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Asif S. — Next Generation Mobile Communications Ecosystem: Technology Management for Mobile Communications
Asif S. — Next Generation Mobile Communications Ecosystem: Technology Management for Mobile Communications

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Название: Next Generation Mobile Communications Ecosystem: Technology Management for Mobile Communications

Автор: Asif S.


Taking an in-depth look at the mobile communications ecosystem, this book covers the two key components, i.e., Network and End-User Devices, in detail. Within the network, the sub components of radio access network, transmission network, core networks, services and OSS are discussed; component level discussion also features antenna diversity and interference cancellation techniques for smart wireless devices.

The role of various standard development organizations and industry forums is highlighted throughout. The ecosystem is strengthened with the addition of the Technology Management (TM) component dealing mostly with the non-technical aspects of the underlying mobile communications industry. Various aspects of TM including technology development, innovation management, knowledge management and more are also presented.

  • Focuses on OFDM-based radio technologies such as LTE & WiMAX as well as MBWA (Mobile Broadband Wireless Access)
  • Provides a vital addition to the momentum of EVDO and its migration towards LTE
  • Emphasis on radio, core, operation, architectural and performance aspects of two next generation technologies - EPS and WiMAX
  • Includes discussion of backhaul technologies and alternatives as well as issues faced by operators switching to 3G and Next Generation Mobile Networks
  • Cutting-edge research on emerging Gigabit Ethernet Microwave Radios and Carrier Ethernet transport technologies

Next Generation Mobile Communications Ecosystem serves as a practical reference for telecom associated academia and industry to understanding mobile communications in a holistic manner, as well as assisting in preparing graduate students and fresh graduates for the marketplace by providing them with information not only on state-of-the-art technologies and standards but also on TM. By effectively focusing on the key domains of TM this book will further assist companies with improving their competitiveness in the long run. Importantly, it will provide students, engineers, researchers, technology managers and executives with extensive details on various emerging mobile wireless standards and technologies.

Chapter 1 Introduction (pages 1–6):
Chapter 2 OFDM and OFDMA (pages 7–17):
Chapter 3 3GPP Evolved Packet System (EPS) (pages 19–75):
Chapter 4 IEEE WiMAX (pages 77–110):
Chapter 5 3GPP2 CDMA2000 1xEV?DO (pages 111–126):
Chapter 6 IEEE Mobile?Fi (pages 127–143):
Chapter 7 Transmission Networks (pages 145–186):
Chapter 8 Core Networks and Operations Support Systems (pages 187–229):
Chapter 9 IMS, Services and Applications (pages 231–290):
Chapter 10 Smart Wireless Devices (pages 291–321):
Chapter 11 E2E Network Architecture and Mobility Management (pages 323–353):
Chapter 12 Technology Management (pages 355–383):
Chapter 13 Recap and Future Outlook (pages 385–403):

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Год издания: 2011

Количество страниц: 421

Добавлена в каталог: 02.04.2017

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