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Avery J., Holmes J. — Windows Developer Power Tools
Avery J., Holmes J. — Windows Developer Power Tools

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Название: Windows Developer Power Tools

Авторы: Avery J., Holmes J.


Software developers need to work harder and harder to bring value to their development process in order to build high quality applications and remain competitive. Developers can accomplish this by improving their productivity, quickly solving problems, and writing better code.
A wealth of open source and free software tools are available for developers who want to improve the way they create, build, deploy, and use software. Tools, components, and frameworks exist to help developers at every point in the development process. Windows Developer Power Tools offers an encyclopedic guide to more than 170 of these free tools to help developers build top-notch Windows software from desktop applications to web services.
To help you choose the right tools for solving both common and uncommon problems you face each day, this book follows a unique task-oriented organization, laying out topics in the same order that you and your team are likely to encounter them as you work on a project. Each tool entry features a a solid introduction — a mini user's guide — so you can get up to speed quickly and understand how to best use the tool in your environment. Inside, you'll find:
A guide to more than 170 tools covering 24 unique aspects of Windows and .NET software development, with many descriptions contributed by the tools' authors
Descriptions of freely available ASP.NET and Windows Forms controls, object relational mapping systems, testing frameworks, and build and continuous integration tools
Articles on tools to help developers troubleshoot misbehaving applications
Guides for utilities to boost productivity in the development environment as well as speeding up tasks in Windows itself
"Quick pick" lists at the start of each chapter to help you find and choose the right tool for your task
"At a Glance" and "In a Nutshell" summaries to help readers more quickly narrow their options
References to an online book site to keep you up-to-date with new releases and features
Forewords by Mike Gunderloy (Larkware) and Scott Hanselman (http://www.hanselman.com/tools), operators of the two most popular tools sites for Microsoft developers.
Also, plenty of links in each article point you to additional detail online if you wish to delve more deeply into features and functionality. This one-stop resource covers a wide range of open source and freeware tools to help you answer questions around planning, developing, testing, and rolling out great software. Best of all, they're free.

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Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 1304

