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0 — Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators in a Changing World: Responding to Policy Needs
0 — Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators in a Changing World:  Responding to Policy Needs

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Название: Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators in a Changing World: Responding to Policy Needs

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As the world interconnects, science, technology and innovation policies cannot be seen as standing alone. There is a growing interest from central banks and ministries of finance in improving the understanding of how science, technology and innovation create value in the form of increased productivity and profits, and contribute to the valuation of enterprises, and ultimately stimulate the growth and competitiveness of economies. This conference proceedings of the OECD Blue Sky II Forum describes some of the policy needs, measurement issues, and challenges in describing cross-cutting and emerging topics in science, technology and innovation (STI). It also presents ideas to exploit existing data and develop new frameworks of measurement in order to guide future development of STI indicators at the OECD and beyond.Table of Content : Foreword PART I. INTRODUCTION Chapter 1. Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators: The Context of Change by Fred Gault PART 2. POLICY PERSPECTIVES Chapter 2. The Science of Science and Innovation Policy by John Marburger Chapter 3. Developments in EU Statistics on Science, Technology and Innovation: Taking Stock and Moving Closer to Evidence-Based Policy Analysis by Reinhilde Veugelers PART 3. INNOVATION: CAN SOMETHING NEW BE MEASURED? Chapter 4. Innovation Survey Indicators: What Impact on Innovation Policy by Anthony Arundel Chapter 5. Capturing Design: Lessons from the United Kingdom and Canada by Tara Vinodrai Mric s. Gertler, and Ray Lambert Chapter 6. Enriching the Indicator Base for the Economics of Knowledge by Dominique Foray Chapter 7. Towards Understanding the Impacts of Science, Technology, and Innovation Activities by Heidi Ertl, Michael Bordt, Louise Earl, Anik lacrois, Charlene Lomm, chuck McNiven, Susan Schaan, mark Uhrback, Bryan van tol and Ben Veenhof PART 4. THE CHANGING KNOWLEDGE LANDSCAPE ANDTHE NEW FOR NEW METRICS Chapter 8. Democratising Innovation: The Evolving Phenomenon of User Innovation by Eric von Hippel Chapter 9. How Innovative are New Zealand Firms? Quantifying and Relating Organisational and Marketing Innovation to Traditional Science and Technology Indicators by Richard Fabling Chapter 10. University Research in an ""Innovation Society"" by Richard W. Hawkins, Cooper H. Langford, and Kirampal S. Sidhu Chapter 11. The International Mobility of Doctorate Holders: First Results and Methodological Advances by Antoine Rose and Chuck McNiven PART 5. MEASURING CROSS-CUTTING AND EMERGING STI ISSUES Chapter 12. Biotechnology: From Measures of Activities, Linkages and Outcomes to Impact Indicators by Antoine Rose and Chuck McNiven Chapter 13. A Framework to Measure the Impacts of Investments in Health Research by Alan Bernstein, Vern Hicks, Peggy Borbey, Terry Campbell, Laura McAuley and Ian D. Graham Chapter 14. Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development: Towards a Conceptual Statistical Framework by Michael Bordt, Julio Miguel Rosa and Johanne Boivin PART 6. LOOKING FORWARD: WHAT'S NEXT? Chapter 15. Developing Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators: The Twenty-First Century Challenges by Christopher Freeman and Luc Soete Chapter 16. Looking Ahead: What Implications for STI Indicator Development by Alessandra Colecchia

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Год издания: 2007

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