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Perry B.W. — Ajax Hacks
Perry B.W. — Ajax Hacks

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Название: Ajax Hacks

Автор: Perry B.W.


Ajax, the popular term for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is one of the most important combinations of technologies for web developers to know these days. With its rich grouping of technologies, Ajax developers can create interactive web applications with XML-based web services, using JavaScript in the browser to process the web server response.

Taking complete advantage of Ajax, however, requires something more than your typical "how-to" book. What it calls for is Ajax Hacks from O'Reilly. This valuable guide provides direct, hands-on solutions that take the mystery out of Ajax's many capabilities. Each hack represents a clever way to accomplish a specific task, saving you countless hours of searching for the right answer.

A smart collection of 100 insider tips and tricks, Ajax Hacks covers all of the technology's finer points. Want to build next-generation web applications today? This book can show you how. Among the multitude of topics addressed, it shows you techniques for:

Using Ajax with Google Maps and Yahoo Maps

Displaying Weather.com data

Scraping stock quotes

Fetching postal codes

Building web forms with auto-complete functionality

Ajax Hacks also features a number of advanced hacks for accelerated web developers. Discover how to create huge, maintainable bookmarklets, how to use client-side storage for Ajax applications, and how to call a built-in Java object from JavaScript using Ajax. The book even addresses best practices for testing Ajax applications and improving maintenance, performance, and reliability for JavaScript code.

The latest in O"Reilly's celebrated Hacks series, Ajax Hacks smartly complements other O'Reilly titles such as Head Rush Ajax and JavaScript: The Definitive Guide.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Computer science/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 438

