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Lydyard P.M., Whelan A., Fanger M.W. Ч Instant Notes in Immunology
Lydyard P.M., Whelan A., Fanger M.W. Ч Instant Notes in Immunology

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Ќазвание: Instant Notes in Immunology

јвторы: Lydyard P.M., Whelan A., Fanger M.W.


Instant Notes titles focus on core information and are designed to help undergraduate students come to grips with a subject quickly and easily.
This new edition has been amended throughout, new sections have been added on aging and gender and the immune system, and diagrams have been redrawn for improved clarity and consistency of style.
Instant Notes in Immunology, Second Edition provides concise yet comprehensive coverage of immunology at an undergraduate level, providing easy access to the core information in the field. The book covers all important areas in immunology in a format which is ideal for learning and rapid revision. Also features MCQs and answers which test knowledge and understanding.

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√од издани€: 2000

 оличество страниц: 318

ƒобавлена в каталог: 23.11.2006

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$\alpha$-1 anti chymotrypsin      29
$\alpha$-1 anti trypsin      29
$\beta$-2-microglobulin      104Ч106
$\beta$-hemolytic Streptococcus      116
a-melanocyte-stimulating hormone $(\alpha MSH)$      112
ABO blood groups      199 203 246
Accessory molecules      87
Acetylcholine receptor      244 246 260 269 288
Acid hydrolases      242
Acquired immunodeficiency      223Ч224 229Ч231
Active Immunization      214Ч216
Acute inflammation      5 109Ч112
Acute inflammatory response      109Ч112
Acute inflammatory response, initiation of the acute inflammatory response      109Ч110
Acute inflammatory response, termination of the response and repair      111Ч112
Acute inflammatory response, vascular changes      110Ч111
Acute phase proteins      23 28Ч29
Acute phase proteins, function      29
Acute phase proteins, production      28Ч29
Adaptive immune system      5Ч7 33Ч48
Adaptive immune system, B lymphocytes and plasma cells      26 33 35Ч37 115Ч122
Adaptive immune system, bone marrow      38Ч39
Adaptive immune system, bronchus-associated lymphoid tissue      43 45
Adaptive immune system, gut-associated lymphoid tissue      43Ч45
Adaptive immune system, lymph nodes      38Ч39 41Ч42
Adaptive immune system, lymphocyte traffic and recirculation      46Ч48
Adaptive immune system, mechanisms of lymphocyte trafficking      46Ч48
Adaptive immune system, mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue      43Ч45
Adaptive immune system, nasal-associated lymphoid tissue      43Ч44
Adaptive immune system, primary lymphoid organs      38Ч39
Adaptive immune system, secondary lymphoid organs      38 40Ч45
Adaptive immune system, specificity and memory      33Ч34
Adaptive immune system, spleen      38 40Ч41
Adaptive immune system, T lymphocytes      33Ч36
Adaptive immunity      5Ч7 33Ч48
ADCC      47 190Ч192
Addressins      29 98
Adenosine deaminase      227
Adenovirus      222
Adhesion molecules      48
Adipocytes      50
Adjuvants      217 219
Afferent lymphatics      41Ч42
Affinity      63 65 117
Affinity chromatography      283
Affinity maturation      117Ч118
Ageing      229Ч231
Agglutination assays      276Ч278
AIDS      229Ч231
Alleles      199Ч201
Allelic exclusion      70 74
Allergens      18Ч19 241Ч2143
Allergic rhinitis      241
Allergy      237Ч243
Alloantigens      200Ч201
Allografts      197 202Ч203
Allotypes      78
Alpha-fetoprotein      180Ч181
Alternative complement pathway      24Ч27
Alveolar macrophages      14
Alveolitis      249
Amebiasis      173
Anaerobes      4
Anamnestic responses      115
Anaphylatoxins      26
Anaphylaxis      239 241Ч242
Anergy      149Ч151
Anti-double stranded DNA      260Ч272
Anti-inflammatory cytokines      109 112
Anti-nuclear antibodies      257 261 272
Antibodies      63Ч84
Antibodies as research and diagnostic tools      275Ч286
Antibodies as research and diagnostic tools, complement activation      80Ч82
Antibodies as research and diagnostic tools, Coomb's test      273Ч278
Antibodies as research and diagnostic tools, ELISA      279Ч280
Antibodies as research and diagnostic tools, ELISPOT      279 282
Antibodies as research and diagnostic tools, immunodiffusion      276Ч277
Antibodies as research and diagnostic tools, immunoelectrophoresis      276Ч277
Antibodies as research and diagnostic tools, immunofluorescence      279Ч282
Antibodies as research and diagnostic tools, neutralization      65 80 275
Antibodies as research and diagnostic tools, precipitation assays      276Ч277
Antibodies as research and diagnostic tools, radial-immuno-diffusion      276Ч277
