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Gelphman D., Laden B. — Programming with Quartz. 2D and PDF Graphics in Mac OS X
Gelphman D., Laden B. — Programming with Quartz. 2D and PDF Graphics in Mac OS X

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Название: Programming with Quartz. 2D and PDF Graphics in Mac OS X

Авторы: Gelphman D., Laden B.


  • "I strongly encourage non-Macintosh programmers to pick up this book and find out for themselves what a truly great development platform we have in the Macintosh. Programmers and software managers at Windows, Linux, and Unix shops should seriously consider the Macintosh as an addition to (or replacement for!) their current stable of platforms. In particular, movie studios, animation houses, and special-effects facilities would do well to consider that with Macintosh, a single platform can provide everything they need..."?from the foreword by Philip J. Schneider, R&D Engineer, Industrial Light + Magic

    "Finally, the book I've wanted for years is here! As a graphics programmer, I appreciate the clear explanations of how Quartz has packaged the state of the art for mere mortals. As a Cocoa programmer, I appreciate the clear explanation of which facilities of Quartz Cocoa is already leveraging. This will become a well-thumbed resource for all graphics programmers on Mac OS X, whether or not they're using Cocoa, Carbon, or porting code from another platform."?Dr. Michael B. Johnson, Pixar Animation Studios

    "I've been using Quartz since the first release of Mac OS X and this book covers it all! Great advice, good sample code?it's the book to have if you want to learn everything about Quartz."?Stephane Marcouiller, SDE, Microsoft Corporation

    "Not only do the authors of Programming with Quartz have a superb understanding of their subject matter, but they have conveyed their knowledge in a clear, concise, and readable manner. Programming with Quartz has saved me quite a bit of time on my first major Quartz project, and its more general lessons on graphics programming techniques and concepts will prove valuable when using any modern graphics API."?Josh Aas, Software Engineer, Mozilla Corporation

    "Even after implementing several features using Quartz, I still learned things from this book that I did not know. For example, the chapter on handling PDF images is very thorough in its descriptions and the issues it raises. I wish I had this chapter when I implemented this feature. The book is very well written and covers many complex topics in 2D graphics clearly and at a level appropriate for all programmers. Programming with Quartz continues Apple's tradition of producing excellent documentation for its developers."?Ron Ullmann, Macintosh Business Unit, Microsoft Corporation

Foreword, Pages xv-xvii
Preface, Pages xix-xxviii
Chapter 1 - Introducing Quartz 2D, Pages 1-13
Chapter 2 - Quartz 2D Drawing Basics, Pages 15-43
Chapter 3 - Using Quartz 2D in Cocoa, Pages 45-63
Chapter 4 - Using Quartz 2D in Carbon, Pages 65-82
Chapter 5 - The Quartz Coordinate System and Coordinate Transformations, Pages 83-102
Chapter 6 - Drawing with Paths, Pages 103-145
Chapter 7 - Color, Alpha Transparency, and the Quartz Graphics State, Pages 147-184
Chapter 8 - Data Provider and Data Consumers, Pages 185-202
Chapter 9 - Drawing Images, Pages 203-261
Chapter 10 - Image Masking, Pages 263-288
Chapter 11 - Text, Pages 289-343
Chapter 12 - Creating Bits, Pages 345-395
Chapter 13 - Opening and Drawing PDF Documents, Pages 397-433
Chapter 14 - Creating and Examining PDF Documents, Pages 435-479
Chapter 15 - Advanced Drawing Features, Pages 481-564
Chapter 16 - Supporting PostScript and EPS Data, Pages 565-591
Chapter 17 - Performance and Debugging, Pages 593-629
Chapter 18 - Creating Quartz Tools and Python Scripts, Pages 631-646
Index, Pages 647-668

Язык: en

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Статус предметного указателя: Неизвестно

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Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 670

Добавлена в каталог: 19.03.2017

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