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Milutinovic V. Ч Computer Architecture: Concepts and Systems
Milutinovic V. Ч Computer Architecture: Concepts and Systems

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Ќазвание: Computer Architecture: Concepts and Systems

јвтор: Milutinovic V.


Computation tasks have become more demanding of computers, requiring greater processing speed and larger data-handling capacity than ever before. This text approaches these tasks from an R&D perspective, and presents solutions that focus on improvements in the system domain. Contributed to by 20 recognized experts from the nations's leading universities and research institutions in the field of computer architecture, this book combines the latest information on uniprocessor and multiprocessor design based on their mode of use: numeric, functional, or symbolic. The authors' knowledge and experience are brought together to create a unique view of 12 carefully selected topics, including: VLSI processor architecture; RISC types; design trade-offs for processors based on both silicon and GaAs technologies; addressing solutions for increasing machine performance; concepts and systems of numeric and symbolic processing; and new advances in supercomputers, and architectural support for artificial intelligence. The book clearly presents concepts and techniques using simple but effective examples and representative case studies.

язык: en

–убрика: Computer science/

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√од издани€: 1988

 оличество страниц: 575

ƒобавлена в каталог: 22.02.2015

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ѕредметный указатель
Access stencil, definition      209
Actus, machine-independent language for SIMD machine      189
Adder design, gallium arsenide      103Ч104
Aerodynamic simulation, dataflow computation for      381Ч385
AeroSim      385Ч393
AeroSim, program analysis of      390t
Algol, for parallel processing      185
ALICE multiprocessor, two-level heirarchical system      418Ч419
ALICE system, determining parallelism in      431
ALICE, architecture, applications      331t
Alpha      345
ALU      77
AMPS, architecture, applications      331t
AMPS, determining parallelism in      431
APL Machine      see "IBM APL Machine"
Applicative language      405
Applicative model of computation      138
Approximate greedy window control      293Ч294
AR-PANET, resource scheduling in      275
Architecture, computer, goals of      49Ч52
Architecture, computer, hardware requirements      51
Architecture, computer, language features      50Ч51
Architecture, computer, trends      52Ч56
Architectures, advanced microprocessors      3Ч47
Architectures, ALICE      331t
Architectures, AMPS      331t
Architectures, combinator-reduction      435
Architectures, Connection Machine      331t 336f
Architectures, Cray      2 320f
Architectures, DADO      331t 338f
Architectures, dataflow (Dennis)      440f
Architectures, DEL model for execution      41f
Architectures, direct execution      5 42Ч45
Architectures, FAIM-1      331t
Architectures, fault-tolerant computers      495Ч552
Architectures, functional programming      434Ч444
Architectures, functional programming supported by      415Ч453
Architectures, G-machine      434Ч437
Architectures, Guzman Machine      331t
Architectures, HEP-1      322f
Architectures, high-level language processors      3Ч47
Architectures, HLL computers, classification of      4Ч6
Architectures, IBM/RP3      321Ч323
Architectures, implementation issues      74Ч80 see
Architectures, indirect execution      5
Architectures, lambda-reduction      435
Architectures, language-corresponding      6 34Ч42
Architectures, language-directed      6 24Ч34
Architectures, Mago's tree machine      437Ч440
Architectures, Mago's tree machine, Manchester dataflow machine      440Ч442 443f
Architectures, MIMD machine      182
Architectures, MISD machine      182
Architectures, MIT Scheme-79/81      36f
Architectures, multiple-SIMID machine      183
Architectures, multiprocessor      135Ч177
Architectures, NON-VON supercomputer      331t 339f
Architectures, packaging constraints on      79Ч80
Architectures, parallel interference machine      343f
Architectures, partitionable-SIMD/MIMD machine      184
Architectures, PIM-D, ICOT      331t
Architectures, Pluribus      540f
Architectures, reduced instruction set computer (RISC)      48Ч83
Architectures, Remps      328f
Architectures, Sequoia      541f
Architectures, SIMD machine      180Ч182
Architectures, SISD machine      180
Architectures, SNAP      331t
Architectures, stack      25
Architectures, STAR      531f
Architectures, static dataflow      360Ч366
Architectures, Stratus FT      200 536Ч537
Architectures, supercomputers      309
Architectures, tagged token      360Ч361
Architectures, tagged-token data flow      143Ч144
Architectures, Tandem      533f
Architectures, Tandem Systems      534f
