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Kirk R. E. (ed.), Othmer D. F. (ed.) — Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology. Volume 11
Kirk R. E. (ed.), Othmer D. F. (ed.) — Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology. Volume 11

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Название: Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology. Volume 11

Авторы: Kirk R. E. (ed.), Othmer D. F. (ed.)


An unrivalled library of information for the chemical industry. The Fourth Edition is a complete revision of the previous edition and includes many new subjects reflecting the growth and changes in chemical technology through the 1990s. It consists of 27 volumes. In addition to updating traditional subjects, the new edition includes expanded coverage of biotechnology, materials science, computer technology, energy sources and conversion techniques, and environmental issues such as pollution control, toxicology, and recycling technology. "The Fourth Edition brings together over 1200 articles In-recognized experts in their areas of chemical technology, and deals with industrial products, natural materials, and processes in such fields as: agricultural chemicals, biotechnology, chemical engineering, coatings and inks, composite materials, computers in chemical technology, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, dyes, pigments and bnghteners, ecology and industrial hygiene, energy cоnservation and technology, tats and waxes, fermentation and enzyme technology, fibres, textiles and leather, tood and animal nutrition, fossil fuels and derivatives, glass, ceramics and cement, industrial inorganic chemicals, industrial organic chemicals, metals, metallurgy and metal alloys, plastics and elastomers, semiconductors and electronic materials, surfactants, detergents and emulsion technology, water supply, purification and reuse, wood, paper, and industrial carbohydrates. It also includes miscellaneous topics: instrumentation and quality control, information retrieval, maintenance, market research, material allocation and supply, legal issues, process development and design, product development and technical service, research and operations management (systems management, networks etc.), and transportation of chemical products.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Издание: 4-th

Год издания: 2001

Количество страниц: 588

Добавлена в каталог: 06.11.2006

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Предметный указатель
Flavor characterization      1
Flavors and spices      9
Flavors and spices, flavors      10
Flavors and spices, spices      23
Flocculating agents      31
Flotation      40
Flow measurement      55
Fluid mechanics      87
Fluidization      69
Fluorescent whitening agents      114
Fluorine      122
Fluorine compounds, inorganic      136
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, aluminum      140
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, ammonium      148
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, antimony      150
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, arsenic      153
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, barium      155
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, boron      158
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, boron trifluoride      159
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, calcium      171
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, cobalt      178
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, copper      180
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, fluoroboric acid and fluoroborates      164
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, fluorosulfuric acid      248
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, germanium      182
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, halogens      184
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, hydrogen      190
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, introduction      137
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, iron      202
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, lead      204
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, lithium      206
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, magnesium      208
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, mercury      210
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, molybdenum      212
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, nickel      214
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, nitrogen      216
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, oxygen      220
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, phosphorus      224
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, potassium      230
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, rhenium      233
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, silver      235
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, sodium      237
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, sulfur      239
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, sulfur fluorides      240
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, tantalum      252
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, tin      253
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, titanium      255
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, tungsten      257
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, zinc      260
Fluorine compounds, inorganic, zirconium      262
Fluorine compounds, organic      265
Fluorine compounds, organic, bromotrifluoroethylene      397
Fluorine compounds, organic, direct fluorination      273
Fluorine compounds, organic, fluorethanols      293
Fluorine compounds, organic, fluorinated acetic acids      307
Fluorine compounds, organic, fluorinated aliphatic compounds      282
Fluorine compounds, organic, fluorinated aromatic compounds      318
Fluorine compounds, organic, fluorinated higher carboxylic acids      310
Fluorine compounds, organic, fluoroethers and fluoroamines      296
Fluorine compounds, organic, introduction      266
Fluorine compounds, organic, perfluorinated ethylene-propylene copolymers      358
Fluorine compounds, organic, perfluoroalkanesulfonic acids      314
Fluorine compounds, organic, perfluoroepoxides      301
Fluorine compounds, organic, poly(fluorosilicones)      399
Fluorine compounds, organic, poly(vinyl fluoride)      379
Fluorine compounds, organic, poly(vinylidene fluoride)      385
Fluorine compounds, organic, polychlorotrifluoroethylene      393
Fluorine compounds, organic, polytetrafluoroethylene      348
Fluorine compounds, organic, tetrafluoroethylene-ethylene copolymers      365
Fluorine compounds, organic, tetrafluoroethylene-perfluorovinyl ether copolymers      373
Foamed plastics      403
Foams      426
Food additives      435
Food packaging      448
Food processing      457
Food toxicants, naturally occurring      475
Foods, nonconventional      463
Forensic chemistry      484
Formaldehyde      490
Formic acid and derivatives      502
Formic acid and derivatives, dimethylformamide      512
Formic acid and derivatives, formamide      507
Formic acid and derivatives, formic acid      503
Fractionation, blood      518
Fractionation, blood, cell separation      519
Fractionation, blood, plasma fractionation      526
Fracture mechanics      541
Friedel-crafts reactions      551
Fruit juices      569
fuel cells      577
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