Добавлена в каталог: 13.02.2007

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Предметный указатель
"A Recipe for Build Maintainability and Reusability" (Flowers)
"Continuous Integration" (Fowler)
"How to configure a computer to receive Remote Assistance offers in Windows Server 2003 and in Windows XP"
"How to setup a .NET Development Tree Wrapup" (Roberts)
"Introduction to Regular Expressions" (Osherove)
"Inversion of Control Containers and the Dependency Injection Pattern" (Fowler)
"Make Your Apps Fly with the New Enterprise Performance Tool" (Robbins)
"Please Wait" messages      2nd
"the salmon book"
"Using Remote Assistance with Windows Firewall Enabled"
"Why you shouldn't run as admin..." (Margosis)
"Zen and the art of Castle maintenance" blog
*nix shells, running in Windows      2nd
.NET and COM: The Complete Interoperability Guide (Nathan)      
.NET applications      
.NET applications, profiling      2nd 3rd 4th
.NET applications, running on non-Windows platforms, framework for      2nd
.NET applications, troubleshooting while running      2nd
.NET applications, web applications, implementing MVC in      2nd
.NET Compact Framework (CF)      
.NET Framework      
.NET Framework 1.1      
.NET Framework 1.1, building assemblies for      2nd
.NET Framework 1.1, compiling with MSBee      
.NET Framework 3.0 (WinFx)      
.NET Framework 3.0 (WinFx), application development tools for      2nd
.NET Framework 3.0 (WinFx), configuration files for, managing      
.NET Framework Design Guidelines      
.NET Framework, code, examining      2nd
.NET Framework, developing applications for      2nd 3rd
.NET internals, books about      
.vsi files, packaging Visual Studio enhancements to      2nd
19 Deadly Sins of Software Security (Howard, LeBlanc, and Viega)      
a2ps utility, Cygwin      
Abrams, Brad      
Abrams, Framework Design Guidelines: Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries      2nd
abstractness of code      2nd
access violations, troubleshooting      2nd
accessibility, of web applications, ensuring      2nd
accessibility, web sites about      
ACE (Application Consulting & Engineering) team
add-ins for Visual Studio, packaging      2nd
Administrator, running commands as      2nd
afferent coupling      
Agans, David J. (Debugging: The Nine Indispensable Rules for Finding Even the Most Elusive Software and Hardware Problems)      
agile development methodologies      
Agile development methodologies, books about      
Agile development methodologies, tracking features      
Agile Modeling site      
Aguilar Mares, Carlos (developer of ExcelXmlWriter)      2nd
Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML)      2nd
Ajax, books about      
Ajax, creating applications      
Ajax, creating applications, Ajax.NET Professional for      
Ajax, creating applications, Anthem.NET for      
Ajax, creating applications, Atlas for      
Ajax, memory management and      
Ajax.NET Professional      2nd 3rd
Ajax.NET Professional, calling methods using      
Ajax.NET Professional, downloading and setting up      
Ajax.NET Professional, licensing for      
Ajax.NET Professional, performance of      
Ajax.NET Professional, support for      
Ajax.NET Professional, web site for      
Aladdin Free Public License      
Alias namespace provider      
Allen, Nicholas (Indigo blog)      
Almaer, Dion (Pragmatic Ajax: A Web 2.0 Primer)      
Ambler, Scott (Agile Modeling site)      
Anderson, Chris (developer of XamlPad)      
AnkhSVN      2nd 3rd
AnkhSVN, context menu for      
AnkhSVN, downloading and installing      
AnkhSVN, licensing for      
AnkhSVN, requirements for      
AnkhSVN, solution, adding to SVN      
AnkhSVN, status markers in Solution Explorer      
AnkhSVN, support for      
AnkhSVN, web site for      
AnkhSVN, working with files      
Anthem.NET      2nd 3rd
Anthem.NET, controls for, using      
Anthem.NET, downloading and setting up      
Anthem.NET, licensing for      
Anthem.NET, performance of      
Anthem.NET, support for      
Anthem.NET, web site for      
Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library      2nd 3rd 4th
Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library, approaches used by      
Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library, downloading and installing      
Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library, licensing for      
Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library, methods included in      
Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library, requirements for      
Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library, support for      
Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library, web site for      
antiword utility, Cygwin      
Apache Lucene      
apache utility, Cygwin      
application blocks      
Application Consulting & Engineering (ACE) team
Application manager tool, Mono      
applications, build process for      
applications, build process for, .NET 1.1 assemblies in      2nd
applications, build process for, automating      2nd 3rd 4th
applications, build process for, integration testing      2nd
applications, decoupled, frameworks for      2nd 3rd
applications, deploying      2nd
applications, deploying, setup applications for      2nd
applications, deploying, web projects      2nd
applications, launching with fewer keystrokes      2nd
applications, profiling      2nd 3rd 4th
applications, troubleshooting while running      2nd
Arkhipov, Mikhail (developer of HTML/ASP.NET Spell Checker)      2nd
Aroush, George (committer for Lucene.Net)      
ASP.NET Cache Visualizers      
ASP.NET, Ajax implemented in      
ASP.NET, Ajax implemented in, Ajax.NET Professional for      
ASP.NET, Ajax implemented in, Anthem.NET for      
ASP.NET, Ajax implemented in, Atlas for      
ASP.NET, blogs about      
ASP.NET, books about      
ASP.NET, charts added to applications      2nd
ASP.NET, controls      
ASP.NET, CSS generated from      2nd
ASP.NET, long operations in, "Please Wait" message for      2nd
ASP.NET, pages, spell checking      2nd
ASP.NET, projects, managing      2nd
ASP.NET, RSS feeds in applications      2nd
ASP.NET, URLs in applications, rewriting      2nd
ASP.NET, web server controls, displaying XML in      2nd
ASP.NET, word-processor functionality for      2nd
assemblies, building for .NET 1.1      2nd
assemblies, comparing      2nd
assemblies, comparing visually      2nd
assemblies, disassembling      2nd 3rd
Assemblies, signing      
assertions, adding, in NUnit      