Добавлена в каталог: 13.11.2006

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Предметный указатель
# (hash mark)      
$ (dollar sign)      
.inplaceeditor-saving CSS class      
/* */ (comment characters, JavaScript)      
// (forward slashes)      
<%...%> (Ruby script tags)      
<%=javascript_include_tag \\      
@ (at sign)      
abort( ) method      
Accept-Language request headers      
Actions      2nd 3rd
actions, create_select      
actions, increment      
actions, show_env      
actions, zero_update action      
ActiveX program IDs for Microsoft request objects      
add( ) function      
addOptions( ) function      
addOptionValues( ) function      
addToBullets( ) function      
addToChecks( ) function      
Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML)      2nd
Ajax Massive Storage System      [See AMASS]
Ajax, back-button and      
Ajax, bookmarking libraries      
Ajax, history libraries      
Ajax, included technologies      
Ajax, limitations      
Ajax, maintenance and performance, enhancement      
Ajax, tag debugging with Firefox      
Ajax, uses      
Ajax, web page data, caching      
Ajax.Autocompleter object      
Ajax.InPlaceEditor object      
Ajax.Request object      
Ajax.Request object, go_url parameter      
Ajax.Updater object      2nd
ajaxEngine variable      
allInputs variable      
AMASS (Ajax Massive Storage System)      
AMASS, requirements      
anchor hash      
Apache, configuration for cross-domain issues      
application ID, Yahoo Maps API      
Application maintenance      
application maintenance, bash shell script      
application maintenance, caching issues      
application maintenance, JavaScript file compression      
application maintenance, JavaScript files, merging      
applyLuhn( ) function      
associative arrays      
async_cmd( ) function      2nd
auto-complete fields      
autocomplete fields      
autocomplete fields, script.aculo.us, using      
autocomplete( ) function      
aync_cmd( ) function      
a_complete( ) method      
back-button, fixing in Ajax applications      
back-button, fixing in Ajax applications, iframes and bbfix.js, with      
back-button, fixing in Ajax applications, RSH, using      
bbfix.js      2nd
bb_save_state( ) function      
BikeBean class      
BikeJavaBean class      
bookmarks, fixing in Ajax applications      
browsers, back-button and Ajax      
browsers, back-button and Ajax, fixing      
browsers, compatibility detection      
browsers, compatibility detection, if/then testing      
browsers, cross-domain request handling      
browsers, filling forms without refreshes      
browsers, history, controlling with iframes      
browsers, locale information, finding      
browsers, search engines, running inside      
browsers, server data, display without refreshes      
browsers, text handling quirks      
caching issues for large applications      
calcTotal( ) function      
callback design pattern      
card security code (CSC)      
cc.js      2nd 3rd
centerCoords element      
checkAddress( ) function      2nd
checkboxes, dynamic generation from server data      
checkboxes, immediate submission of values to the server      
checkboxes, population of checkboxes from server data      
checkCSC( ) function      
chkZipcode( ) function      
client-side caching      
client-side storage for Ajax applications      
client-side validation      
clientsideVerify( ) function      2nd
code examples      
code obfuscation      
code obfuscation, HTML element attributes and      
code obfuscation, object property names and      
comment characters, JavaScript      
ContentHandler interface      
context root      
Controller      2nd
Cookie object      
Cookies      2nd
cookies, document.cookie property      
cookies, MyCookie object      
cookies, MyCookie object, toString( ) method      
cookies, properties      
count.cgi, run-time      
Country Codes      
createChecks( ) function      
createMap( ) function      
create_select action      
credit card security code validation      
credit card security code validation, spaces, removing from form fields      
credit card validation      
cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks      
CSC (card security code)      
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)      
CSS, JavaScript code and      
CSS, styled messages, generating with      
Data validation      [See validation]
data, receiving      
data, receiving, as JavaScript objects (JSON)      
data, receiving, as JavaScript objects (JSON), server-side processing      
data, receiving, as numbers      
data, receiving, as numbers, calculation      
data, receiving, as numbers, display via DOM      
data, receiving, as strings      
data, receiving, as XML      
db_element method      
debug( ) method      
debugging Ajax-generated tags in Firefox      
declarative markup, using in place of JavaScript      
defaults %> embedded tag
dhtmlHistory and DhtmlHistory objects      
DhtmlHistory class      
dhtmlHistory.addListener( ) method      
Direct Web Remoting      [See DWR]
displayMsg( ) function      
displayPollResults( ) function      
div element      2nd
document.cookie property      
document.getElementById( ) function      
document.write( ) method      
Dojo Toolkit      
DOM (Document Object Model)      
DOM Inspector tool in Firefox      
DOM, Document objects      
DOM, dynamic display of script results      
DOM, elements, getting values of      
DOM, getElementById( ) API method      
DOM, window object      
domain literals      
dot property-name syntax      
drag-and-drop bookstore      
DWR (Direct Web Remoting)      
DWR, built-in Java objects, calling from JavaScript      
DWR, callback design pattern      
DWR, code, download address      
DWR, custom Java objects, accessing with JavaScript      
DWR, engine.js library      
DWR, integrating into a Java web applicaton      
DWR, Java and JavaScript mapping      
DWR, populating ordered lists from Java arrays      
DWR, populating ordered lists from Java arrays, function literal      
DWR, selection lists, creating from Java maps      
DWR, selection lists, populating from a Java array      
DWR, selection lists, populating from a Java array, array value, getting from the server      
DWR, server setup and configuration      
DWR, web page display of keys/values from Java HashMap      
DWR, web page display of keys/values from Java HashMap, JavaScript code      
DWR, WEB-INF directory      
DWRUtil.removeAllOptions( ) function      
dynamic information display      
dynamic script tags      
dynamic script tags, Yahoo! Geocoding web service      
Effect.Appear( ) function      
Effect.Puff( ) method      
Effect.Pulsate( ) method      
email syntax, validation of      
email syntax, validation of, special characters      
email syntax, validation of, usernames      
email syntax, validation of, usernames, server handshake      
email, sending via XMLHttpRequest      
email, sending via XMLHttpRequest, EmailBean object      
email, sending via XMLHttpRequest, sendMessage( ) method      
email.js      2nd
EmailBean object      
eMsg( ) function      
encodeURIComponent( ) function      2nd
energy prices, scraping from web pages      
energy prices, scraping from web pages, EnergyHarvester class      
energy prices, scraping from web pages, handlePrice( ) function      
energy prices, scraping from web pages, JavaScript code      
energy prices, scraping from web pages, OilpriceCallback Java class      
energy-monitoring tool      
EnergyHarvester class      
engine.js library      
Environment variables      
event handlers      2nd 3rd
event handlers, binding to functions      
Extensible Markup Language      [See XML]
Extensible Stylesheet Language and Transformation      [See XSLT]
Firefox, Ajax-generated tags, debugging      
Firefox, DOM Inspector tool      
Firefox, iframe domain setting      
Firefox, iframes and      
Flash and AMASS      2nd
form element, onsubmit event handler      
Form.Element.Observer object      
format_rss_data( ) function      
FormFaces XForms engine      
formObj and formObj.value variables      
formObj and formObjTyp variables      
form_remote_tag( ) method      2nd
fragment identifier      
Fuchs, Thomas      
Function constructor      
function literal      2nd
GBrowserIsCompatible( ) function      2nd
GeoURL service      
GeoURL Yahoo! mash-up      
GET requests      2nd
getAllHeaders( ) function      2nd 3rd 4th
getAllResponseHeaders( ) method      2nd
getBikeInfo( ) function      
getDesignerInfo( ) function      2nd
getDirection( ) function      
getDocInfo( ) function      
getElementById( ) method      2nd
getElementsByTagName( ) method      
getInfo( ) function      2nd
getJsonFormat( ) method      
getMoreChoices( ) function      2nd
getResponseHeader( ) method      
getStockPrice( ) function      2nd
getTimezoneOffset( ) method      
getZipCode( ) function      
get_data( ) function      
get_rss_feed( ) function      
get_xml_file( ) function      
Gnosis Utilities for Python      
Go Updater! button      
Google Maps API      2nd
Google Maps API, developer's key      
Google Maps API, developer's key, requirements      
Google Maps API, DOM programming      
Google Maps API, driving directions with Yahoo! Maps      
Google Maps API, driving directions with Yahoo! Maps, HTML code      
Google Maps API, Google API library      
Google Maps API, latitide and longitude measures      
Google Maps API, objects      
Google Maps API, request object      
Google Maps API, src attribute      
googleAjax( ) function      2nd
GPS devices, XML data sharing      
hack10.js file      
hack2.js file      
hack3.js file      
hack7.js file      
hacks.css      2nd
hacks.css, drop-down box rules      
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