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Taflove A. — Computational electrodynamics. Finite Difference Time Domain Method
Taflove A. — Computational electrodynamics. Finite Difference Time Domain Method

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Название: Computational electrodynamics. Finite Difference Time Domain Method

Автор: Taflove A.


Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FD-TD) modeling is arguably the most popular and powerful means available to perform detailed electromagnetic engineering analyses. Edited by the pioneer and foremost authority on the subject, here is the first book to assemble in one resource the latest techniques and results of the leading theoreticians and practitioners of FD-TD computational electromagnetics modeling.
Designed to build on and complement the editor's popular 1995 book, Computational Electrodynamics: The Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method, this completely new work describes and shows how to apply the latest advances in FDTD to design better-performing antennas, microwave and millimeter wave devices and circuits, high-speed digital circuits, micron-scale optical devices, wireless personal communications devices, and inverse-scattering and imaging techniques. This new book is an excellent reference for practicing and future design engineers in electromagnetics, microwave theory and techniques, optics, and bioelectromagnetics.
Contents: A Survey of the Finite-Difference Time-Domain Literature, Kurt L. Shlager, Lockheed-Martin Missiles and Space Co., Sunnyvale, CA; and John B. Schneider, Washington State Univ. High-Order Methods, by Eli Turkel, Tel Aviv University, Israel. Time-Domain Analysis Using Multiresolution Expansions, by Linda P. B. Katehi, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; James F. Harvey, U.S. Army Research Office, Research Triangle Park, NC; and Emmanouil Tentzeris, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. Explicit Time-Domain Solutions of Maxwell's Equations via Generalized Grids, by Stephen D. Gedney, University of Kentucky, Lexington; J. Alan Roden, Georgia Tech Research Institute, Atlanta; Niel K. Madsen, Lawrence-Livermore National Laboratory, CA; and Alireza H. Mohammadian, William F. Hall, Vijaya Shankar, and Christopher M. Rowell, Rockwell Science Center, Thousand Oaks, CA. The Perfectly Matched Layer Absorbing Medium, by Stephen D. Gedney, University of Kentucky, Lexington. Analysis of Periodic Structures, by James G. Maloney and Morris P. Kesler, Georgia Tech Research Institute, Atlanta. Modeling of Antennas, by James G. Maloney, Georgia Tech Research Institute, Atlanta; and Glenn S. Smith, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. High-Speed Electronic Circuits with Active and Nonlinear Components, by Bijan Houshmand, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CA; Tatsuo Itoh, UCLA; and Melinda Piket-May, University of Colorado, Boulder. Physics-Based Modeling of Millimeter-Wave Devices, by Samir M. El-Ghazaly, Arizona State University, Tempe. Microcavity Resonators, by Susan C. Hagness, University of Wisconsin, Madison. FDTD in Bioelectromagnetics: Safety Assessment and Medical Applications, by Om. P. Gandhi, University of Utah, Salt Lake City. Imaging and Inverse Problems, by Weng C. Chew, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

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Год издания: 1995

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