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Emmett T.J. — Fibonacci Forecast Examples
Emmett T.J. — Fibonacci Forecast Examples

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Название: Fibonacci Forecast Examples

Автор: Emmett T.J.


I have a system that I use. with great success, for making short and long term predictions for various segments of the futures market. Recently. I have been asked repeatedly for more descriptive information concerning my system and techniques, and this article is my reply. In it, I will first briefly describe the theory, and then devote most of the article to examples of the proper application of my own Fibonacci techniques. These techniques I have researched over the past ten years and have tested empirically in the futures markets I will highlight what to look for.
For a more thorough discussion of the theory and principles behind the application of the Fibonacci series to the futures and stock markets, you may want to refer to my Fibonacci Forecast or some other Fibonacci reference.
The Fibonacci Series is a succession of integers as follows: 1. 2. 3. 5. 8. 13. 21. 34, 55. 89. 144,... etc., each successive number in the series being the sum of the two previous. The ratio between successive numbers in the series approaches .618. or inversely. 1.618. These ratios are extremely important.
My Fibonacci approach to the futures markets involves subdividing each market into three specific categories: Pattern. Ratio, and Time.

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