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Goldstein I. — Wood Technology: Chemical Aspects
Goldstein I. — Wood Technology: Chemical Aspects

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Название: Wood Technology: Chemical Aspects

Автор: Goldstein I.


Content: Wood : structure and chemical composition / R.J. Thomas —
Prevention of stain and mould in lumber and board products / A.J. Cserjesi —
Chemical methods of improving the permeability of wood / Darrel D. Nicholas —
Nonconventional wood preservation methods / Roger M. Rowell —
Thermal deterioration of wood / Fred Shafizadeh and Peter P.S. Chin —
Effect of fire-retardant treatments of performance properties of wood —
Properties of wood during carbonization under fire conditions / Carlton A. Holmes —
Dimensional changes of wood and their control / F.C. Beall —
Dimensional stabilization of wood with furfuryl alcohol resin / Alfred J. Stamm —
Adhesion to wood substrates / J.D. Wellons —
Bonding of lignocellulosic surfaces by oxidative treatment and monomeric or simple polymeric crosslinking agents / D.L. Brink, B.M. Collett, A.A. Pohlman, A.F. Wong, and J. Philippou —
Chemical changes in wood associated with wood fiberboard manufacture / Howard A. Spalt —
Review of particleboard manufacture and processing / M.W. Kelly —
Bark extracts as bonding agent for particleboard / Arthur B. Anderson —
Composition boards containing bark / Raymond A. Currier —
Polyurethane foams from the reaction of bark and diisocyanate / Seymour Hartman —
A plywood review and its chemical implications / Terry Sellers, Jr. —
The bonding of glued-laminated timbers / Roy H. Moult —
Finishing wood for exterior applications : paints, stains, and pretreatments / William C. Feist —
Wood-polymer composites and their industrial applications / John A. Meyer —
Wood softening and forming with ammonia / M. Bariska and C. Schuerch —
Wastewater management in the solid wood and board products industries : a review / Warren S. Thompson.

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Год издания: 1977

Количество страниц: 371

Добавлена в каталог: 30.06.2015

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