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Granneman S. — Linux Phrasebook
Granneman S. — Linux Phrasebook

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Название: Linux Phrasebook

Автор: Granneman S.


Linux Phrasebook is sure to become the pocket guide that you keep within reach at all times. This concise, handy reference can be used "in the street," just like a language phrasebook. Skipping the usual tutorial on Linux, the Linux Phrasebook goes straight to practical Linux uses, providing immediate applicable solutions for day-to-day tasks. It includes code phrases that allow Linux users to employ the command line to complete onerous and repetitive tasks, as well as flexible code and commands can be customized to meet the needs of any Linux user. The concise information combined with random accessibility makes the Linux Phrasebook a robust, yet agile, reference guide that no Linux user should be without.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 400

Добавлена в каталог: 15.11.2006

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Предметный указатель
! (bang)      2nd
" (quotation marks)
" (quotation marks), in regular expressions
" (quotation marks), single quotes (')
$( ) (command substitution)      
&& (double ampersand)
* (asterisk)      2nd 3rd
- (dash)      
-R (dash R) option to commands      
. (period)      
.so (shared object) file      
/ (forward slash)      
: (colon)      
; (semicolon)      
< > (angle brackets)      
< > (angle brackets), double right angle brackets      
< > (angle brackets), right angle brackets      
? (question mark)      
alias, permanent aliases      
alias, removing aliases      
alias, temporary aliases      
alias, viewing specific command aliases      
angle brackets (< >)      
angle brackets (< >), double right angle brackets
angle brackets (< >), right angle brackets
apropos command      
apt utility      
apt utility, apt configuration file      
apt utility, apt-cache search command      
apt utility, apt-get clean command      
apt utility, apt-get install command      
apt utility, apt-get remove command      
apt utility, apt-get upgrade command      
apt utility, Get and Ign      
apt utility, sudo and      
apt utility, troubleshooting      
archiving      2nd 3rd 4th
archiving, bzip2 command      
archiving, gzip command      
archiving, tar command      [See tar command.]
archiving, zip command      
asterisk (*)      2nd 3rd
backslash (/)      
backtick (`)      
backups, and secure transfer between hosts      
backups, cp command, using      
bang (!)      2nd
bash shell      
bunzip command      
bunzip2 command      
bzip2 command      2nd
case sensitivity, filenames      
cat command      
cd command      
chgrp command      
chmod command      
chmod command, -R option      
chmod command, alphabetic notation      
chmod command, numeric notation      
chmod command, sgid, setting and clearing      
chmod command, sticky bit , setting and clearing      
chmod command, suid, setting and clearing      
chown command      
colon (:)      
color-coded output, ls command      
columnar output, ls command      
comma-separated listing, ls command      
command documentation      [See also info command man
command documentation, apropos command      
command documentation, command defaults, identifying      
command documentation, manpages      [See default printer manpages.]
command documentation, path, source files, and manpages, finding      
command documentation, searching      
command documentation, synopses      
commands, -R options to      
commands, appending output to a file      
commands, canceling      
commands, command aliases      [See alias.]
commands, command stacking      
commands, command substitution      
commands, files, using for command input      
commands, output redirection      2nd
commands, output, searching with grep      
commands, repeating commands      
Common UNIX Printing System      [See default printer CUPS canceling
compress command      
compressed files, testing for corruption      2nd
cp command      
cp command, creating backups using      
cp command, directories, copying      
cp command, interactive option      
cp command, verbose option      
cp command, wildcards, using      
Ctrl+c command      
CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)      [See also files printing.]
CUPS, CUPS Software Users Manual      
CUPS, Linux Journal article      
CUPS, URIs and      
curl command      
curly braces ({})      
dashes (-)      
DEB packages      
default printer      
default printer, CUPS      
default printer, CUPS, canceling print jobs to      
default printer, CUPS, determining      
default printer, CUPS, printing to      
default printer, job ID numbers      
default printer, Linux Journal overview      
default printer, lpstat, collecting system information with      
default printer, manpages      
default printer, print jobs      
default printer, print jobs, canceling all      
default printer, print jobs, listing      
default printer, print jobs, listing corresponding printers      
default printer, print jobs, multiple copies, printing      
default printer, print jobs, to any printer      
default printer, print jobs, to any printer, canceling      
default printer, print jobs, to default, canceling      
default printer, printer connections      
default printer, printer status, determining      
deleting directories      
deleting files      
deleting files, accidental deletes, preventing      
deleting files, verbose option      
deleting files, with special characters in the filename      
deleting files, with wildcards      
