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Ehrig H., Floyd C., Nivat M. — Mathematical Foundations of Software Development, TAPSOFT 85
Ehrig H., Floyd C., Nivat M. — Mathematical Foundations of Software Development, TAPSOFT 85

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Название: Mathematical Foundations of Software Development, TAPSOFT 85

Авторы: Ehrig H., Floyd C., Nivat M.


Specification and top down design of distributed systems — Specification languages for distributed systems — Semantically based programming tools (Summary) — From function level semantics to program transformation and optimization — Inductively defined functions — Three approaches to type structure — On the maximum size of random trees — Fast searching in a real algebraic manifold with applications to geometric complexity — Typed categorical combinatory logic — A path ordering for proving termination of term rewriting systems — A rewrite rule based approach for synthesizing abstract data types — “Delayability” in proofs of strong normalizability in the typed lambda Calculus — Bisimulations and abstraction homomorphisms — A metric characterization of fair computations in CCS — A complete modal proof system for a subset of SCCS — Amalgamation of graph transformations with applications to synchronization — Decompilation of control structures by means of graph transformations — Synchronized bottom-up tree automata and L-systems — On observational equivalence and algebraic specification — Parameter preserving data type specifications — On the parameterized algebraic specification of concurrent systems — The semantics of shared submodules specifications — Why Horn formulas matter in computer science: Initial structures and generic examples — On the implementation of abstract data types by programming language constructs — A LISP compiler for FP language and its proof via algebraic semantics.

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Год издания: 1985

Количество страниц: 468

Добавлена в каталог: 23.02.2016

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