Antibodies as research and diagnostic tools, rocket immunoelectrophoresis      276
Antibodies in the newborn      60Ч61 64 244Ч246
Antibodies, affinity      63 65 114
Antibodies, allelic exclusion      70 74
Antibodies, allotypes      78
Antibodies, antibody functions      80Ч82
Antibodies, antibody genes      70Ч72
Antibodies, antigen selection for B cells      71 77
Antibodies, antigenic determinant      9Ч11 65
Antibodies, avidity      65Ч66
Antibodies, classes      64 67Ч69
Antibodies, classes, IgA      67Ч69 119Ч120
Antibodies, classes, IgD      67 69
Antibodies, classes, IgE      67 68
Antibodies, classes, IgG      67 68
Antibodies, classes, IgM      67 69
Antibodies, differential splicing and class switching      41Ч70 70Ч76 117Ч118
Antibodies, diversity      70Ч77
Antibodies, Fab fragments      64
Antibodies, Fc fragment      64Ч65
Antibodies, Fv libraries      83Ч84
Antibodies, gene rearrangement      70 72Ч73
Antibodies, generation of diversity      70Ч77
Antibodies, genes      70Ч72
Antibodies, H and L chains      63Ч69
Antibodies, hydrophilic interactions      63
Antibodies, hydrophobic interactions      63
Antibodies, idiotypes      78Ч79 164Ч165 266Ч267
Antibodies, monoclonal antibodies      33 284Ч285
Antibodies, primary response      7Ч8 113Ч115
Antibodies, role of antibody in complement activation      80Ч81
Antibodies, role of antibody with effector cells      80 82
Antibodies, synthesis and assembly of chains      70 74Ч75
Antibodies, valence      63 65Ч66
Antibodies, ways of creating diversity      71 76Ч77
Antibody mediated protection      80Ч82
Antibody responses      113Ч122
Antibody responses in different tissues      119Ч120
Antibody responses, affinity maturation      77 117Ч118
Antibody responses, class switching      70 75Ч76 117Ч118
Antibody responses, cross-reactive responses      113 115Ч116
Antibody responses, immunological memory      113Ч115
Antibody responses, primary and memory responses      113Ч115
Antibody responses, selection and activation of B cells      113Ч115
Antibody responses, the cellular basis of      113Ч116
Antigen preparations used in vaccines      217Ч219
Antigen presenting cells (APCs)      97 100 103 108
Antigen processing      104Ч108
Antigen processing, endogenous pathway      104 107Ч108
Antigen processing, exogenous pathway      104 107Ч108
Antigen recognition      95Ч108
Antigen recognition, antigen processing by the major histocompatibility complex      104Ч108
Antigen recognition, B cell co-receptors      98Ч99
Antigen recognition, B cell receptor complex      98
Antigen recognition, B cell recognition of antigen      98Ч99
Antigen recognition, CD14      95 97
Antigen recognition, mannose receptor      95Ч97
Antigen recognition, non-self recognition by the innate immune system      95Ч97
Antigen recognition, pattern recognition receptors      95Ч96
Antigen recognition, scavenger receptors      95 97
Antigen recognition, T cell diversity      100 102Ч103
Antigen recognition, T cell receptor      100Ч102
Antigen recognition, T cell receptor complex      100 102
Antigen recognition, T cell recognition of antigen      100Ч103
Antigen recognition, T cell repetoire      100 103
Antigen recognition, toll receptors      95 97
Antigens      9Ч11
Antigens, antigenic determinants      8Ч11 65
Antigens, carbohydrates      9
Antigens, epitopes      9
Antigens, haptens      10Ч11
Antigens, linear ammo acid sequences      9
Antigens, lipids      9
Antigens, multi-determinant      9
Antigens, native      10
Antigens, not 'self      9
Antigens, nucleic acids      9
Antigens, range of antigens      6Ч9
Antigens, structure      9Ч11
Apoptosis      52 54 56 124 126Ч128 167 169 183 184 189 191
Appendix      119
Arabinomannans      96Ч97
Arthus reaction      248Ч249
Autoantibodies      268Ч271
Autoantigens      257 259Ч260
Autografts      197
Autoimmune haemolytic anaemia      265 268Ч270
Autoimmune thyroiditis      255 260 270
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases      255Ч274
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, autoantibodies can modulate cell function      268Ч269
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, autoantibody mediated destruction      268Ч269
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, breakdown of tolerance      262Ч263
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, cell mediated immune mechanisms of damage      268 271
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, defective regulation of Th1, Th2      262 265
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, diagnosis      272Ч273
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, diagnosis and treatment      272Ч274
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, disease pathogenesis -effector mechanisms      268Ч271
