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Evans M., Kielich S. — Modern Nonlinear Optics.Part 2.
Evans M., Kielich S. — Modern Nonlinear Optics.Part 2.

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Название: Modern Nonlinear Optics.Part 2.

Авторы: Evans M., Kielich S.


A lively forum on key issues and a stimulus for further research

The immense strides in optical science that have taken place since the statistical molecular theories of electric, magnetic, and optical saturation phenomena came to light in the late fifties have been remarkable. This volume of fourteen review articles from an institution noted for its seminal work in optics —the Poznań School and associated laboratories —details the most important research and findings to date on modern nonlinear optics and introduces the theory of the B(3) field.

Modern Nonlinear Optics presents key research in chemical physics in a stimulating and broadly instructive format. It offers a selective look at a host of cutting-edge research topics. Part 2 of this three-part volume in Wiley's Advances in Chemical Physics series widens the discussion to include the innovative work being done in key optical laboratories worldwide.

Topics examined include:

  • Holography and double phase conjugation
  • Laser and pulsed-laser NMR spectroscopy
  • Selection rules for coherent and incoherent nonlinear optical processes
  • Molecular theory of harmonic generation
  • Some properties of longitudinal fields and photons
  • Frequency-dependent continuum electromagnetic properties of gas scattering centers
  • The interaction of squeezed light with atoms

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