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Tcaluk Z. — Volterra integral equations
Tcaluk Z. — Volterra integral equations

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Название: Volterra integral equations

Автор: Tcaluk Z.


In the last 15-20 years one observes a sharp increase of the interest in the theory of Volterra integral
The interest in this theory has been stimulated by the steady extension of the volume of applications as
well as by the realization of the fact that the Volterra equations are not only simple special cases of the Fredholm
equations but represent a class of equations with their own specific problems.
The present survey comprises the investigations referred in the Referativnyi Zhurnal "Matematika" between
1966-1976. Naturally, it has not been possible to proceedwithout reference to earlier investigations;
however, the number of these references has been reduced to minimum.
The length restriction of this survey has produced rigid demands on the selection of the material. The
papers in which one does not consider especially Volterra integral equations, among them papers on Volterra
integrodifferential equations, have been left outside the frames of the survey, although in many cases one can
extract from these papers useful information regarding integral equations. Similarly, wedo not consider
numerous papers having an apptied character. However, even under these conditions the subject is extremely
extensive and, obviously, this has caused a fragmentariness in the exposition of a series of sections. As a
tradition, we mention that the degree of the minuteness of the exposition of the various sections carries inevitably
a subjectivism and that the inclusion or the noninclusion of a result should not be considered as an attempt
at appraisal.

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Год издания: 1977

Количество страниц: 44

Добавлена в каталог: 11.09.2016

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