Architectures, THRISTLE, CMU      332t
Architectures, ZAPP      443Ч444
Architectures, ZMOB      332t
Array processors, definition      309
Array, definitions      367
Arrays, computation with      367Ч374
Arrays, smooth module example      367Ч371
Artificial intelligence machines      307Ч353
Artificial intelligence machines, applications      313Ч315
Artificial intelligence machines, associative memory in      312
Artificial intelligence machines, dynamic allocation in      312
Artificial intelligence machines, examples      330Ч344 331t
Artificial intelligence machines, expert systems      332
Artificial intelligence machines, future perspectives      344Ч347
Artificial intelligence machines, load-balancing in      312
Artificial intelligence machines, logical set operations required      312
Arvind's data flow machine vs. HEP      173
Arvind's data flow machine, organization      144f
Assembly language, role of, in computer architecture      52
Associative memory structures, bit-parallel CAM      195Ч196
Associative processing      193Ч196
Auto-regressive-moving-average, time series analysis      295
Availability, evaluation of fault-tolerant systems      508
Availability, system      503Ч504
Backup sparing      518Ч519
Banyan interconnection network, diagram      212f
Banyan interconnection network, SIMD machine      212f
BFL      87
BFL logic circuits, D-MESFETs in      87
Binary decision tree, dynamic-programming window control      297f 298
Binary N-cube configuration, ZAPP      443
Binary-divide window control      285Ч288
Bit-map synchronization      164Ч165
Bit-parallel CAM      195Ч196
Bit-serial CAM      196
Branch likely bit in Ridge      32 19Ч20
Branch likely bit, definition      19Ч20
Bridging, definition      509
Bulldog compiler, detection of parallelism      152 153Ч154
C.mmp, synchronization in      161
CAB      see "Compare and branch instruction"
Cache memory      167Ч169
Cache memory, definition      167
Cache miss, definition      167
Cache/main memory compiler optimizations      123Ч124
Capability checking, fault/error detection      514
Cappello and Stieglitz transformation method      470Ч472
Carrier-sense multiaccess networks      276Ч277 278Ч279 see
CDC Cyber 205, speed performance of      310t
Cedar, cache coherence      168Ч169
Cedar, clustering tasks in      155
Cedar, comparison of, with other multiprocessors      172t
Cedar, control mechanisms in      171 173
Cedar, organization      147f
Cedar, parallel-parallel-serial control      147Ч148
Cedar, synchronization in      162Ч164
Central scheduler, definition      275
Centralized state-dependent scheduling      275
Chaining      161
Checkpointing, error recovery      520
Checkpointing, Synapse N + 1      537Ч538
Checksums, fault/error detection      513
Chen and Mead transformation method      484
Cheng and Fu transformation method      476Ч478
Circuit-switched network vs. message-switched network      203
CISC      see "Complex instruction set computer"
Clustering, parallelism detection      154Ч155
Cm* multiprocessor      198Ч210
Cm* multiprocessor, memory references      199Ч200
Cm* multiprocessor, structure      198
Cohen, Johnsson, Weiser, Davis transformation method      461Ч463
Combinator-reduction architecture      435Ч436
Compact instruction formats      see "Instruction formats compact"
Compare and branch (CAB) instruction      18
Compiler design, CISC processors      115Ч116
Compiler design, gallium arsenide systems      115Ч125
Compiler design, RISC processors      115
Compiler design, silicon vs. GaAs systems      115Ч116
Compiler, implementation of memory hierarchy information control      113
Compiler, memory support      120Ч125
Compilers, detection of parallelism      152Ч153
Complex Instruction Set Computer (CISC)      4
Complex instruction set computer (CISC), timing hazard interlocks in      119
Computation, data-driven evaluation      422
Computation, demand-driven evaluation      422
Computation, large-scale, arrays      367Ч374
Computation, models of      138Ч139
Computation, sequential evaluation      422
Computational speed, increased by parallel processing      179
Computer architecture, goals of      49Ч52 see
Computer structures, taxonomy      525f
Computer systems, dependability      497Ч499
Computer systems, errors in      499Ч500
Computer systems, failures in      499Ч500
Computer systems, faults in      499Ч500
Computing, imperative model      406Ч407
Concurrent-Lisp processor, shared bus interconnection in      417
Conditional coding      108
Connection Machine, architecture, applications      331t
Connection Machine, components      335
Connection Machine, configuration      333 335
Connection Machine, message transfer in      335Ч336
Connection Machine, processor cell design      335 336f
Consistency checking, fault/error detection      514
content addressable memory (CAM)      193Ч196
Content addressable memory (CAM), hardware organization of      195f
Content addressable memory (CAM), operation of      194f
