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Klein G. — Farewell to the Internal Clock: A contribution in the field of chronobiology
Klein G. — Farewell to the Internal Clock: A contribution in the field of chronobiology

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Название: Farewell to the Internal Clock: A contribution in the field of chronobiology

Автор: Klein G.


'For many people, the moon is a familiar acquaintance with mysterious qualities. Depending on how it is illuminated by the sun, it shines sometimes as a complete disc and sometimes only as a sickle, sometimes it even makes itself invisible. The forces emanating from the moon give rise to high and low tides on the seacoasts. It's course and orbital velocity can be calculated exactly by means of complex mathematical formulae. Today, only the origin of the moon remains a mystery. Was it catapulted form the earth by a cosmic super-collision, or was it a wandering stray, captured by our planet from the cosmos? Apart from this, the relationship between the moon and the earth is considered to be all but completely understood by science. This book is not a contribution to the numerous superstitious beliefs relating to the moon, Rather, the following will demonstrate and above all prove by means of experiments which can be reproduced at any time that the moon does in fact influence certain biological rhythms, evoking them and determining their timing. Scientists have hitherto attributed this phenomenon to an 'internal clock.' According to this hypothesis, the living organism itself has the ability to measure time and to determine how much time has elapsed.' So begins Gunter Klein's exploration of the notion of internal clocks. With the fresh perspective of a curious and insightful non-scientist, Mr. Klein examines the question of what force, time or tide, actually provides more influence over cellular biomechanics. Readers may agree or disagree with his hypothesis, but Mr. Klein's provocative outlook is sure to engage the mind and encourage discussion.

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Год издания: 2007

Количество страниц: 134

Добавлена в каталог: 24.03.2015

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