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Woychowsky E. — AJAX: Creating Web Pages with Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
Woychowsky E. — AJAX: Creating Web Pages with Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

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Название: AJAX: Creating Web Pages with Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

Автор: Woychowsky E.


By now, you're probably chomping at the bit to start building those rich, highly usable Ajax web applications everyone's talking about. Wouldn't it be nice if one book taught you all the Ajax techniques you need and also gave you a needed refresher on the underlying technologies? Edmond Woychowsky thought so, and he's written that book.

Woychowsky starts with a quick overview of the ways web pages have been coded since time immemorial — and their limitations. Next, he explains why Ajax is different, then introduces its key concepts step-by-step, from its earliest “primordial” ancestors to its latest incarnations.

Woychowsky reviews Ajax-relevant facets of HTML and XHTML, JavaScript, XML, DTDs, schemas, XML data islands, and XMLHTTP Request. Unlike many other Ajax books, this one also shows how XSLT and XPath can be used well in Ajax applications. There's also a full chapter on the cross-browser HTML Document Object Model, which lets you do magical things like update only parts of a web page.

Since Ajax is based on mature, non-proprietary standards, it's easy to develop Ajax applications using open source technologies. That's Woychowsky's approach. He first explains how today's increasingly popular open-source Ajax libraries work, utilizing examples drawn upon his own homegrown client-side JavaScript library. He offers practical introductions to open source tools like Ruby on Rails. And, throughout, he relies on examples that use a wide range of open source software — from MySQL to Firefox.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 432