Contention parameters, definition      281
Contention parameters, estimating distribution functions of      295Ч296
Contention slot, definition      277
Context-based instructions      108Ч109
Contour extraction      196
Contour tracing      197
Control model, classification      141Ч149
Control unit design      76Ч77
Control unit design, function of      76
Control unit design, problems      76Ч77
Control, parallel-parallel, two-level      143Ч144
Control, parallel-serial      142
Control, serial, single-level      142
Control, serial-parallel      143
Copy-back method      112
Copying structures, FP machines      427
Cosmic Cube, architecture and nodes connection      145f
Cosmic Cube, comparison of, with other multiprocessors      172t
Cosmic Cube, control mechanisms in      171
Cosmic Cube, message passing      170
Cosmic Cube, parallel-serial control      145
Cosmic Cube, synchronization in      165
Coverage      505
Cray 1, gallium arsenide implementation      95
Cray 1, key parameters      317t
Cray 1, serial-parallel control      143
Cray 1, speed performance of      310t
Cray 2, architecture      320f
Cray 2, configuration      319Ч320
Cray 2, cycle time      319
Cray 2, key parameters      317
Cray 2, speed performance of      310t
Cray 2, technological innovations      320
Cray 2, UNIX operating system      320
Cray 3, GaAs circuits      320
Cray 3, key parameters      317t
Cray 3, performance      320
Cray 3, speed performance of      310t
Cray operating system      317
Cray S-MP, speed performance of      310t
Cray supercomputers      317Ч320
Cray supercomputers, key parameters      317t
Cray X-MP, clustering tasks in      155
Cray X-MP, comparison with other multiprocessors      172t
Cray X-MP, compiler      319
Cray X-MP, configuration      317Ч319
Cray X-MP, control mechanisms in      171
Cray X-MP, CPUs      317Ч318
Cray X-MP, cycle time      317
Cray X-MP, key parameters      317t
Cray X-MP, SSD      318Ч319
Cray X-MP, synchronization in      161
Cray X-MP, time multiplexing      169
Cray X-MP-2, serial-parallel-parallel control      143
Cray X-MP-2, synchronization in      165
Cray X-MP-2, system organization      143f
Crossbar switch      166 227Ч228
Cube network      229Ч232
Cube network, definition      229
Cube network, MIMD environment      231
Cube network, partitioned      231Ч232
Cube network, partitioning      232f
Cube network, SIMD environment      230Ч231
D-MESFETs      86
D-MESFETs in BFL, SDFL logic circuits      87
DADO multiprocessor      337Ч339
DADO multiprocessor, architecture, applications      331t
DADO multiprocessor, binary tree structure      337 338f
DADO multiprocessor, PEs in      337
Data manipulator networks      252Ч258
Data manipulator networks, broadcast routing tags in      256
Data manipulator networks, definition      252
Data manipulator networks, full routing tags in      254Ч256
Data manipulator networks, network control      254Ч257
Data manipulator networks, network structure      252Ч254
Data manipulator networks, partitioning      257Ч259
Data manipulator networks, tasks performed by      253
Data path design      77Ч79
Data path, components of      77
Data path, MIPS      77 78f
Data representation      426Ч427
Data representation, FP machines      426Ч427
Data reusability, in RISCs      8Ч9
Data trees, definition      213
Data-driven execution, model of parallel sequencing      140Ч141
Dataflow computation      354Ч404
Dataflow computation, aerodynamic simulation      381Ч385
Dataflow computation, AeroSim      385Ч393
Dataflow computation, analysis of program structure      377Ч381
Dataflow computation, application block tridiagonal systems      393Ч398
Dataflow computation, application of      399
Dataflow computation, determinancy      358
Dataflow computation, examples of computing problems for      398Ч399
Dataflow computation, history      354Ч355
Dataflow computation, language choice      355
Dataflow computation, model      355
Dataflow computation, models for      357Ч360
Dataflow computation, pipelining in      359Ч360
Dataflow computation, static architecture      360Ч366
Dataflow computation, Val compiler for      374Ч377
Dataflow instructions, elements of      363f
Dataflow instructions, pipelined execution      363f
Dataflow instructions, quadratic function code      364 365f
Dataflow language      405
Dataflow machines, processing elements in      362Ч364
Dataflow machines, prototypes      361
Dataflow machines, requirements for      361Ч364
Dataflow program graphs      355
Dataflow supercomputers, resource sharing systems      270 270f
DCFL      87
DCFL logic circuits in MODFET devices      89
DCFL logic circuits, E-MESFETs and D-MESFETs in      88Ч89
Deadlock avoidance, FP machines      431 Ч 432
DEC VLSI VAX      33Ч34
DEC VLSI VAX, configuration      33
DEC VLSI VAX, cycle time      34
DEC VLSI VAX, memory management      33
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