df command      
dhclient command      
DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol)      
Directories, changing      
directories, contents of, listing      [See ls command.]
Directories, copying      
directories, creating new      
directories, creating with included subdirectories      
directories, current directory, determining      
directories, deleting with contents      
directories, disk space usage, totals only      
directories, empty, removing      
directories, file space usage, monitoring      
directories, moving and renaming      
directories, ownerships      [See ownership of files.]
directories, permissions      [See permissions.]
Directory node, info command      
disk usage, monitoring      
DNS (Domain Name System)      
dog command      
double ampersand (&&)
double bang (!!)      
double pipe (||)      
double quotes in regular expressions      
double right angle brackets      
dpkg command      
du command      
Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP)      
echo command      
encryption keys      
Environment variables      
ESSID (Extended Service Set Identifier)      
Ethernet cards      2nd
executables, finding      
Expert Info, info command      
Extended Service Set Identifier (ESSID)      
files, archiving      [See archiving.]
files, command input, using for      
files, compressing      
files, copying      
files, copying between hosts      
files, copying, avoiding overwrites      
files, copying, backups      
files, copying, cat command and output redirection, using      
files, copying, wildcards, using      
files, deleting      
files, deleting, accidental deletes, preventing      
files, deleting, special characters, handling      
files, deleting, wildcards, using      
files, empty files, creating      
files, file attributes      
files, file descriptors      
files, file size, listing      
files, file type, displaying      
files, filenames      
files, finding      [See find command; ; locate command.]
files, hidden files, viewing      
Files, listing      [See ls command.]
files, moving      
files, open files, listing      
files, ownerships      [See ownership of files.]
files, permission and type characters      
files, permissions      [See permissions.]
files, printing      
files, renaming      
files, searching in      [See grep command.]
files, secure network transfers      
files, secure transfer and backup between hosts      
files, time, changing on      
files, users of, listing      
files, viewing      
files, viewing, beginning bytes      
files, viewing, beginning lines      
files, viewing, cat command, using      
files, viewing, last ten lines      
files, viewing, one screen at a time      
files, viewing, repeated viewing, appended updates      
find command      
find command, -a (AND) option      
find command, -exec option      
find command, -fprint option      
find command, -n (NOT) option      
find command, -o (OR) option      
find command, file type      
find command, name      
find command, ownership      
find command, size      
forward slash (/)      
free command      
GID (group ID)      
grep command      
grep command, -R (recursive) option      
grep command, case-insensitive option      
grep command, limiting results to matched files      
grep command, line numbers of results, showing      
grep command, outputting lines near matched terms      
grep command, outputting names of files containing matches      
grep command, regular expressions      
grep command, searching command output      
grep command, searching for negative matches      
grep command, searching text files for patterns      
grep command, searching within results      
grep command, versions of      
grep command, whole words, limiting searches to      
Group ID (GID)      
gunzip command      
gzip command      2nd
head command      
head command, bytes option      
head command, multiple files, using with      
head command, number option      
hidden files, viewing      
history command      
history command, .bash history file, security concerns      
history command, repeating commands      
history command, repeating the last command      
home directory      2nd
host command      
ICMP messages      
ifconfig command      2nd
ifconfig command, MAC address spoofing      
ifconfig command, network configuration using      
ifconfig command, network inspection using      
ifdown command      
ifup command      
Import command      
Info command      [See also searching command
info command, Directory node      
info command, Expert Info      
info command, navigation      
input redirection      
input/output streams      
Installing software      [See package management.]
IP addresses      2nd
IPv4 and IPv6      
iwconfig command      
iwconfig command, connection encryption schemes      
iwconfig command, ESSID      
iwconfig command, WEP      
iwconfig command, wireless interface configuration      
iwconfig command, wireless interface status, checking      
iwconfig command, wireless network topologies      
job ID numbers, printing      
KILL command      
left angle bracket (<)      
less command      
links, online resources concerning      
Linux distributions      
locate command      
locate command, case-insensitive option      
locate command, piping output to pagers      
locate command, slocate and      
locate command, updating the database      
log files, repeated viewing of appended updates      
Loopback address      
lpq command      
lpr command      
lprm command      
lpstat command      2nd
ls command      
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