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, drugs and autoimmune reactions      257 261
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, dysregulation of the idiotypic network      263 266
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, factors contributing to the development      257Ч261
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, immune complexes      268 270Ч271
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, immunodeficiency      258 261
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, mechanisms leading to the development      262Ч267
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, modification of cell surfaces      262 265Ч266
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, molecular mimicry      262Ч264
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, polyclonal activation      262 265
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, prevalence      255Ч256
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, replacement therapy      272Ч273
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, sequestered self antigens      263 266
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, spectrum of autoimmune conditions      255Ч256
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, suppression of the autoimmune process      272Ч274
Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases, tissue damage      268Ч269
Avidity      45Ч46
Avirulent      116
Azathioprine      273
B cell activation      138Ч142
B cell activation, biochemical events      138 141Ч142
B cell activation, thymus dependent antigens      138Ч141
B cell activation, thymus independent antigens      138Ч139
B cell co-receptors      98Ч99
B cell follicles      36
B cell receptor complex (BCR)      98Ч99
B cell recognition of antigen      98Ч99
B cell tolerance      147 154
B cells      6Ч8 10 55Ч59 104Ч108 113Ч115 117Ч118
B-7      149Ч151 195
B1 cells      35
B2 cells      35
B7.1 (CD80)      149Ч151 195
B7.2 (CD86)      149Ч151 195
Bacterial toxins      96 97 110
Bacterial vaccines      221Ч222
Bacteriophage      286
Basophils      18 19 109 110 240Ч243
BCG      188
Bee venom      239
Bird fancier's disease      248Ч249
Blood group antigens      166 203 246
Bone marrow      35 38 39 46 49Ч51 53 55 56 80Ч82 229 231Ч235
Bordetella pertussis      216
Borrelia burgdorferi      259
Borrelia recurrentis      177
Botulism      215
Bradykinin system      109 242
Bronchus-associated lymphocyte tissue (BALT)      43 45
Brucella      170Ч171 176
Bruton's agammablobulinaemia      142 225 227
Burkitts Lymphoma      179
Burnet      194
Burns      229 231
Bursa of Fabricius      56
C parvum      188
C-reactive protein (CRP)      28Ч29
C1q      81
C1q inhibitor      27 226
C3a      24Ч26 181Ч182
C3b      24Ч26 81Ч82
C4a      81
C5a      25Ч26 81Ч82
C9      24Ч26 81
CA-125      185Ч186
CA-19-9      185Ч186
Candida      1 233
Carcinoembryonic antigen      180Ч181 186Ч187
Cationic protein      168Ч173
CC chemokines      87 90Ч91
CD14      95Ч97
CD19      55 98Ч99
CD21      98Ч99
CD28      150 151
CD3      34 35
CD32      98Ч99
CD4      20 33 102Ч103
CD40      37 117Ч118 130 225 227 230 232
CD40 ligand (CD40L)      36 117Ч118 130 225 227 232 274
CD79a, CD79b      98Ч99
CD8      33 35 103
CD81      98Ч99
Cecropins      3
Cell mediated immunity      123Ч130
Cell mediated immunity, cell mediated immunity in context      123Ч124
Cell mediated immunity, functionally distinct T cell populations      123Ч124
Cell mediated immunity, mechanisms of toxicity      126Ч128
Cell mediated immunity, peptide recognition and activation of      126
Cell mediated immunity, T cell mediated immunity      123
Cell mediated immunity, T cytotoxic cells      126Ч128
Cell mediated immunity, T helper cells      129Ч130
Cell mediated immunity, Th1 cells and Th2 cells      129Ч130
Cellular adhesion molecules      48
Cellular immunity      123Ч130
Central Tolerance      147Ч148
Cerumen      3
CH50      233
Chediak Ч Higashi syndrome      226
Chemokine receptors      230
Chemokines      85 90Ч91
Chemotaxis      80Ч82 233 234
Chimeric      284 286
Cholera      212 216 218
Chronic granulomatous disease (CGD)      225Ч227
Cilia      3
Class I genes (HLA-A, -B, -C)      104Ч105
Class I processing pathways      104 107
Class II genes      104Ч106
Class II processing pathways      104 107Ч108
Classical pathway of complement      80Ч82
Clonal deletion      144 147 149
Clonal expansion      7 114
Clonal selection      5 7Ч8 113Ч115
Clostridium      212 214
Coeliac disease      257 259Ч260
Colicins      3
Collagen      109 112
Collectins      32
Colony stimulating factors      87 91Ч92
Colostrum      60 61 68
Commensals      2 3 4
Common variable immunodeficiency (CVID)      225 227
1 2 3 4
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