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Tamura H., Ebeler S., Kubota K. — Food Flavor. Chemistry, Sensory Evaluation, and Biological Activity
Tamura H., Ebeler S., Kubota K. — Food Flavor. Chemistry, Sensory Evaluation, and Biological Activity

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Название: Food Flavor. Chemistry, Sensory Evaluation, and Biological Activity

Авторы: Tamura H., Ebeler S., Kubota K.


Content: Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography: application to aroma and essential oil analysis / M.D.R. Gomes da Silva, Z. Cardeal, and P.J. Marriott —
Analytical and sensory characterization of chiral flavor compounds via capillary gas chromatography on cyclodextrins modified by acetal-containing side chains / K.-H. Engel ... [et al.] —
Improved application of semiconducting metal oxides as a detector for high-resolution gas chromatography / Hajime Komura ... [et al.] —
Measurement of flavor-soy protein interactions in low-moisture solid food systems by inverse gas chromatography / Qiaxuan Zhou and Keith R. Cadwallader —
Volatile components and characteristic odorants in headspace aroma obtained by vacuum extraction of Philippine pineapple (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.) / Takashi Akioka and Katsumi Umano —
C??-norisoprenoid concentrations in grapes as affected by sunlight and shading / Silke M.G. Stevens and Susan E. Ebeler —
Effects of characteristic volatiles of boiled celery on chicken broth flavor / Yoshiko Kurobayashi, Akira Fulita, and Kikue Kubota —
Identification of aroma components during processing of the famous Formosa oolong tea "Oriental Beauty" / Miharu Ogura ... [et al.] —
Volatile constituents of mesquite (prosopis) pods / Gary Takeoka ... [et al.] —
Painting and memory in the discovery of aroma chemicals: the case of sulfur containing odorants and odorant precursors in axillary sweat odor / Antoine E. Geutier ... [et al.] —
Effect of irradiation and other processing treatments on the flavor quality of apple cider / Terri D. Boylston ... [et al.] —
Flavor contribution and formation of epoxydecenal isomers in black tea / Kenji Kumazawa, Yoshiyuki Wada, and Hideki Masuda —
Maillard volatile generation from reaction of glucose with dipeptides, gly-ser, and ser-gly / Chih-Ying Lu ... [et al.] —
The role of (5E)-2,6-dimethyl-5,7-octadiene-2,3-diol as aroma precursor in Badea (passiflora quadrangularis L.) fruit / Coralia Osorio and Carmenza Duque —
Genes and enzymes involved in strawberry flavor formation / W. Schwab ... [et al.] —
Volatiles from the thermal interaction of E-2 pentenal with methioine or cysteine under non-queous conditions / Dimitrios Zabaras and Peter Varelis —
Mixture suppression of perceived intensities in an odor mixture / Masahiro Chide and Hirotoshi Tamura —
Some mutual interactions between lactones and other aroma constituents of food present in concentrations below their odor threshold / Yoko Hashimoto, Yuriko Ito, and Kikue Kubota —
Why naturally healthy berries may be seen as unpleasant and non-appetitive? / M.A. Sandell ... [et al.] —
Picking aroma character compounds in citrus limon oils by using odor thresholds in aroma mixtures / Hirotoshi Tamura ... [et al.] —
Flavor release and perception of custard deserts: influence of food composition and oral parameters / Saskia M. van Ruth ... [et al.] —
Evaluation of the antioxidant potential of various plant essential oils / Alfreda Wei and Takayuki Shibamoto —
Some biological effects of raspberry ketone and its precursor / Tekeshi Ikemoto, Tomohiro Yokota, and Shintaro Inoue.

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Год издания: 2008

Количество страниц: 283

Добавлена в каталог: 26.03.2017

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