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Breen J., Dellarco M. — Pollution Prevention in Industrial Processes. The Role of Process Analytical Chemistry
Breen J., Dellarco M. — Pollution Prevention in Industrial Processes. The Role of Process Analytical Chemistry

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Название: Pollution Prevention in Industrial Processes. The Role of Process Analytical Chemistry

Авторы: Breen J., Dellarco M.


Content: Pollution prevention : the new environmental ethic / Joseph J. Breen and Michael J. Dellarco —
Industrial approaches to pollution prevention / A.M. Ford, R.A. Kimerle, A.F. Werner, E.R. Beaver, and C.W. Keffer —
Right-to-know and pollution-prevention legislation : opportunities and challenges for the chemist / Steven D. Newburg-Rinn —
The role of process analytical chemistry in pollution prevention / Elizabeth A. McGrath, Deborah L. Illman, and Bruce R. Kowalski —
Chemical and biochemical sensors for pollution prevention / Jess S. Eldridge, Keith M. Hoffmann, Jeff W. Stock, and Y.T. Shih —
On-line analyzer for chlorocarbons in wastewater / Sydney W. Fleming, Bertsil B. Baker, Jr., and Bruce C. McIntosh —
Determination of organic compounds in aqueous waste streams by on-line total organic carbon and flow injection analysis / W.W. Henslee, S. Vien, and P.D. Swaim —
Sulfur recovery to reduce SO2 pollution / E.H. Baughman —
Surface acoustic wave chemical microsensors and sensor arrays for industrial process control and pollution prevention / H. Wohltjen, N.L. Jarvis, and J.R. Lint —
The electrochemical sensor : one solution for pollution / J.R. Stetter, W.R. Penrose, G.J. Maclay, W.J. Buttner, M.W. Findlay, Z. Cao, L.J. Luskus, and J.D. Mulik —
Advanced testing line for actinide separations : an integrated approach to waste minimization via on-line-at-line process analytical chemistry / L.R. Austin —
Membrane introduction mass spectrometry in environmental analysis / R.G. Cooks and T. Kotiaho —
Hollow fiber membrane system for the continuous extraction and concentration of organic compounds from water / Caryl L. Fish, Ian S. McEachren, and John P. Hassett —
Real-time measurement of volatile organic compounds in water using mass spectrometry with a helium-purged hollow fiber membrane / L.E. Slivon, J.S. Ho, and W.L. Budde —
On-line analysis of liquid streams using a membrane interface and a quadrupole mass spectrometer / L.A. Kephart, J.G. Dulak, G.A. Slippy, and S. Dheandhanoo —
Electrospray ion mobility spectrometry : its potential as a liquid-stream process sensor / C.B. Shumate and H.H. Hill —
Analytical-scale extraction of environmental samples using supercritical fluids / Steven B. Hawthorne, David J. Miller, John J. Langenfeld, and Mark D. Burford —
Real-time measurement of microbial metabolism in activated sludge samples / Anna G. Cavinato, Zhihong Ge, James B. Callis, and Richard E. Finger —
Prompt gamma-ray spectroscopy for process monitoring / Jennifer L. Holmes and William H. Zoller —
Trace analysis of organic compounds in groundwater : on-column preconcentration and thermal gradient microbore liquid chromatography with dual-wavelength absorbance detection / Leslie K. Moore and Robert E. Synovec —
Multicomponent vapor monitoring using arrays of chemical sensors / W. Patrick Carey —
Development of fiber-optic immunosensors for environmental analysis / T. Vo-Dinh, G.D. Griffin, J.P. Alarie, M.J. Sepaniak, and J.R. Bowyer —
Sonolysis transformation of 1,1,1-trichloroethane in water and its process analyses / Madeline S. Toy, Roger S. Stringham, and Thomas O. Passell —
Dependence of fluoride accumulations on aluminum smelter emissions : a combined fuzzy c-varieties-principal component regression analysis / R.W. Gunderson and K.E. Thrane.

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Год издания: 1992

Количество страниц: 319

Добавлена в каталог: 26.03.2017

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