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Hawkins B. — Preventative Programming Techniques: Avoid and Correct Common Mistakes (Programming Series)
Hawkins B. — Preventative Programming Techniques: Avoid and Correct Common Mistakes (Programming Series)

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Название: Preventative Programming Techniques: Avoid and Correct Common Mistakes (Programming Series)

Автор: Hawkins B.


Preventative Programming Techniques provides programmers with a clear and intelligent approach to detecting, preventing, and correcting the most common mistakes. It includes practical ways to reduce problems that occur every day, and provides methods for correcting problems that already exist. Using a medical metaphor, each of the common problems is presented as an illness. Each illness is then presented in a structured approach that includes a basic description, common symptoms, prevention methods, cures, and related illnesses to look for.The majority of the principles and practices espoused are language independent and focus on instructing programmers how to detect and avoid problems. It also includes guidelines on determining when and how to refactor or rewrite code. Some of the major and minor illnesses found throughout programming, include premature optimization, CAP (cut and paste) epidemic, NIH (not invented here) syndrome, complexification, oversimplification, docuphobia, and more. If you're a programmer, you've made these mistakes or you've had to deal with code that has them in it.To learn how to prevent and fix these problems, check out all of the illnessesyou're sure to find insightful tips for your own projects. Novice programmers will benefit greatly from reading through each category of illness from start to finish, and experienced programmers will benefit from the insightful tips and anecdotes.

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Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 322

Добавлена в каталог: 18.12.2016

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