assertions, on counter objects in MbUnit      
assertions, testing, in NUnit      
Asymmetric encryption      
Atlas      2nd 3rd
Atlas, books about      
Atlas, bridging technology      
Atlas, downloading and setting up      
Atlas, external web services, gateways to      
Atlas, JavaScript-based services      
Atlas, licensing for      
Atlas, partial page updates, optimizing      
Atlas, partial page updates, rendering      
Atlas, requirements for      
Atlas, support for      
Atlas, web services, fetching data from      
Atlas, web site for      
Attributes, XML      
audience for this book      
Augustine, Sanjiv (Managing Agile Projects)      
AutoCorrect feature, Visual Studio Express Editions      
Avdonin, Alexander (developer of TaskSwitchXP)      
Avery, James (Visual Studio Hacks)      2nd
awk utility, using in Cygwin      
Bandt, Thomas (developer of UrlRewritingNet.UrlRewrite)      2nd
Barr, Adam (Find the Bug: A Book of Incorrect Programs)      
Base Class Library team web site      
Basecamp      2nd 3rd
Basecamp, custom applications or tasks in      
Basecamp, licensing for      
Basecamp, Messages area      
Basecamp, Milestones area, project status in      
Basecamp, Overview area      
Basecamp, pricing for      
Basecamp, requirements for      
Basecamp, support for      
Basecamp, To-Do area, project tasks in      
Basecamp, web site for      
Basecamp, Writeboards area, project documents in      
bash shell, using in Cygwin      
Bauer, Christian (Hibernate in Action)      
Beck, Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change      2nd
Beck, Kent      
Beck, Test-Driven Development: By Example      2nd
Bellware, blog about O/RM and NHibernate      
Bellware, developer of NUnit Code Snippets for Visual Studio 2005      
Bellware, Scott      
Benvenuti, Nino      
Benvenuti, regarding Smart Device Framework (SDF)      
Benvenuti, regarding WiX      
Berkley DB format, for SVN repository      
Big Visible Chart, in Agile      
Blankenburg, Jeff      
Blankenburg, regarding W3C Markup Validation Service      
Blankenburg, regarding WebXACT      
block histogram      
blogs, books about      
blogs, creating      2nd 3rd
blogs, posting code to, in Visual Studio      2nd
Bock, Jason (CIL Programming: Under the Hood of .NET)      
Boey, developer of ColorMania      
Boey, developer of Magnifixer      
Boey, Peter      
books and articles      
books and articles, about .NET and COM interoperability      
books and articles, about .NET internals      
books and articles, about Agile development methodologies      
books and articles, about Ajax      
books and articles, about Anthem.NET      
books and articles, about ASP.NET      
books and articles, about Atlas      
books and articles, about blogs      2nd
books and articles, about build process      2nd
books and articles, about code generation      
books and articles, about code libraries      
books and articles, about collaboration      
books and articles, about continuous integration      2nd 3rd
books and articles, about CSS      2nd
books and articles, about cyclomatic complexity      
books and articles, about debugging      2nd
books and articles, about defect-tracking system      2nd
books and articles, about Dependency Injection (DI)      
books and articles, about design patterns      2nd
books and articles, about documentation      
books and articles, about DotNetNuke      
books and articles, about FOSS      
books and articles, about frameworks      
books and articles, about Hibernate      
books and articles, about IL      
books and articles, about Inversion of Control (IoC)      
books and articles, about Mono      2nd
books and articles, about O/RM      
books and articles, about obfuscation      
books and articles, about optimization      
books and articles, about Oracle      
books and articles, about regular expressions      2nd
books and articles, about Remote Assistance      
books and articles, about Rotor      
books and articles, about Ruby      
books and articles, about security      2nd
books and articles, about SharpDevelop      
books and articles, about software development      
books and articles, about sorting      
books and articles, about SQL      
books and articles, about SQL Server      
books and articles, about SQLite      
books and articles, about SVN (Subversion)      
books and articles, about test-driven development (TDD)      
books and articles, about testing      
books and articles, about tracking systems      
books and articles, about troubleshooting      
books and articles, about Unix      
books and articles, about Visual Studio      2nd
books and articles, about WCF      
books and articles, about web standards      
books and articles, about Windows Forms      
books and articles, about WPF      
books and articles, about XML      
books and articles, about XML comments      
books and articles, Gang of Four book      
Bornstein, Niel M. (Mono: A Developer's Notebook)      2nd
Bouma, Frans (blog about O/RM)      
Bouncy Castle Cryptography API      2nd 3rd 4th
Bouncy Castle Cryptography API, downloading and installing      
Bouncy Castle Cryptography API, encrypting and decrypting files      
Bouncy Castle Cryptography API, licensing for      
Bouncy Castle Cryptography API, requirements for      
Bouncy Castle Cryptography API, support for      
Bouncy Castle Cryptography API, web site for      
Bouncy Castle Cryptography API, with OpenPGP      
Box, Don (blogs by)      
branch, in source-control system      
bridging technology of Atlas      
Brinkman, Joe (Professional DotNetNuke 4: Open Source Web Application Framework for ASP.NET 2.0)      
Brown, blog by      
Brown, Keith      
Brown, The .NET Developer's Guide to Windows Security      
Brumme, Chris (blog by)      
buffer errors, detecting      
BugTracker.NET      2nd 3rd
BugTracker.NET, customizing      
BugTracker.NET, downloading and setting up      
BugTracker.NET, filing reports      
BugTracker.NET, licensing for      
BugTracker.NET, requirements for      
BugTracker.NET, screenshots in      
BugTracker.NET, support for      
BugTracker.NET, web site for      
Bugzilla      2nd 3rd
Bugzilla, bug reports      
Bugzilla, bug reports, content of      
Bugzilla, bug reports, filing      
Bugzilla, bug reports, processing of      
Bugzilla, extending      
Bugzilla, installing and setting up      
Bugzilla, licensing for      
Bugzilla, online playground for      
Bugzilla, requirements for      
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