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Dandamudi S. — Global Purchasing and Supply Management: Fulfill the Vision
Dandamudi S. — Global Purchasing and Supply Management: Fulfill the Vision

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Название: Global Purchasing and Supply Management: Fulfill the Vision

Автор: Dandamudi S.


This revised edition addresses a broad range of purchasing management issues in a down-to-earth, yet advanced and detailed approach. An evolutionary work, this edition aims to bridge the gap between the management vision of e-business potential and the experienced practitioner's real-world view to achieve the productivity benefits of successful implementation. A clear presentation of purchasing and supply management concepts enables the reader to implement buying practices that effectively integrate outside suppliers in satisfying their company's supply chain needs. A new chapter has been added, covering obsolescence management in electronic components -a vital new topic in the area of supply management. All other chapters have been updated and revised to include e-business applications.

Supplier relationships are not defined solely by the terms of a contract or a purchase order, but evolve from many person-to-person exchanges between members of the selling and buying organizations. This work addresses the need for ever more refined skills for purchasing people to manage human and capital resources, and describes the application of process improvement tools such as: six-sigma problem solving methods, lean manufacturing practices and e-procurement systems to the critical work of the purchasing professional.

In addition, this book looks at three profound changes already well underway in the purchasing and supply management field: separation of strategic and tactical activities, integration of continuous process improvement activities into the work of supply professionals, and the new priority for the education and training of purchasing and supply management professionals.

The book's unique perspective serves to address both theory and practice, making it an essential volume for various professionals and practitioners.

Professional managers and buyers: The newly appointed manager from another business function will find this is the only management book that completely covers the disciplines of purchasing and supply management.

Practitioners: Use this book as a buyer's handbook, a reference and "how to" manual with easy access to a myriad of contemporary supply management topics.

Consultants and information technology experts: Gain greater insight into the processes and techniques used in the field by reviewing the "nuts and bolts" approach to the fundamental supply management processes in a global context.

Students of purchasing and supply management or marketing: Find practical material for learning the tasks of global purchasing in the real world.

The vision presented by the authors contains management philosophy, ideas, and opinions in an attempt to create a progressive, contemporary purchasing and supply management posture. The three authors have an outstanding combination of teaching, consulting, and well over 100 years of collective on-the-job experience. Kluwer is pleased to present Global Purchasing and Supply Management: Fulfill the Vision, second edition of a work that will prove to be the most advanced, technically detailed, management book about purchasing and supply management written to date.

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Издание: 2nd

Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 458

Добавлена в каталог: 19.03.2015

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