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Hekmat R. — Ad-hoc Networks: Fundamental Properties and Network Topologies
Hekmat R. — Ad-hoc Networks: Fundamental Properties and Network Topologies

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Название: Ad-hoc Networks: Fundamental Properties and Network Topologies

Автор: Hekmat R.


Ad-hoc Networks, Fundamental Properties and Network Topologies provides an original graph theoretical approach to the fundamental properties of wireless mobile ad-hoc networks. This approach is combined with a realistic radio model for physical links between nodes to produce new insights into network characteristics like connectivity, degree distribution, hopcount, interference and capacity.

This book clearly demonstrates how the Medium Access Control protocols impose a limit on the level of interference in ad-hoc networks. It has been shown that interference is upper bounded, and a new accurate method for the estimation of interference power statistics in ad-hoc and sensor networks is introduced here. Furthermore, this volume shows how multi-hop traffic affects the capacity of the network. In multi-hop and ad-hoc networks there is a trade-off between the network size and the maximum input bit rate possible per node. Large ad-hoc or sensor networks, consisting of thousands of nodes, can only support low bit-rate applications.

This work provides valuable directives for designing ad-hoc networks and sensor networks. It will not only be of interest to the academic community, but also to the engineers who roll out ad-hoc and sensor networks in practice.

List of Figures. List of Tables. Preface. Acknowledgement. 1. Introduction to Ad-hoc Networks. 1.1 Outlining ad-hoc networks. 1.2 Advantages and application areas. 1.3 Radio technologies. 1.4 Mobility support. 2. Scope of the book. 3. Modeling Ad-hoc Networks. 3.1 Erdös and Rényi random graphs model. 3.2 Regular lattice graph model. 3.3 Scale-free graph model. 3.4 Geometric random graph model. 3.4.1 Radio propagation essentials. 3.4.2 Pathloss geometric random graph model. 3.4.3 Lognormal geometric random graph model. 3.5 Measurements. 3.6 Chapter summary. 4. Degree in Ad-hoc Networks. 4.1 Link density and expected node degree. 4.2 Degree distribution. 4.3 Chapter summary. 5. Hopcount in Ad-hoc Networks. 5.1 Global view on parameters affecting the hopcount. 5.2 Analysis of the hopcount in ad-hoc networks. 5.3 Chapter summary. 6. Connectivity in Ad-hoc Networks. 6.1 Connectivity in Gp(N) and Gp(rij)(N) with pathloss model. 6.2 Connectivity in Gp(rij)(N) with lognormal model. 6.3 Giant component size. 6.4 Chapter summary. 7. MAC Protocols for Packet Radio Networks. 7.1 The purpose of MAC protocols. 7.2 Hidden terminal and exposed terminal problems. 7.3 Classification of MAC protocols. 7.4 Chapter summary. 8. Interference in Ad-hoc Networks. 8.1 Effect of MAC protocols on interfering node density. 8.2 Interference power estimation. 8.2.1 Sum of lognormal variables. 8.2.2 Position of interfering nodes. 8.2.3 Weighting of interference mean powers. 8.2.4 Interference calculation results. 8.3 Chapter summary. 9. Simplified Interference Estimation: Honey-Grid Model. 9.1 Model description. 9.2 Interference calculatin with honey-grid model. 9.3 Comparing with previous results. 9.4 Chapter summary. 10. Capacity of Ad-hoc Networks. 10.1 Routing assumptions. 10.2 Traffic model. 10.3 Capacity of ad-hoc networks in general. 10.4 Capacity calculation based on honey-grid model. 10.4.1 Hopcount in honey-grid model. 10.4.2 Expected Carrier to Interference ratio. 10.4.3 Capacity and throughput. 10.5 Chapter summary. 11. Book Summary. A. Ant-routing. B. Symbols and Acronyms. References.

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Год издания: 2006

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