Engelmann, M. Monfore
Method for Effective Color Change in Extrusion Blow Molding Accumulator Heads, Pages 157-161, J.J. Hsu, D. Reber
Four Color Process Compact Disc Printing: Getting as Close as Possible to Photorealism, Pages 163-170, David Scher
Improving the Processability of Fluorescent Pigments, Pages 171-174, David A. Heyl
Understanding Test Variation. A Plastics Case Study, Pages 175-183, Scott Heitzman, John Sheets
Visual Color Matching and the Importance of Controlling External Variables, Pages 185-190, John Tasca
Practical Analysis Techniques of Polymer Fillers by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), Pages 191-195, Barbara J. Coles, Caryn J. Hall
Measuring Stabilizers in Pigmented Plastics with Near-Infrared Spectroscopy, Pages 197-207, Peter Solera, Michael Nirsberger, Noe Castillo
Multi-Angle Spectrophotometers for Metallic, Pearlescent, and Special Effects Colors, Pages 209-217, Brian D. Teunis
An Investigation of Multi-angle Spectrophotometry for Colored Polypropylene Compounds, Pages 219-228, D. Jeffery Davis
Color Concerns in Polymer Blends, Pages 229-238, Bruce M. Mulholland
The Effect of Pigments on the Crystallization and Properties of Polypropylene, Pages 239-247, S. Kenig, A. Silberman, I. Dolgopolsky
The Effect of Nucleating Agents on the Morphology and Crystallization Behavior of Polypropylene, Pages 249-254, E. Harkin-Jones, W.R. Murphy, N. Macauley
Relationship Between the Microstructure and the Properties of Rotationally Molded Plastics, Pages 255-262, M.C. Cramez, M.J. Oliveira, R.J. Crawford
Colored Engineering Resins for High Strain/Thin Walled Applications, Pages 263-269, Bruce M. Mulholland
Feasibility of Automotive Coatings Designed for Direct Adhesion to TPO Materials, Pages 271-275, Michelle Mikulec
Infrared Welding of Thermoplastics. Colored Pigments and Carbon Black Levels on Transmission of Infrared Radiation, Pages 277-282, Robert A Grimm, Hong Yeh
Laser Transmission Welding of Thermoplastics: Analysis of the Heating Phase, Pages 283-288, H. Potente, J. Korte, F. Becker
Interaction of Lasers with Plastics and Other Materials, Pages 289-294, Shiv C. Dass
Customized Decorating of Plastic Parts with Gray Scale and Multi-Color Images Using Lasers, Pages 295-300, Terry J. McKee, Landy Toth, Wolfgang Sauerer
Color Laser Marking: A New Marking and Decorating Alternative for Olefins, Pages 301-307, Alan Burgess, Ke Feng
Implementation of Beam-Steered Laser Marking of Coated and Uncoated Plastics, Pages 309-315, Richard L. Stevenson
Lasermarkable Engineering Resins, Pages 317-322, B.M. Mulholland
The Enhancement of Laser Marking Plastic Polymers with Pearlescent Pigments, Pages 323-326, Jeff D. Babich, Gerhard Edler
Index, Pages 327-332

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Год издания: 1999

Количество страниц: 317

Добавлена в каталог: 08.04.2017

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