Добавлена в каталог: 14.11.2006

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$ (dollar sign)      
() (parentheses)      
* (asterisk)      2nd
+ (plus sign)      
. (period)      2nd
.. (double period)      
/ (slash)      
// (double slash)      2nd
? (question mark)      
@ (at sign)      
a element (XHTML)      
abbr element (XHTML)      
abort() method      
action property (XMLHttpRequest class)      
ActiveX, XMLHttpRequest object      
add2Cart() function      
address element (XHTML)      
addressSelect stored procedure      
Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML)      
Ajax, advantages of      
Ajax, automated request system example      
Ajax, definition of      
Ajax, development of      
Ajax, hidden frames method of implementation      
Ajax, hidden frames method of implementation, hidden.htm      
Ajax, hidden frames method of implementation, HTMLfs.htm      2nd
Ajax, hidden frames method of implementation, submitForm() function      
Ajax, hidden frames method of implementation, visible.htm      
Ajax, library classes      
Ajax, origin of name      
Ajax, philosophy of      
Ajax, Ruby on Rails and      
Altova XMLSPY XPath Evaluator      
ancestor axes (XPath)      
ancestor() function      
ancestor-or-self axes (XPath)      
Apache web server      
app folder      
appendChild() method      
appendData() method      
Apple Safari      
applet element (XHTML)      
apply-import element (XSLT)      
apply-template element (XSLT)      
applying CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)      
area element (XHTML)      
arithmetic operators      2nd
arraylength() method      
arrays, adding elements to      
arrays, array methods      
arrays, associative      
arrays, concatenating      
arrays, defining      
arrays, in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)      
arrays, joining      
arrays, removing elements from      
arrays, reversing order of      
arrays, slicing      
arrays, sorting      
arrays, XML-RPC arrays      
assignment operators      
associative arrays      
asterisk (*)      2nd
asyncHandler() function      
Asynchronous JavaScript And XML      [See Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML).]
asynchronous loading with Sarissa      
asynchronous pages      
asynchronous property (XMLHttpRequest class)      
asynchronous requests      
asynchronous XMLHttpRequest applications      
at sign (@)      
Attr interface      
attribute axes (XPath)      
attribute element (XSLT)      
attribute nodes      
attribute-set element (XSLT)      
attributes (XML)      [See also specific attributes.]
attributes property      
automated request system example      
axes (XPath)      
axes (XPath), ancestor axes      
axes (XPath), ancestor-or-self axes      
axes (XPath), attribute axes      
axes (XPath), child axes      
axes (XPath), descendant axes      
axes (XPath), descendant-or-self axes      
axes (XPath), following axes      
axes (XPath), following-sibling axes      
axes (XPath), namespace axes      
axes (XPath), parent axes      
axes (XPath), preceding axes      
axes (XPath), preceding-sibling axes      
axes (XPath), self axes      
axes (XPath), table of      
b element (XHTML)      
background element (CSS)      
background-attachment element (CSS)      
background-color element (CSS)      
background-image element (CSS)      
background-position element (CSS)      
background-repeat element (CSS)      
backslash (\)      
base element (XHTML)      
basefont element (XHTML)      
Berns-Lee, Tim      
big element (XHTML)      
binding XML      
binding XML, cross-browser XML binding      
binding XML, Internet Explorer      
blockquote element (XHTML)      
blur event handler      
body element (XHTML)      
boolean data types      2nd
Boolean functions      
boolean() function      
border element (CSS)      
border-bottom element (CSS)      
border-bottom-width element (CSS)      
border-color element (CSS)      
border-left element (CSS)      
border-left-width element (CSS)      
border-right element (CSS)      
border-right-width element (CSS)      
border-style element (CSS)      
border-top element (CSS)      
border-top-width element (CSS)      
border-width element (CSS)      
br element (XHTML)      
break statement      
browsers, cross-browser development      
browsers, cross-browser development, compatibility issues      
browsers, cross-browser development, market share      
browsers, cross-browser development, SOAPEnvelope class constructor      
browsers, cross-browser development, World Wide Web Consortium      
browsers, cross-browser development, XML document class constructor      
browsers, cross-browser development, XMLHttpRequest class constructor      
browsers, cross-browser development, XSLTProcessor class      
browsers, cross-browser DOM (Document Object Model)      
browsers, cross-browser DOM (Document Object Model), Firefox      
browsers, cross-browser DOM (Document Object Model), Microsoft Internet Explorer      
browsers, cross-browser DOM (Document Object Model), Opera      
browsers, cross-browser DOM (Document Object Model), sample HTML document      
browsers, Firefox      
browsers, Linux browsers      
browsers, list of      
browsers, Microsoft Internet Explorer      
browsers, Microsoft Internet Explorer, client-side transformations      
browsers, Microsoft Internet Explorer, XML Data Islands      2nd
browsers, Mozilla-based browsers      
browsers, Opera      
browsers, Safari      
browsers, Sarissa support for      
browsers, XML binding      
browsers, XML binding, cross-browser XML binding      
browsers, XML binding, Internet Explorer      
browsers, XMLHttpRequest object syntax      
browsers, XSLT support      
browsers, XSLT support, cross-browser web page example      
browsers, XSLT support, Internet Explorer 5.0      
buildSOAP() function      
button element (XHTML)      
Cache() function      2nd
call-template element (XSLT)      
caption element (XHTML)      
caret (^)      
Cascading Style Sheets      [See CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).]
Case statement      
CDATASection interface      
CDATAsections (XML)      
ceiling() function      
center element (XHTML)      
change event handler      
changeEvent() function      2nd
CharacterData interface      
charAt() method      
charCodeAt() method      
child axes (XPath)      
child nodes      2nd
childNodes property      
childWindow class      
choose element (XSLT)      
Class variables      
classes, Ajax library classes      
classes, childWindow      
classes, constructors      
classes, function class constructor      
classes, Ruby classes, creating      
classes, SOAPEnvelope      2nd
classes, XMLHttpRequest      
classes, XSLTProcessor      
clear element (CSS)      
client side      
client side, client-side transformations      
cloneNode() method      
close() method      
code element (XHTML)      
code reuse      
code reuse, advantages of      
code reuse, JavaScript objects      
code reuse, JavaScript objects, associative arrays      
code reuse, JavaScript objects, collections      
code reuse, JavaScript objects, creating      
code reuse, JavaScript objects, cross-browser (Gecko and IE) XMLHttpRequest class constructor      
code reuse, JavaScript objects, cross-browser SOAPEnvelope class constructor      
code reuse, JavaScript objects, cross-browser XML document class constructor      
code reuse, JavaScript objects, cross-browser XSLTProcessor class      
code reuse, JavaScript objects, serialization      
code reuse, XML      
code reuse, XSLT      
code reuse, XSLT, forms      
code reuse, XSLT, tabular information      
coding by hand      
col element (XHTML)      
colgroup element (XHTML)      
collections      2nd
color element (CSS)      
comment element (XSLT)      
Comment interface      
comments (XML)      
Comparison operators      
concat() method      2nd 3rd
concatenating, arrays      
concatenating, stored functions      
conditional operators      2nd
conditional statements      
conditional statements, if      
conditional statements, switch      
conditions in Ruby      
config folder      
connect_errno property (mysqli)      
contains() function      
context nodes      
continue statement      
controllers folder      
copy element (XSLT)      
copy-of element (XSLT)      
count() function      
createAttribute() method      
createCDATASection() method      
createComment() method      
createDocumentFragment() method      
createElement() method      
createEntityReference() method      
createProcessingInstruction() method      
createTextNode() method      
cross-browser (Gecko and IE) XMLHttpRequest class constructor      
cross-browser binding XML      
cross-browser development      
cross-browser development, compatibility issues      
cross-browser development, cross-browser DOM      
cross-browser development, cross-browser DOM, Firefox      
cross-browser development, cross-browser DOM, JavaScript      
cross-browser development, cross-browser DOM, Microsoft Internet Explorer      
cross-browser development, cross-browser DOM, Opera      
cross-browser development, cross-browser DOM, sample HTML document      2nd
cross-browser development, cross-browser DOM, server-side environment      
cross-browser development, cross-browser DOM, stored procedures      
cross-browser development, cross-browser DOM, tree structure      
cross-browser development, market share      
cross-browser development, SOAPEnvelope class constructor      
cross-browser development, World Wide Web Consortium      
cross-browser development, XML binding      
cross-browser development, XML document class constructor      
cross-browser development, XSLT web page      
cross-browser development, XSLTProcessor class      
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)      2nd
CSS, applying      
CSS, elements      
CSS, hiding XML with      2nd
CSS, tabular information      
Current() function      
custom elements (XHTML)      
customer display page      
customerInsert stored procedure      
Data Islands (XML)      
Data Islands (XML), cross-browser solutions      
Data Islands (XML), cross-browser solutions, CSS to hide XML      
Data Islands (XML), cross-browser solutions, getElementById() method      
Data Islands (XML), Firefox      
Data Islands (XML), Internet Explorer      2nd
Data Islands (XML), sample HTML page with embedded XML      
data property      
Data types      
data types, JavaScript data types      
data types, JavaScript data types, Boolean data types      
data types, JavaScript data types, null data types      
data types, JavaScript data types, numeric data types      
data types, JavaScript data types, object      
data types, JavaScript data types, overview of      
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